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10 Best Countries for MBBS for Indian Students in 2023

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Around 10,000 aspiring Indian students go overseas to pursue MBBS every year, a number which saw a steep rise of nearly 24% in 2018. Considering there are only around 60,000 seats throughout India in government colleges, a growing number of searches for the best countries for MBBS makes sense.

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Moreover, the ROI in MBBS colleges abroad is higher with better job prospects and world-class infrastructure.

MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) is one of the most prestigious degrees in the world. It is pursued by aspiring doctors who wish to practice in the field of allopathic medicine. America and Britain are home to some of the best MBBS colleges in the world. China, Ukraine, and the Philippines, on the other hand, offer affordable education in medicine. 

best countries for mbbs

Top 10 Countries for MBBS for Indian students


The UK hosts 3 of the 10 best MBBS colleges in the world as per QS Rankings 2020, making it a preferred destination for aspiring doctors. Moreover, students passing from these and other 42 of the top 45 UK medicine colleges do not require sitting for FMGE to practice medicine in India.

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10 Best Countries for MBBS for Indian Students in 2023

As of 2019, approximately 42,000 Indian students were pursuing MBBS in Britain, 55% of which were women. Some of the top medical professions in the UK include anaesthetist, cardiologist, neurologist and general practice doctor. The average income of a doctor in this country is roughly £50,000-60,000 per year.

High return on investment (ROI), world-class infrastructure, and in some cases, cheaper tuition fees are major reasons why the UK tops the list. 

The availability of scholarships like the University of Oxford’s Rhodes Scholarship worth nearly £14,000 (approx. Rs. 14 lakhs) helps Indian students to cope with the expenses.

Top Universities In the UK for MBBS

1. University of OxfordQS ranking: 2nd

Taking the second spot in the World University Rankings 2021 for medicine, and 5th in World Reputation Rankings, Oxford University is the second-oldest institution in the world. It offers a wide spectrum of courses in Medical Science, the fees of which vary between £25,000 and £40,000 yearly, depending on the course. The university boasts 16 Nobel Prize winners in medicine among its prestigious alumni. 

2. University of CambridgeQS ranking: 3rd 

The University of Cambridge is home to nearly 20,000 students from 150 countries and is one of the best MBBS colleges in the world. There are a total of 31 colleges, six schools and more than 150 faculties. 

It offers 2 courses in medicine, the Standard Course and Graduate Course, the latter being available for international students, with a course fee of around £58,000 per year. 

3. University College LondonQS ranking: 8th 

Since its inception in 1826, UCL consistently ranks in the list of the best MBBS colleges in the world, now standing 8th in QS World Rankings. The college offers undergraduate, and post-graduate course-based programmes along with post-graduate research programmes, CPD and short courses on medicine. It also offers an online Master’s course.

The course fee for MBBS at the UCL is approximately £36,900 yearly. 

MBBS Fees Structure in the UK

The approximate fee structure of the top 5 colleges in the UK for medicine is given below. The fees may vary with discipline.

QS RankName of the UniversityFees (£)
2University of Oxford137,274
3University of Cambridge312,000
8University College London236,178


The USA is home to students from more than 120 countries, due to its advanced mentorship and a learner-centric environment. Evidence-based practice using state-of-the-art technology considerable enhance the prospects of aspiring doctors. 

To study medicine in the USA, it is a mandate to pass the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), as its results determine the league of universities one can admission to. The salary of a doctor in the USA is around $208,000 yearly as per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics report after a 4-year course. 

The country hosts 6 of the best 10 medical colleges in the world.

Top career options in America after MBBS include hospital administration, public health worker, forensic psychiatry, medico-legal advisor, etc. The average income of an MBBS graduate in the US is around $294,000 per year. A neurosurgeon, one of the highest-earning medical professionals, makes nearly $663,000 annually.

Top Universities in the USA for MBBS

1. Harvard University (Harvard Medical School)- QS ranking: 1st

HMS tops the list of best MBBS colleges in the world. It has generous MD financial aid programs, which reduces the graduating debt of the courses drastically below the national average. 

2. Stanford UniversityQS ranking: 4th

Taking the 4th spot in the best MBBS colleges in the world rankings, Stanford University School of Medicine offers a multitude of medical courses. 

It is home to the largest stem cell and regenerative medicine and research facility in North America. 

3. John Hopkins University- QS ranking: 5th 

JHU is a research-centric medical school, founded in 1893. It has prestigious alumni which include 18 Nobel Laureates in Medicine and Chemistry. 

A full-time tuition fee of approximately $63,000 yearly can be reduced by disclosing the need for financial aid to the university. 

