September Intake in Ireland 2024: Universities & Deadlines

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Ireland is trending! 📈⚡ Ireland is the latest favorite study destination for Indian students!

About a decade ago, Ireland only received about 700 Indian students yearly. But in 2024, more than 7,000 (10x) Indian students are signing up for Irish education, and for good reason, too! 

Ireland has worked to improve its international education system and is now home to some of the top universities in the world! 

With the country’s convenient visa policies, post-study work visas, and employment opportunities, there’s no stopping Ireland from becoming the next big competitor for major study destinations. 

Fun Fact: About 40% of Ireland’s work permits were bagged by Indians last year!

If you’re considering studying in this land of saints and scholars, the September intake in Ireland is your best bet. 

Quick facts: 

  • Ireland accepts students in two intakes: September (Autumn Intake) and January/February (Spring Intake). 
  • The September intake in Ireland is called the primary intake and is the most popular one. 
  • In terms of the availability of universities and programs, September intake has the highest number of options. 

Confused about what Ireland intakes are? Brush your basics here.

In a gist: 

Timeline for ApplicationJanuary – June
Last Dates to ApplyJune/July
Commencement DateSeptember
End date of the first semester classesDecember/January
Popular Courses-Master’s in Business Analytics
-Masters in Project Management
-Master’s in Physiotherapy
-Master’s in Public Health
-Master’s in Data Analytics
-Master’s in Business Analytics

In this blog, we’ll help you decide if September intake in Ireland is the right choice for you. Let’s dive into it! 

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Top Universities for September Intake in Ireland 2024

Ireland is home to 22 universities, and 6 of them rank amongst the top 500 universities worldwide. September intake in Ireland opens a wide range of opportunities as most universities are open for admission around this period.

September intake aligns with the academic calendar of Irish universities, meaning you can easily transition into your programs and university life. It’s easier to meet and connect with freshmen, as they’re all just starting at the same time as you. 

Below is a list of Ireland universities open for September intake 2024! 

UniversityCourse Fees (INR)
University of Limerick₹4L- ₹40L
Maynooth University₹10L- ₹12L
University College Dublin₹16L – ₹47L
Trinity College Dublin₹8L – ₹40L
NUI Galway₹11L- ₹27L
Dublin City University₹9L – ₹11L

Documents Required for September Intake in Ireland

While applying to these universities, you must meet their requirements. Note that these requirements may vary depending on the program you apply for.

However, there are a few common elements you can prepare for. 

The majority of university applications request the following documents:

  • Relevant Academic Transcripts (mark sheets/degree certificates) 
  • English Proficiency Scores (IELTS/TOEFL) 
  • Entrance Exam Scores (Specific to course. Example: GRE/GMAT) 
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP) 
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs) 
  • Work experience (Not mandatory, specific to courses) 

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September Intake in Ireland 2024: Universities & Deadlines

When Should I Apply For September Intake in Ireland 2024

If you plan to enrol for the September Intake, start preparing at least a year in advance. Here are some things you will have to take into consideration while planning: 

  • Take time to shortlist universities and choose something that works for you
  • Prepare for entrance exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, or GMAT 
  • Make sure you have enough time to retake the exam if anything goes downhill. Having a backup plan is good! 
  • Universities may take longer to get back to you, so applying early is best. 
  • The visa process takes time, so you should apply 2-3 months before your classes begin. 

Now, considering all these factors, this is how you can plan your calendar 📅

TaskTimeline for September Intake in Ireland
Planning + Preliminary research on universities September (previous year) 
Preparing for entrance exams September/October (previous year) 
Taking the exams November/December (previous year)
University shortlisting January 
Gathering documents January-February
Applying to Universities March-June/July 
Visa processJune-August 
Start of the intakeSeptember 

Summing Up

The September intake is clearly the most beneficial compared to the other intakes in Ireland. Many students prefer it because of the wide range of options it offers.

We hope you were able to decide whether September Intake is the right option for you. If you still have your doubts, our experts will be happy to assist you! Book a free call with us today, and let’s discuss more.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What does September intake in Ireland mean?

    A. Ireland enrols students in two different periods: September and January/February. The September intake is when most universities and colleges open their admissions for various undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Since it is the most popular, the September intake is referred to as the primary intake.

  • Q. What are the benefits of September intake?

    A. Some of the benefits of starting in September include: 
    -Wider availability of universities 
    -A wide array of programs available 
    -Aligned with the Academic year 
    -More number of available seats

  • Q. Is September intake better than spring intake?

    A. The September intake in Ireland is better than the January/February intake because many more options are available. The January intake has fewer universities and programs compared to the September intake. Starting in January also means you will have missed some of the academic year. It may also be difficult for you to blend in, as very few students join in January or Spring.

  • Q. How can I prepare for the September intake in Ireland?

    A. If you’re interested in the September intake in Ireland, make sure to start researching your preferred universities and programs well in advance. Review admission requirements, application deadlines, and any additional documentation needed. We recommend exploring scholarship opportunities, arranging for language proficiency tests if required, and preparing the necessary financial documents for visa applications.

  • Q. Are there specific deadlines for applying for the September intake in Ireland?

    A. Deadlines differ by university, college, and program. Typically, the application deadlines are in June or July. It’s smart to apply early to allow enough time for processing. Also, keep in mind that some applications take longer to review.

  • Q. Can students apply for scholarships for the September intake in Ireland?

    A. Yes! Certainly. You can apply for scholarships. However, the availability depends on the university. Look for university-specific scholarships when you file your application. You could also search for government scholarships. Many of these are fully funded and will make studying in Ireland much more affordable!

  • Q. When should I take IELTS for September intake in Ireland?

    A. Taking the IELTS 5-6 months before your application should be good enough. If your deadline is June/July, you can take the exam between January and April. However, the earlier you do it, the better. Universities always appreciate early applications. Plus, taking the exam early leaves you some time to retake it if the results don’t go your way.

  • Q. What is the success rate of study visas in Ireland in 2024?

    A. Ireland accepts 94% of student visas. The visa rejection rate is minimal, ranging between 1-4%. In addition, last year, Indians secured over 40% of work permits granted by Ireland. Overall, the Irish government is cordial in terms of visas and immigration. Its best to apply for visa at least 3 months before your intake starts.

  • Q. What are the top universities in Ireland for September intake?

    A. Some of the top universities for September intake include:
    -University College Dublin
    -Trinity College Dublin
    -NUI Galway
    -Dublin City University

  • Q. Are there any eligibility requirements for UG or PG programs during the September intake in Ireland?

    A. Requirements for undergraduate or postgraduate programs in Ireland vary by the institution and program. Applicants should check their chosen program’s admission criteria to ensure they qualify before applying. Some common requirements include:
    -English proficiency scores
    -Entrance exam scores (GRE/GMAT/SAT/ACT)
    -Academic transcripts
    -Work experience (For PG)

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