A Guide on Most Common English Words Used in Daily Life

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Are you tired of using words like ‘beautiful’ and ‘exciting’ words all the time?

English is a beautiful language, and it’s no secret that it has a lot of words to offer. But don’t let that intimidate you! You can start exploring English’s vast and rich vocabulary with regular practice and a solid foundation of basic words.

To kickstart your journey, we’ve compiled a list of commonly used English words you can incorporate into daily conversations. Knowing just 500 words is enough to get you started as a beginner, and if you can learn 1,000 words, you’ll be well on your way to becoming conversational.

But why stop there? Expanding your vocabulary with more complex and nuanced words will allow you to express yourself more clearly and effectively. You’ll no longer have to rely on the exact tired words like “awesome” and “beautiful” to express your feelings. Instead, you can impress others with words like “poised” and “atrocious.”

In this blog, we’ll explore common English words used in daily life to help you on your journey. Let’s dive in and start building your English vocabulary today!

Did you know? If you know around 3000 words in English, you will be able to understand 95% of the common text. 

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125+ Common English Words Used in the Daily Life

Here is a table with the 125 most common English words used in daily life

The list of words from A to H is given below.

AAskCan you please ask the teacher for another assignment sheet?
AppleAn apple a day keeps the doctor away.
AwayGet away from me.
AlrightDon’t worry, everything will be alright.
AteI ate that packet full of chips.
BBallI love to play with a ball. 
BatMy brother has just got a new bat.
BasketDon’t put all your eggs in one basket.
BagI have a bag full of candies.
BookI love reading books.
CCatThey have a pet cat.
ComeCan you come with me to the living room?
CatchI am a great catch.
CallShe is calling you in 10 minutes.
CreatePlease create this document as soon as possible.
DDogYukti is a dog lover.
DumbDon’t ask me such dumb questions.
DieI don’t want to die young.
DanceThey love dancing.
DevelopPrerna has developed a fear of spiders
EEagerI am eager to learn.
ElephantShe rode an elephant.
EatI love to eat green vegetables.
EasyMathematics is an easy subject.
EggYou should eat eggs every day.
FFunYou are the most fun person I have ever met.
FindDid you find that article?
FaceMy face is in oval shape.
FearI fear dogs the most.
FishI like eating fish.
GGoatI have a goat at my farmhouse.
GameI love playing games.
GoodI am good at listening to people’s problems.
GreatShe is a great singer.
GiraffeI saw a giraffe at the zoo.

The list of words from H to N is given below.

HHelloHello and welcome to our home.
HorseHave you ever taken horseback riding lessons?
HeightI am scared of heights.
HisHe and his mother were not available.
HairHis hair is always short.
IIce-creamI love eating ice-cream
IceDo you have any ice?
IsIs that okay for you?
IfIf he had said yes, I wouldn’t go.
InI was in the car at that moment.
JJellyTushar loves eating jelly.
JoyI am very joyful around the holidays.
JugPlease fill that jug.
JokerJoker is missing from my card deck.
JamI love eating bread jam.
KKiteI like flying kites.
KeepCan you keep this with you?
KindShe is a kind-hearted person.
KnowDid you know? I belong to Canada.
KingThe joker is missing from my card deck.
LLookShe is looking right at you.
LearnI have learnt this from my mom.
LightPlease switch off the light.
LittleShe is a little girl.
LaughDo not laugh at her in public.
MManMan is the most dangerous animal on earth.
MagicHer father is a magician.
MoveMove to your right.
MomMy mom is my favourite person in the world.
MakeI make the best pasta.
NNoNo, don’t call me.
NeverI have never heard of this name.
NewI am new to this colony.
NiceIt is nice to help other people.
NightThey were travelling at night.

The list of words from O to T is given below.