MBBS Fee Structure in the USA

QS RankName of the UniversityFees ($)
1Harvard University324,920
4Stanford University481,872
5John Hopkins University213,600


Canada offers a Doctor of Medicine degree, which has a duration of 3-4 years. Indian and other international students need to possess a Bachelor’s degree for 4 years to enrol in medical universities in Canada. 

Fees vary between approximately 25,000 CAD and 100,000 CAD annually. Nearly 80 vacancies every day are available for general practitioners and family physicians. 

A high pay grade of nearly 300,000 CAD for doctors makes Canada a sought-after country to pursue a career in medicine. 

Eligibility criteria to practice in Canada include:

  • It is mandatory to qualify for MCAT, (National Committee on Accreditation) NAC, and Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Examination – Part 1 and 2 to practice medicine in Canada. 
  • A separate qualifying examination as per provincial protocol.

Best colleges for Doctor of Medicine in Canada

1. University of TorontoQS ranking: 13th 

The best university in Canada for Medicine leads the way with nearly 560,000 students and alumni from all over the world. The students are guided by preeminent personalities of medicine, combined with a network of distinguished research faculty and partners. 

2. McGill UniversityQS ranking: 31st

The university ranks consistently among the best universities for medicine in QS World Rankings. Renowned for its teaching and research programs, it is a public university with students from over 150 countries. 

3. University of British ColumbiaQS ranking: 28th

As one of the world’s leading universities, UBC dedicates resources to research with the aim of achieving advancements for a civil and sustainable society. Working alongside faculty members and physicians in patient-centric care helps to hone clinical skills – a major catalyst for the success of the students. 

4. McMaster UniversityQS ranking: 45th 

Ranking 45th among the best MBBS colleges in the world, McMaster University aims to teach medicine like the way physicians practice medicine. Core knowledge is transmitted through patient presentation and working directly in a clinical environment. 

Fee Structure of MBBS in Canada

QS RankName of UniversityDurationTotal Fees (CAD)
13University of Toronto4 years367,041
31McGill University4 years183,004
45McMaster University3 years287,991
28University of British Columbia4 years$163,060
51-100Université de Montréal4 years$8,186 per session
$425 per thesis


Studying in German public universities is nearly free of cost, which makes it one of the top names while considered the best country for MBBS. Administrative fees amounting to around €200-€300 per semester, coupled with a relatively cheaper cost of living, make Germany a preferred destination for Indian medicine aspirants. 

Private universities in Baden-Württemberg, however, cost around €50,000-€100,000). Unlike public universities which only teach in Deutsch, private ones offer courses in English and other foreign languages as well.

As of winter 2019-20, nearly 25,200 Indian students are there in German universities. A fair share of this number pursues MBBS in hopes of a lucrative career down the line. The job prospects in this country are pretty amazing with MBBS graduates earning nearly 7000 Euros/month.

Top Universities in Germany for MBBS

1. Heidelberg University- QS ranking: 66th 

In operations since 1386, it is one of the oldest medical institutions in Germany. Its connection with numerous research institutes helps students to gain valuable exposure for employment in medical research, practice or public health and administration. 

2. Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich- QS ranking: 63rd

Since the founding of the university in 1472, LMU has developed one of the best research and teaching facilities. It is home to nearly 7000 international students and 43 Nobel Laureates alumni, making it one of the most distinguished colleges in Europe, with an array of job opportunities.   

MBBS Fee Structure in Germany 

Name of the UniversityFees (€)
Heidelberg University20,000
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich183,000
Charite, MunichOnly accommodation fees & tuition fees for language


A major reason why Indian students prefer to pursue medical studies in France is its smooth admission system. The similarity in the course curriculum of French medicine universities to those prescribed by MCI makes it easier for the students to clear the examinations. Moreover, affordable tuition fees and low living cost top-grade infrastructure, and job opportunities make France one of the best countries for MBBS

World-class faculty and a friendly environment are also major contributors to the country’s popularity. An entire course fee of around 55 lakhs INR is lower than many top private colleges in India.

Currently, over 1500 Indian students are pursuing MBBS in top French colleges. Besides quality education, students also get excellent work opportunities after MBBS. 

Top colleges in France for MBBS for Indian students

1. Pierre and Marie Curie University- QS ranking: 131 (as of 2018)

One of the premier French universities, it was known as Pierre and Marie Curie University till 2018. It then merged with Paris-Sorbonne University and became Sorbonne University. It offers all adult and paediatric disciplines. With more than 125 laboratories at its disposal, it delivers advanced research and training attributes to its medical course. 

2. Claude Bernard University Lyon 1- QS ranking: 701-750

It is one of the best MBBS colleges in France, outside of Paris with its wide range of medicine courses – medicine, pharmacy, odontology and higher institutions for rehabilitation technique training. Twinned with full-time hospital internships, the university gives profused intensity to teacher-student activity. 

