Doctor Salary in US in 2022 – A Guide on Annual Salaries in America

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The covid pandemic affected healthcare workers globally. Along with problems such as staff shortage, overworked and extreme burnout, their salaries also stagnated. However, as per the Medscape Physician Compensation Report, average doctor salary in US is once again on the rise. While the salaries have seen a general upward trend, the increment varies based on multiple factors such as specialisation, gender, geography etc.

Did you know the difference between the highest and lowest paid doctors is on an average 81,000 USD! (Source: Medscape)

Wondering how to make an informed decision on which specialisation to pursue based on their compensation? We have listed out average doctor salaries in us by specialty and state. Doctor Salary In US

Doctor Salary in US: Overview

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics list, out of top 20 highest salaried occupations, 13 belonged to the healthcare sector. This clearly shows that doctors in the USA have great earning potential, but there are a plethora of factors that affect their compensation. This article discusses the average annual Doctor Salary in US in 2022.

Pharmacist Salaries in USA

Average Salary of a Medical Professional in the US

As per Glassdoor in 2022, the national average annual doctor salary in US is USD 183,429.

It means the average salary of a doctor in the USA in Rupees is around 1.4 Crore. The lowest national average annual salary was USD 126,470 and it went all the way up to USD 208,000 (the highest average). Their average annual salaries included base salaries and benefits such as transport and housing facilities.

Doctor Salary in US for Specific Job Types 

Plastic surgery and dermatology are the highest paid specialisations and scores higher in compensation satisfaction index.

Here are the average doctor salaries based on the specific job types – 

Job types The Average Salary in the USA (USD)
Advanced Practice Provider 128,000
Allergist 187,000
Behavior Health Specialist 107,000
Cardiology Specialist 430,000
Chiropractor 115,000
Clinical Psychologist 292,000
Correctional Treatment Specialist 179,000
Counselling Psychologist 224,000
Dermatologist 291,000
Diabetes and Endocrinology 236,000
Family medicine 231,000
Gastroenterology specialist 239,000
Infectious Diseases 243,000
Internal Medicine 267,000
Neurology Specialist 359,000
Oncology Specialist 366,000
Ophthalmologist 482,000
Orthopedics 482,000
Pediatric Specialist 238,000
Plastic Surgery 471,000
Psychiatry Specialist 255,000
Radiologist 419,000
Urology Specialist 408,000

Doctor Salary in US by States

Here is the average income of Doctors state-wise in the USA –

States in the USA Average income
Oklahoma USD 337,000
Alabama USD 330,000
Nevada USD 329,000
Arkansas USD 326,000
Florida USD 325,000
Kentucky USD 324,000
Tennessee USD 323,000
Connecticut USD 323,000
Georgia USD 322,000
Indiana USD 322,000

Gender Gap in Average Doctor Salary in US

There is a large gap between the salaries of male and female physicians which seems to be narrowing every year according to the Medscape report. However, male specialists earn 33% more than female specialists, and male primary care physicians earn 25% more.

In 2019, male physicians earned USD 228,000 on average and female physicians earned around USD 218,000.

Doctor Salary in US: Self-Employed vs Full-time Doctors

Over 50% of the USA’s physician workforce operates as employees for medical groups or hospitals. While they benefit from regular and steady pay-checks and permanent position assurance, self-employed people earn more in the USA on average. The USA presently has around 50,000 doctors working as locum tenens, and the numbers are on the rise.

As per Medscape Medical Resident Salary & Debt Report 2020, the average self-employed doctor salary, which included locum tenens jobs, in the US was USD 352,000 in 2020 annually. In comparison, the numbers for employed physicians stood at USD 300,000 annually.

Doctor Salary in US Trend: US vs Globally

As per a recent Medscape report, doctors in US generally receive higher compensation than the physicians from seven other countries. Here is how the numbers looked (converted to USD for standardisation)

Country Salary
United States USD 316,000
Germany USD 183,000
United Kingdom USD 138,000
France USD 98,000
Italy USD 70,000
Spain USD 57,000
Brazil USD 47,000
Mexico USD 12,000

Managing Funding for Med School

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Now that you know that the job profile and pay of a doctor in the USA is quite a lucrative affair, it is imperative to understand that the road to it is not the easiest for an Indian. Given the H1-B intricacies and other issues surrounding it, we suggest you talk to an expert to understand your chances before making a move. At LeapScholar, we have professionals dedicated to providing the best suggestions for your prospects.

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I want to pursue Neurosurgery in the USA. Is it a feasible job option for an Indian?

Doctors in the US, especially neurosurgery specialists, earn decent money in the USA. The average annual Indian doctor’s salary in the USA as a neurology specialist was USD 267,000 in 2019 in the country, and it remains a lucrative job post for Indians.  

Which medical degree should I do for becoming a doctor in the USA?

Medical doctors are required to earn a Doctor of Medicine (MD) or a similar degree from a reputed university, along with at least seven years of training to earn licensure to practice medicine in the country.

What is the role of a pharmacist in the USA?

Pharmacists specialise in the scientific and clinical use of medications. Here are the top responsibilities of the job post – Dispensing prescriptions Communicating with prescribers Work on patient’s general health issues Counsel patients.

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