OOpenOpen the door for me.
OverI am over that movie.
OnceI met Ishika only once.
OnlyThere is only one lipstick left.
OtherOther than pasta, what else can you cook?
PPlayKiara plays with Neha.
PleasePlease listen to me first.
PinThe room is in pin-drop silence.
PickPick that up, please.
ProperI have properly boiled that potato.
QQuietPlease be quiet to concentrate on my work.
QuiteYou’re quite handsome.
QuitKhushi is quitting her job.
QuiltPlease give me a quilt.
QueenElizabeth is the queen of England.
RRiverGanga is a river in India.
RunLet’s run to the curb.
RandomMegha will randomly pick a blog.
RiskRishika doesn’t take any risks.
RatePlease rate my work out of 10.
SSleepMy sleep schedule is imbalanced.
StartAyush starts his day with warm water.
SayPlease say it politely.
SitSit down and do your work.
SeatThis seat is very uncomfortable.
TTough2023 was a tough year.
TearTear this document in pieces.
TieThe competition came to a tie.
TentThey secured their tent with nails.
TreeThere is a large tree behind my house.

The list of words from U to Z is given below.

UUpCan we go upstairs?
UsePlease use a toothpick for the activity.
UnderstoodI understood the assignment.
UsWho among us is the best singer?
UnderHe hid under the table during the earthquake.
VVanI have parked my van down the road.
VeryI am very studious person.
VoiceMy voice is very husky.
VotePlease vote for the candidate.
ValueI really value your work.
WWasteDon’t waste any food, please.
WorkLet’s work together.
WhatWhat is your favourite dish?
WaitI waited for you the whole night.
WalkLet’s walk towards the gate.
XXylophoneShe plays the xylophone.
X-rayMadhu got an x-ray done yesterday.
X-boxThe boys are crazy about the X-box.
YYouYou are so pretty.
YesYes, I totally understand your point.
YoungShe is very young to be a director.
YearThis year, I plan to go to New York.
YellowYellow is my favourite colour.
ZZebraCross only on the zebra crossing.
ZeroAryabhatta invented zero.
ZipZip up your hoodie. It is very chilly outside.
ZooYou should not visit the zoo.
ZoneShe is in her zone when she works.

50+ Advanced English Vocabulary

Using advanced vocabulary in daily life is important for various reasons. Firstly, if you’re planning to study abroad, having a good command of the English language will be essential for your academic success. It’ll help you understand lectures, communicate with professors and colleagues, and write papers clearly and precisely.

Also, in the office culture, using appropriate and advanced vocabulary can help you appear more professional and knowledgeable. It can also enhance your communication skills, making you more effective in conveying your thoughts and ideas to others.

Moreover, having a strong vocabulary can be beneficial when applying for jobs and admissions. It also makes you a more engaging and interesting conversationalist, helping you build relationships and connect with others on a deeper level.

Now let’s look at a table with 50+ advanced words used in the English Language:

The list of words from A to M is given below.

AAnxiousI am very anxious while I take exams.
AnnoyedThe barber was very annoyed with its clients.
BBenevolentSahil is a very benevolent person.
BeneficialA good sleep is beneficial for your health.
CCuriousThe laptop has been glitching for an hour.
CreativePrachi is a very creative writer.
DDiscussionI have discussed this with you in detail.
DerivedThe formula for calculating the area of a square can be derived from its side length.
EEcstatic I felt ecstatic when I received the news of my promotion.
EnigmaEnigma was a famous encryption machine used during World War II.
FFrugalMy friend is very frugal and always looks for ways to save money.
FlabbergastedShe was flabbergasted to hear about Tina’s passing.
GGorgeousYukti is looking very gorgeous today. 
GlitchThe laptop is glitching since an hour.
HHindsightHindsight is always 20/20, meaning that it is easy to understand something after it has already happened.
HilariousDhruv is very hilarious. 
IIntimidateTanya is intimidated by Muskan.
ImpendingI have a feeling of impending doom about the future of our planet due to climate change.
JJoyousChristmas is a very joyous occasion. 
Jeopardy Don’t put your life in jeopardy by rash driving.
KKnightThe knight rode his horse towards the castle.
KineticThe ball’s kinetic energy increased as it rolled down the hill.
LLuminousThe stars in the sky were so luminous that they illuminated the entire night sky with their bright light.
LureThe witch lures her with gold.
MMoreoverMoreover, the plane was flying higher than they thought.
MagnanimousThe billionaire’s magnanimous donation to the charity helped improve the lives of thousands of people.

The list of words from N to Z is given below.