MBBS Fee Structure in France

The average cost of MBBS in France:

Duration of Course8-11 years
MBBS FeesApproximately 62,000 Euros


Requiring less than a tenth of the tuition expenses compared to the US or the UK, China provides quality education and has 45 colleges approved by the MCI. MBBS in China is taught either in English or Mandarin. The UK style of education pattern in tandem with a qualified faculty makes China highly affordable to students looking for the best country for MBBS

The English curriculum in China has stark similarities to that of the Indian curriculum, making it easier for Indian students. 

Lower NEET score requisites and a higher number of available seats as compared to colleges in India are also driving students to pursue MBBS in China. The number of Indian students in China for MBBS stood at 21,000 in 2019.

Top colleges in China for MBBS for Indian students

1. Peking University- QS ranking: 23rd

This is one of China’s leading universities in western medicine since its inception in 1912. It is also one of the first universities to enrol foreign students from over 73 countries since 1953. A broad spectrum of medical sciences ranging from Human Anatomy and Paediatrics to Medical forensics is offered

2. Fudan University- QS ranking: 34th 

Fudan University, also referred to as Shanghai Medical College, Fudan University (SMCFU), is world-renowned for its excellence in teaching and research training. The university has 10 academic disciplines to pursue medicine, with duration ranging from 6 to 8 years. Additionally, a PhD is offered in 68 disciplines and a master’s in 45. 

3. Shanghai Jiao University- QS ranking: 47th 

One of the oldest research universities in China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University was founded in 1896. The medicine department is equipped with state-of-the-art clinical teaching and research infrastructure. The university has inter-collegiate relations with 61 schools in 19 countries around the world. 

Fee Structure of MBBS in China

Average fees for MBBS in China (in dollars):

Duration6 years
MBBS FeesApproximately $24,000 (for the complete course)


Ukraine is regarded globally as one of the best countries for MBBS due to its cost/quality ratio in terms of faculty and infrastructure. It ranks 4th in Europe for having the most number of graduate and post-graduate specialisation courses in medicine. 

The institutions put emphasis on practical skills, MCI acceptance for all the colleges, and an affordable fee structure make Ukraine a preferred destination for MBBS for more nearly 2000 Indian students. 

Low cost of living and exposure to international conferences and medicine workshops equip the students with advanced knowledge on the subject. A financially supportive administration ensuring the quality of education is another major reason why the country is growing in popularity. 

Affordable colleges in Ukraine for MBBS for Indian students

1. Uzhhorod State Medical University

Since its inception in 1945, the university is known for its practical approach to teaching and exposure to the latest medical sciences. It offers a 6 years course in healthcare and internal medicine.

MBBS here costs between $3800 and $3500 in Ukrainian. 

2. Ternopil State Medical University

The faculty of medicine in this university has been operational since 1957. It has a medicine department of over 700 teaching specialists with advanced research and clinical training facilities. Over 6300 students are enrolled in the college, of which 48% are international. 

A less than INR 5 lakh yearly fee makes it an affordable and high ROI option for Indian students. 

Average Course fee for MBBS in Ukraine

Duration6 years
MBBS Fees1,750 – 4,200 USD per year


Russia offers a 6-year MBBS course which costs between 200,000 – 900,000 Rubles, which roughly equates to INR 2-9 lakhs yearly. Relatively cheaper cost of living coupled with world-class infrastructure make Russia a popular choice among aspiring doctors searching best countries for MBBS

The average pay for a doctor in Russia is approximately 520,000-550,000 Rubles. Foreign students are given a work permit to practice medicine, and it needs to be renewed yearly.

Top Colleges in Russia for MBBS for Indian students

1. Lomonosov Moscow State University- QS ranking: 74th

It is the first Russian University, founded in 1755. The institution puts extensive effort into biomedicine, cognitive sciences, genetics, pharmaceutics and other such medical courses. 

It is one of the top 125 best MBBS colleges in the world with over 7000 undergraduates from over 75 countries.

LMSU offers a 6-year course for MBBS with approximate fees equivalent to INR 5.8 lakhs per year. 

2. Saint Petersburg State University- QS ranking: 225th

The university offers multiple disciplines for General Medicine. It ensures the inculcation of fundamental knowledge and clinical skills with advanced technology. It has a conducive environment for over 3000 aspiring international medical students with research activities directly supervised by the faculty. 

The average cost of MBBS in Russia for Indian students

Duration6 years
MBBS Fees4,000 – 6,500 USD per year


The Philippines is known for its high number of medical graduates every year. Top-shelf faculty with a rich technology-centric education system make this country an ideal destination for Indian medicine aspirants.

Universities following the American curriculum and lucrative job prospects after degree completion throughout the world also contribute to the preference of students from over 65 countries who choose the Philippines after searching best countries for MBBS.  

