Salary of US Doctors in 2024 – Most Important Guide on Annual Salaries in America

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Doctors are educated professionals who are well-compensated for their work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 13 out of 20 highest salaried occupations in the US belong to the healthcare sector, and Doctors are among them.

The COVID pandemic affected healthcare workers globally. Their salaries also stagnated along with problems such as staff shortages, overworking, and extreme burnout. However, according to the Medscape Physician Compensation Report, the average salary of US doctors is again rising.

As per Glassdoor, the average salary of US doctors is approximately ₹1,98,09,707. Although being a doctor promises you a good salary, the average salary of doctors varies drastically.

Did you know the difference between the highest and lowest-paid salary of US doctors is, approximately ₹67,00,74?

Your specialization is an important factor in determining your salary as a doctor in the US. Some of the higher-paying specialties in the US include surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery, and gastroenterology.

Other factors also affect the salary of US doctors, such as years of experience, work location, and time of work.

Keep reading to know all about the salary of US doctors, including average annual salary as per specialization, state-wise salary distribution of doctors, salary differences in private and public sectors, and salary hikes on increasing work experience.

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Salary of US Doctors in 2024 – Most Important Guide on Annual Salaries in America
Doctor salary in the US

Average Salary of US Doctors

The national average salary of US doctors is increasing constantly. The average annual salary of US doctors is approximately ₹2,36,64,547. Your salary consists of a base pay and additional compensation elements. 

Average Base Pay₹1,98,09,707
Average Additional Cash Compensation₹38,77,661

The annual payment of US doctors highly varies depending on experience level, educational qualifications, and location. The approximate value of the average annual salaries is as follows. 

Highest Paid US Salary of US Doctors₹27,11,318
Lowest Paid Salary of US Doctors₹1,48,57,280 

A few other factors influence the salary of US doctors. 

For example, the salary of US doctors in private practice could vary from that received by a doctor in public or non-profit organizations. An average annual salary is as follows.

Salary in the Private Sector₹76,94,296
Salary in the Public Sector₹81,65,375

The salary of US doctors can also vary depending on your specialty or the state or city you work. 

Salary of US Doctors as Per Specialisation

Area or field of specialization is one of the many reasons that affect the salary of US doctors. Doctors who specialize in areas of more demand such as Neurosurgery, oncology, and orthopedics tend to earn more. 

The highest-earning area of specialization in the US is neurosurgery. The average annual salary of a neurosurgeon in the US is approximately ₹3,24,38,039.

Check the table below to know how much doctors earn based on their area of specialty. 

Specialty Annual salary in INR (Approx.)
Urologist ₹2,24,25,891
Paediatrics ₹1,77,56,302
Psychology ₹94,24,054 

Choosing your area of specialization is important as it affects the demand and payment you will receive in the future. However, always give preference to your personal area of interest and expertise in deciding your field of study. Your area of specialty also decides the duration of your residency. 

Salary of US Doctor by Experience

Long-term experience is highly valued and indicates to employers your dedication and wealth of knowledge. 

Doctors with more years of experience are more reliable. Your expertise increases with your experience in any field and you will be highly compensated for it.  

The following table shows how the salary of US doctors vary according to their years of experience. 

Years of Experience Annual Salary in INR (Approx.)
0 to 2 years₹1,10,82,761
3 to 5 years₹1,42,23,290
6 to 9 years₹1,97,44,271
More than 10 years₹2,39,95,519

Remember that although your work experience in the field is well received and paid in the sector, your expertise in the work is counted here.

Salary of US Doctors: State-wise

As one of the most well-remunerated professions, the salary of US doctors is significantly higher than the average wages in the country. The average salary changes across the states.

The healthcare sector’s average expense increases as a state’s average living expense increases. As a result, the monthly remuneration received by doctors in these states is also high.

Check the table below to understand how the average annual salary of US doctors differs across the states of the US. 

State Annual Salary in INR (Approx.)
California ₹2,55,49,347
Hawaii ₹2,47,62,382
Nevada ₹1,96,48,144
Alabama ₹1,95,71,375
Tennessee ₹1,92,64,217
Oklahoma ₹1,90,43,341
Florida ₹1,89,40,182
Kentucky ₹1,79,71,718

Choosing your work location is as important as choosing your profession since this could dramatically affect your salary and demand for work.

Salary of US Doctors: Self-Employed VS Full-Time Doctors

Being a doctor in the US is a promising career path. However, your profit might vary across the sector you opt for, such as private hospitals, government agencies, or non-profit organizations.

The USA presently has around 50,000 doctors working as locum tenens, and the numbers are constantly rising. Over 50% of the USA’s doctors work as employees for medical groups or hospitals. This assures you of a steady paycheck and a permanent position. However, self-employed physicians earn more in the USA on average.

Self-employment offers greater financial benefits for doctors, with a potential of up to 50% increased earnings compared to doctors in permanent positions. The average annual salary of a self-employed doctor in the US ranges from ₹1,45,59,635 to ₹2,72,16,590. 

However, with higher income comes higher responsibilities as well. For example, as a self-employed doctor in the US, you will have to deal with other considerations, such as increasing administrative expenses, taxation factors, and income.

How to Become a Doctor in the US?

Since the doctor is one of the top-paid professions in the US, you also have to know that it is one of the lengthy and time-consuming courses to study. The requirements for becoming a doctor can vary as per the specialty. However, the general requirements for a doctor is given below.