NNeverthelessNevertheless, the team managed to win the game despite the odds.
NobleCharles was a very noble soul.
OObnoxiousI don’t like being around people who behave obnoxiously.
ObsoleteThis article has become obsolete.
PParanoidRoss has become paranoid after he was mugged.
PatentRachel patented the software she made.
QQuarryThe workers were busy digging in the quarry to extract the valuable stones.
QuintessentialVisiting Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower is a quintessential experience for anyone travelling to France.
RResilientDespite facing numerous challenges, she remained resilient and never gave up on her dreams.
RadiateThe bride radiated beauty and happiness on her wedding day.
SSereneThe view was serene.
SyntheticYou should not use synthetic bags.
TTranquilityThe sound of waves crashing on the shore brought a sense of tranquillity to her mind.
TenaciousDespite facing numerous obstacles, the tenacious athlete never gave up and ultimately achieved their goal.
UUnveilThe company is planning to unveil its latest product at the upcoming conference.
UltimatumHe issued an ultimatum to his employees to complete the project by Friday.
VVaricoseVaricose veins can be uncomfortable and unsightly.
VolatileThe situation was volatile and could escalate quickly.
WWanderlustWanderlust is a strong desire to travel and explore the world.
WhimsicalThe whimsical butterfly fluttered around the garden.
XXenial The hotel staff was xenial and made us feel at home.
YYearnI yearn for the day when we can travel freely again.
YieldThe farmer’s crops yielded a bountiful harvest this year.
ZZestfulHer zestful energy was contagious.
ZodiacThe Zodiac is an astrological concept based on the position of the sun and planets.

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Crack IELTS Exam in first attempt

A Guide on Most Common English Words Used in Daily Life

Attend Leap’s free masterclass to get tips, tricks and advance strategies to crack IELTS exam in first attempt

Crack IELTS Exam in first attempt

Attend Leap’s free masterclass to get tips, tricks and advance strategies to crack IELTS exam in first attempt

A Guide on Most Common English Words Used in Daily Life

Why do you need to build your vocabulary?

Do you ever feel stuck using the same old words to express yourself?  Yeah, we’ve all been there. But there’s a solution – it’s all about building a strong vocabulary!

Here’s why expanding your word power is a fantastic idea and essential for effective communication:

  • Expressing Better: A wider vocabulary lets you articulate your thoughts and feelings more precisely. No more scrambling for “like” or “um” – you’ll have the perfect word at your fingertips!
  • Good Conversations: Imagine having interesting and engaging conversations instead of the same old back-and-forth. A rich vocabulary is your ticket to more stimulating discussions.
  • Boost your Confidence: Feeling comfortable expressing yourself clearly boosts confidence in any situation, whether ordering coffee or giving a presentation.
  • New Perspectives: The more words you know, the more you’ll understand when you read. Complex books and articles will become more accessible, opening doors to new knowledge and ideas.
  • Sound Better: Let’s face it, using various words makes you sound more articulate and well-educated. It’s a great way to make a positive impression!

How to use good vocabulary in your IELTS exam?

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a standardised test that assesses the language proficiency of non-native English speakers. Organisations and institutions worldwide use it to measure the language ability of candidates who want to study or work in countries where English is the primary language.

It consists of 4 modules, namely:

Using good vocabulary can help you achieve a higher score on the IELTS exam. A wide range of vocabulary helps you understand the reading passages and lets you express yourself effectively in writing and speaking tasks. 

IELTS examiners look for candidates who can use precise and varied vocabulary to convey their message accurately. Thus, building a strong vocabulary through reading, listening, and practice is essential to achieve a high score in the IELTS exam.

Here are some tips on how to use good vocabulary in your IELTS exam:

1. Read widely: Reading books, newspapers, and articles in English can help you learn new words and phrases.

2. Make a list of new words: Keep a notebook handy to write down new words. Review them regularly to reinforce your memory.

3. Use synonyms: Instead of repeating the same words repeatedly, use synonyms to express the same idea. This will demonstrate your range of vocabulary.

4. Practice using new words: Use the words you have learned in your writing and speaking practice. This will help you become more comfortable using them naturally.

