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IELTS One Skill Retake 2023: How Will It Help Study Abroad Aspirants?

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Are you planning to study abroad and recently wrote the IELTS exam but did not get your desired band? Do not worry. Test takers can opt for IELTS One Skill Retake to improve their scores. Currently, students who want to improve their scores have to retake the entire test for all the modules (speaking, listening, reading and writing).

All the components of the test including score validity, pattern and criteria remains the same as the original test. Hence, there are no issues that would critically resist the test takers.

Why is the IELTS One Skill Retake Option Being Introduced?

Every year millions of study abroad aspirants from India take the IELTS to get admission in top universities abroad and obtain work visas or get permanent residencies. IELTS is accepted by all key immigration authorities and over 11,000 organisations in English speaking countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA and the UK.

IELTS scores are calculated on a band scale of 1-9. The final score is determined by taking the mean score of all four modules. Universities set an IELTS cut off for different courses based on certain parameters. You need to meet the IELTS cut off to fetch admission to their dream university. Most of the organisations require a minimum of 6 in all four IELTS sections and the overall score above 6.5. 

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IELTS One Skill Retake 2023: How Will It Help Study Abroad Aspirants?

Taking account of the above requirements from organisations, the IELTS conducting bodies have been investigating ways to ensure the fairness of the exam. On popular demand from the test takers, academic inputs from experts and valid research, IDP decided to launch the permit for IELTS One Skill Retake.

Why Opt for IELTS Single Module Retake?

IELTS One Skill Retake, often known as IELTS Single Module Retake, is beneficial as you will not have to go through the pressure of appearing for the whole exam again. The pressure of clearing the test may have a potentially negative impact on you that can be offset by the IELTS One Skill Retake model. It will also be a cost-effective option as you needn’t spend an amount for the entire exam, instead one skill only.

IELTS one skill retake
IELTS One Skill Retake is a cost-effective option.

“With the right preparation and support we know our test takers achieve the best score the first time round. However, we listened to our test-takers, and they told us they wanted the opportunity to retake one section of the test if they didn’t get the score they were aspiring for on test day. With One Skill Retake, test-takers can get their study, migration or work applications back on track,” Warwick Freeland, Managing Director of IELTS IDP Education told the Economic Times. 

More details about the IELTS Single Module retake exam, the cost, the pattern and all information regarding the IELTS One Skill Retake will be provided nearing the time of launch by the IELTS conducting bodies. Keep reading LeapScholar blogs for the latest updates on IELTS Single Module Retake.

You can start preparing for your individual IELTS modules right away. To have a clear idea of the modules and focused preparation, begin your prep journey with LeapScholar.

Our tailored IELTS courses can help you ace the test. The courses are designed and taught by India’s top IELTS tutors through live online classes. Registering to the courses will give you access to mock tests, speaking and writing evaluations and comprehensive study materials along with a course completion certificate.

While applying for the IELTS Single Module retake, ensure you register your slots at your nearest centres way ahead of the IELTS exam dates, so that you get the slot availability. There are 78 IELTS centres in India, and four new centres are going to be launched very soon in your nearest cities. Find out more about these latest IELTS centres below.

4 New IELTS Test Centres to be Launched in India!

As the demand for international education is witnessing a boom currently, IDP IELTS is expanding in India with four new centres in Delhi (North), Hyderabad (Dilsukhnagar), Khanna (Punjab), and Hoshiarpur (Punjab).

This initiative will encourage students from Tier-1 and Tier-2 cities to fulfil their study abroad dream. Students will be supported with enough resources and guidance at each stage of their study abroad journey.

To register for the IELTS exam, you can book online or visit your nearest IDP centre for offline registration. Before booking your IELTS centre, it’s essential to plan your preparation. LeapScholar’s IELTS prep app can help you score well.

IELTS one skill retake
Test takers can opt for IELTS One Skill Retake to improve their scores.

You can get access to specially crafted lessons, vocabulary lists, speaking rooms and live sessions by experts accredited by IDP, British Council, and Cambridge. More than 1 Million students have trusted us with their IELTS prep journey. Join us, download our IELTS prep app and get access to the best resources!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I retake more than one skill in a single attempt?

    If you take the IELTS test and unhappy with your scores in two skills, you can only retake either of the tests, but not both. If you need to improve scores in 2 skills, the only way is to retake the full IELTS test again.

  • When can you book for IELTS One Skill Retake?

    You will be able to appear for IELTS One Skill Retake within 60 days of the original test.

  • Is the IELTS One Skill Retake exam free?

    No, there will be a chargeable amount. Additional details on this are expected to be released by IDP, which conducts IELTS in India.

  • Is the One Skill Retake available globally to all test-takers?

    Currently, the IELTS One Skill Retake is available only at selected IELTS centers in Australia. It will be available to other countries soon. You can check the official IDP India website for further updates.

  • What is the test format of IELTS One Skill Retake?

    The format of the IELTS One Skill Retake test is similar to a single module in a normal IELTS test.

  • Can I combine two different IELTS results?

    No, combining two different IELTS test results is not accepted by foreign universities or immigration authorities.

  • What happens if I fail in the IELTS exam?

    There is no pass or fail in the IELTS exam. You are graded on your performance on a scale of 1–9. You can keep retaking the test until you get your desired score.

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