Affordable colleges in the Philippines for MBBS for Indian students

1. University of the Philippines

Founded in 1905, the Philippines Manilla College of Medicine is the medical division of the University of The Philippines Manila. The medicine department of the college has 14 divisions, delivering fellowship programs, with theoretical and clinical knowledge. The university also puts a strong priority on research programs and seminars to acquaint the students with the latest developments in medicine. 

2. AMA School of Medicine

AMA School of Medicine, since its inception in 1980, is delivering non-traditional forms of lecture and instruction modules. The university is renowned for the clinical oriented and problem-based approach to training paired with hands-on anatomy dissection. 

Affordable fees make it a favourite among those looking for the best countries for MBBS

The Average cost of MBBS in the Philippines

Duration6 years
MBBS Fees3,000 –5,000 USD per year


Netherlands’ MBBS courses stand out from most of their counterparts in several ways. Firstly, Dutch higher education is heavily subsidised by the government. Secondly, the Dutch are known for their innovative techniques in the course work and designing sessions which will develop team skills. 

Lastly, affordable study costs and international degree recognition with a wide range of courses available in English also contribute to the popularity of the Netherlands’ universities for MBBS. 

Top Colleges in the Netherlands for MBBS for Indian students

1. University of Amsterdam- QS ranking: 61st

The institute uses a practical approach in its teaching while exposing students to world-class infrastructure and faculty. Latest patient data is included in the curriculum to develop a critical approach, knowledge and skills.

2. Erasmus University Rotterdam- QS ranking: 197th

The university offers 5 medical courses and includes various workshops, skill training, as well an emphasis on communication and research implementation. An intensive 3-year course with state-of-the-art technology and an interactive teaching approach has helped the university to occupy 37th place in the best MBBS colleges in the world by QS 2020. 

3. Leiden University- QS ranking: 128th 

It is a premier institute offering advanced technology and science with the help of current patient diagnoses. The university calls in various organisations from around the world to talk about the latest developments and innovations in medicine and science. The availability of a number of scholarships makes Leiden University an excellent destination for medical aspirants from India.

The average cost of MBBS in the Netherlands

Duration6 years
MBBS Fees2,500 –11,000 USD per year

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students to Pursue MBBS Abroad

  • Mandatorily qualifying National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) to return and practise medicine in India
  • Acquiring an Eligibility Certificate by MCI after qualifying for the exam
  • Completing a 10+2 examination from a recognised state or central school council
  • Passing 10+2 in Physics, Chemistry and Biology is compulsory
  • A minimum score of 50% in PCB and English 
  • Must be at least 17 years of age and below 25 years

Apart from the aforementioned criteria, there are country-specific mandates as well that one needs to fulfil. 

best countries for mbbs


Returning MBBS graduates need to pass the Foreign Medical Graduate exam to earn a legal license to practice in India. Besides, the top countries in the world for MBBS also offer excellent job opportunities with lucrative pay packages, as already discussed earlier.

Apart from these, Indian students aspiring to pursue MBBS abroad need to take care of several other factors, visa and finances being the primary concerns.

LeapScholar is an ideal one-stop platform for Indian students planning to study abroad. The team has a unique approach to career counselling and can help students decide the best course of action from a career perspective.  LeapScholar shortlists colleges, along with preparing SOPs and LORs and helping students to get their student visas.

With this comprehensive guide, you can now decide upon the best country for MBBS and go ahead with your applications. So, these were some of the best countries for MBBS in the world, especially for Indian students.

The cost of doing MBBS is quite expensive, therefore students should opt for scholarship programs provided by several funders. Leap Scholar is one such platform which has provided $250k worth
of scholarships to aspiring students to accelerate their careers in a global environment. They cover up to 100% tuition fees and cover more than 5000 courses from abroad. Along with scholarships, they also provide counselling and IELTS coaching to students at Rs. 499/-

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which country has the cheapest course for MBBS?

Ans: China has the cheapest tuition fees to study medicine for Indian students. Additionally, quality infrastructure and faculty make Chinese medical colleges an affordable solution for Indian medical aspirants.

2. Can I do MBBS abroad without NEET?

Ans: Some universities abroad have compulsory requirements for qualifying NEET. However, if one wants to come back and have a medical license, he/she must qualify NEET before getting admitted to a university abroad.

3. What are the qualifying marks for NEET?

Ans: A minimum of 50%, which equates to 350, is mandatory to qualify NEET. 

4. Is MBBS good in India or abroad?

Ans: Foreign MBBS courses have a more practical and modern approach to teaching medicine. This is one of the major reasons why Indian students prefer pursuing MBBS abroad.

5. Which country is the best for MBBS?

Ans: In terms of academic reputation, the UK and the US have the best universities to pursue medicine. 9 of the top 10 universities in QS World Ranking are from these two nations. 

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