5. Use descriptive language: Instead of generic adjectives like “good” or “bad,” use more descriptive words that convey the same meaning. For example, instead of saying “good,” you could say “excellent,” “wonderful,” or “outstanding.”

By following these tips, you can improve your vocabulary and increase your chances of achieving a higher score on the IELTS exam.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, building a strong vocabulary is essential for effective communication, whether in daily life or for standardised tests like the IELTS. It allows you to express yourself precisely, engage in meaningful conversations, boost your confidence, gain new perspectives, and make a positive impression. 

Remember, preparing for the IELTS exam can be daunting, but you can achieve your desired score with the right guidance and practice. 

The LeapScholar IELTS Prep App is here to help you prepare for the exam with ease and confidence. Our expert trainers have years of experience teaching IELTS and will guide you through every step of the way. 

We provide personalised classes and practice tests to help you improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills. 

With LeapScholar, you’ll be fully equipped to tackle the IELTS exam and achieve your desired score. 
If you still need help, you can contact our counsellors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Why is building a strong vocabulary important?

    A: Building a strong vocabulary is important because it enhances our communication ability. A rich vocabulary allows us to express ourselves more clearly and accurately and to convey our thoughts and feelings more nuancedly. Moreover, having a good vocabulary can help us understand complex texts and communicate with people from diverse backgrounds.

  • Q: How can a wide range of vocabulary help in effective communication?

    A: A wide range of vocabulary can help in effective communication by allowing us to accurately choose the right words to express our thoughts and ideas. It enables us to convey complex ideas and emotions articulate and precisely and connect with others meaningfully. Moreover, a diverse vocabulary makes communication more interesting and engaging and can help us establish credibility and authority in our field.

  • Q: How can a strong vocabulary help you achieve a high score on the IELTS exam?

    A: A strong vocabulary can help you achieve a high score on the IELTS exam, as it enhances your ability to understand complex texts, communicate your ideas effectively, and use a wide range of vocabulary appropriately.

  • Q: What are some tips for using good vocabulary in the IELTS exam?

    A: Some tips for using good vocabulary in the IELTS exam include reading extensively, practising writing essays using various words, learning new words in context, and using synonyms and antonyms.

  • Q: What are the benefits of having a good command of the English language?

    A: Having a good command of the English language can open up a world of personal and professional opportunities. It can help us communicate with people from diverse backgrounds, travel to English-speaking countries, and understand English media and literature. Moreover, it can enhance our job prospects, as English is the language of international business and commerce, and many employers require good English skills.

  • Q: How many words do you need to know to become conversational in English?

    A: To become conversational in English, you should know at least 1,000-1,500 words. This will allow you to understand and respond to basic questions and engage in simple conversations. However, to become fluent in English, you must have a much larger vocabulary, ranging from 3,000 to 10,000 words or even more.

  • Q: How can I remember new words that I learned?

    A: Some ways to remember new words include using flashcards, creating word associations, practising using the words in context, and using apps and online tools to help you memorise and review new words.

  • Q: How can I improve my reading and writing skills for the IELTS exam?

    A. To improve your reading and writing skills for the IELTS exam, you can practice reading and writing regularly, read extensively on various topics, learn new vocabulary, and take practice tests to assess your progress.

  • Q: How can the LeapScholar IELTS Prep App help me prepare for the IELTS exam?

    A: The LeapScholar IELTS Prep App can help you prepare for the IELTS exam by providing various practice exercises, study materials, and mock tests. The app also offers personalised feedback and guidance to help you improve your skills.

  • Q: How can LeapScholar IELTS trainers can help?

    A: LeapScholar IELTS trainers can help you by providing personalised coaching, feedback, and guidance to help you improve your skills and achieve your target score. They can also offer tips and strategies to help you prepare effectively for the IELTS exam.

  • Q: How can I expand my vocabulary?

    A: Regular reading, writing, and speaking English is the best way to expand your vocabulary. You can read books, newspapers, and magazines, listen to English podcasts, or watch English movies and TV shows. You can also make flashcards of new words and review them regularly or use vocabulary-building apps and online resources. Additionally, practising with a language partner or tutor can help you improve your vocabulary and fluency.

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