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Prachi Sethi

Hi, I am Prachi, an experienced writer with extensive knowledge about the study abroad domain in particular countries such as the USA and Canada and other popular courses. My expertise in SEO allows me to create high-quality content that engages and informs students and helps them fulfil their International Dreams.

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A Guide on Cost of living in Lithuania in 2024

Cost of living in Lithuania

15 min read Dreaming of studying in Lithuania? Stunning landscapes, enhancing lakes and dunes and a vibrant culture await. But that’s not all. Lithuania is a very safe and peaceful country to study. Don’t believe it? Here’s an amazing fact…

Managing Finances Better While Studying Abroad

Managing Finances Better While Studying Abroad

4 min read In an increasingly globalised world, more students are choosing to broaden their horizons by studying abroad. Studying overseas can be transformative, offering many benefits, from academic excellence in a global setting to cultural immersion and personal growth. …

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