  1. Earning an Undergraduate Degree: The medical course in the US is a postgraduate degree. You need to earn a Bachelor of Science degree before joining a Medical College in the US. You can do your undergraduate in biology, chemistry, or a medicine-related field. 
  1. Clearing MCAT: All college pass-outs should attend the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) to get into a Medical College in the US. The colleges consider the score in the MCAT for your admission. Foreign students need an IELTS or TOEFL apart from MCAT to join a Medical College in the US. 
  1. Complete Medical Degree: After clearing the MCAT, you are admitted to a Medical College to complete your four-year Medical Degree. This includes both classes and training. In your second year, you must clear the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE Step 1). The second part of the USMLE licensing test is during the fourth year of your medical school.
  1. Complete Residency: After finishing your Medical School, you can choose your specialization field. This decides the duration of your residency, which varies from 3-7 years. During this period, you will have to work under a supervisor who is an expert in your field. 
  1. Pass Part 3 of USMLE: After completing your residency, you must clear the third and final part of USMLE. 
  1. Get State License: After completing your training, USMLE, and earning your Board Certification in your area of specialization, you must get medical licensure from the state to practice medicine legally. This is your final step before practicing as a doctor in the US. 

Becoming a doctor in the US can be a lengthy and hard-working process. But the reputation you receive and your salary is worth it. So, choose your appropriate path, considering your long-term goals.

Final Thoughts

Despite the time taken to complete a medicinal course, the profession is still one of the most opted healthcare professions in the country due to its high demand and remuneration. 

Before choosing your profession, consider all the job parameters, such as your area of expertise, salary, work location, and other benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Is there a gender gap in the salary of US Doctors?

    Research indicates that male physicians receive a significantly higher salary than female physicians on an average scale. However, the gender gap seems to be narrowing every year. The American Medical Association’s principle for equal pay is showing promising developments to eradicate this gap- with women overcoming the disparity at a rate of 2% per year compared to men who see minimal changes in salary.

  • Q. Can an Ayurveda doctor earn enough money in the US?

    The demand for Ayurvedic healthcare is surging as more people in the US seek alternative therapies such as meditation therapy, lifestyle advice, and herbal remedies. This high demand promises more career opportunities for doctors trained in traditional Ayurveda Medicine and licensed to practice in the US. The average salary of US doctors specializing in Ayurveda is ₹1,87,42,717.

  • Q. I want to pursue Neurosurgery in the USA. Is it a feasible job option for an Indian?

    Neurosurgeons are one of the top-paid doctors in the US. The average annual Indian doctor’s salary in the USA as a neurology specialist is ₹3,24,38,039 in the country. The salary further hikes according to your work experience, and it remains a lucrative job post for Indians.

  • Q. Which program should I do to become a doctor in the US?

    First, you must complete an undergraduate program of 4 years in medicine. Then, all college pass-outs should attend the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Complete the 4 Years of Medical School. Then, complete up to 3 to 7 years of residency training and pass USMLE. After that Finish Residency. Earn Board Certification and get the State License. 

  • Q. Which doctors have the highest salary in the US?

    The highest-paid doctors in the US are in surgical and procedural specialties. This includes neurosurgery, thoracic, and orthopedic surgery. These physicians earn an average salary of ₹4,96,35,120 or higher every year. The average annual salary of a neurosurgeon is ₹3,24,38,039 in the US.

  • Q. Which is the lowest paying state for physicians?

    The average salary of a UD doctor also depends on the state of work. Maryland, Colorado, and Virginia are a few of the least-paying states for doctors in the US, and on the other hand, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama are a few of the states with the highest median salary for physicians.

  • Q. How long does it take to become a doctor?

    The time required to become a doctor can depend on the type of specialty you choose. Once you finish your four-year undergraduate degree and four-year medical school, your choice of specialty decides the time of your residency. This can vary from 3-7 years. In total, it could vary between 10-14 years. 

  • Q. What are other good work professions in healthcare other than a doctor?

    Becoming a doctor is a time-consuming process, although it pays you well. However, if you wish to pursue other well-paid work options in healthcare, a few are podiatrists, physician assistants, anesthesiologists, Nurse midwives, and occupational therapists.

  • Q. Can I practice in India after completing my medicinal course in the US?

    US medical courses are globally recognized. However, to work as a doctor in India, one must obtain the appropriate licensure from the Medical Council of India. In addition to that, certain specialties may not be recognized in India, so it is best to check with the Medical Council of India for specific details.

  • Q. Can I do an MBBS from the US?

    The MBBS equivalent in the US is an MD Degree. An MD is a professional degree you can do after completing your bachelor’s degree in any medicinal program. In India, you can directly do an MBBS degree, which does not require a bachelors in advance. 

  • Q. Which colleges or universities are best for pursuing a medical degree in the US?

    The US has some of the best-ranked medical schools in the world. Harvard Medical School is ranked the highest in the country. Other good options are Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, and Columbia University in the City of New York.

  • Q. Can I get a scholarship to study medicine in the US?

    Studying medicine in the US is a lengthy and expensive process. Availing a scholarship can help you to cover your expenses. Some of the prestigious scholarships for medical students in the US are Harvard Medical School Scholarships, Stanford Medicine Scholarships, and Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons

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