Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia In 2024

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Duolingo, the owl you know and love from the language learning app, also offers an English proficiency test accepted by over 90 Duolingo universities in Australia. That’s right, from sunny Queensland to bustling Melbourne, you can use your Duolingo score to crack open the door to your dream education Down Under.

Duolingo has garnered a massive user base with over 500 million learners worldwide. It can be your key to turning your Australian study dreams into reality. Intrigued? 

Read on to learn about Duolingo-accepted universities in Australia, including the admissions process and the specific requirements you need to meet.

Key Highlights

Here’s a snapshot of everything you will learn in detail in this blog post on  Duolingo accepted universities in Australia and their admission requirements.

Duolingo Accepted Universities in AustraliaUniversity of Melbourne
University of Sydney
University of New South Wales
Average Fees for Duolingo Accepted Universities in AustraliaINR 22L (AUD $39,000) to INR 28L (AUD $50,000)
Minimum Test Scores in AustraliaDuolingo: 100 – 120
IELTS: 6.5 – 7.5
TOEFL: 80 – 100

Minimum Bachelor’s Duolingo Score Range

Minimum Postgraduate Duolingo Score Range
Scholarships to Study in Australia

Australia Awards Scholarships: AUD 15,000 (INR 8.2L)
General Cultural Scholarship Scheme: AUD 13,000 (INR 7.7L)
MHRD Scholarships: Up to AUD 19,500 (INR 12L)
Visa to Study in Australia Student Visa (subclass 500) – INR 35k (AUD 630)

Now that you have an overview of the key highlights, read the blog to learn how the Duolingo English Test revolutionises university admissions in Australia.

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The Rise of Duolingo in Australian University Admissions

The Duolingo English Test is quickly becoming a cornerstone of university admissions in Australia. As more institutions recognise this test, your pathway to studying Down Under becomes more straightforward.

Why is Duolingo such a game-changer, you ask? It’s convenient – you can take the test from the comfort of your own home. It’s affordable – the cost is way lower than traditional tests. And it’s fast – you get your results back in a flash, and there is no waiting for weeks. 

Plus, with Duolingo’s massive user base of 74.1 million monthly active users, you know you’re in good company. There are many Duolingo-accepted universities in Australia, which are making it easier than ever to achieve your academic dreams.

And get this – over 21.4 million people around the world use Duolingo every single day! That’s a massive community of language learners you can connect with – imagine all the study buddies and travel tips you could share!

The best part? This isn’t just for undergraduate degrees (bachelor’s programmes). Many Duolingo-accepted universities in Australia now accept Duolingo scores for postgraduate programmes (master’s degrees), too.

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What’s Inside the Duolingo English Test

Designed to assess all your essential English skills through a single, efficient exam, it’s a choice of over 5.2 million paid subscribers worldwide

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The test evaluates your Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking skills. This means you demonstrate your full language ability in one go.
  • Adaptive Format: Unlike traditional tests, Duolingo’s format adjusts the difficulty based on your answers, ensuring a tailored testing experience.
  • Video Interview: Stand out to admissions teams with a unique video interview component that showcases your real-time communication skills.

Why choose the Duolingo English Test?

It’s not just about taking a test; it’s about taking a step toward your future. With its unique format and rapid results, the test aligns perfectly with the needs of busy students.

Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia In 2024
  • Quick and Convenient: Complete the test in under an hour from anywhere.
  • Cost-Effective: It’s significantly cheaper than most other English proficiency tests.
  • Fast Results: You’ll receive your results within 48 hours, speeding up your application process.

If you’re looking to apply to university, this test could be your ticket to a smoother, more straightforward admissions process. Why not take this step toward achieving your academic goals?

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Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia In 2024
Check Your Eligibility for 80+ Universities across the Australia
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Why Study in Australia and the Rise of Duolingo-Accepting Universities

Has the COVID-19 pandemic made you rethink how you meet university language requirements? You’re not alone. Interestingly, the Department of Education, Australian Government, reported a 16% increase in international student enrolments up to March 2024 compared to the pre-pandemic year of 2019. This boost shows how effective these new testing methods have been.

So, is Duolingo accepted in Australia? Many Australian universities have embraced the Duolingo English Test, reflecting a shift towards more accessible and flexible testing options. This change is reshaping how students like you can pursue education in Australia.

In just the first three months of 2024, over 7,41,000 international students enrolled in Australian universities, as reported by the Australian Government’s Department of Education. That’s a huge number, right? Many of these universities are Duolingo-accepted universities in Australia, offering a simpler way for you to meet English language requirements.

Wondering about the minimum Duolingo score for Australia or other English proficiency tests? Here are the typical score requirements you’ll need to meet:

TestTypical Score Requirements
IELTS6.5 – 7.5
TOEFL80 – 100
Duolingo100 – 120

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Top 8 Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia

You’re in luck if you want to study in Australia using your Duolingo scores. Many top-notch universities now welcome this newer testing method, broadening access for international students. 

Below is a detailed table featuring some of the prominent Duolingo accepted universities in Australia, their QS World University Rankings 2025, and the minimum Duolingo score they require for admission.

UniversityQS Global Ranking 2025Minimum Duolingo Score
University of Melbourne13120
University of Sydney18115
University of New South Wales (UNSW)19110
Monash University37115
University of Queensland (UQ)40105
Australian National University (ANU)30110
University of Western Australia (UWA)77100
University of Adelaide82105

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Now, you can find more about each of the universities below.

University of Melbourne

Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne offers diverse courses, including law, medicine, and arts. It’s renowned for its research output and innovative teaching methodologies, making it a top choice for ambitious students. The university also excels in research, contributing significantly to climate change and public health discussions.

Notable alumni include former Prime Ministers of Australia Alfred Deakin, Julia Gillard, and Harold Holt, Nobel laureates Elizabeth Blackburn and Peter Doherty, and celebrated actress Cate Blanchett. The university’s commitment to excellence makes it a top choice for students aiming to make a global impact​.

Here is a breakdown of the average course fees for the University of Melbourne.

UniversityAverage Course Fee/Year (INR)
University of MelbourneINR 28L (AUD $50,000)

University of Sydney

Established in 1850, the University of Sydney is renowned for its leadership in research and education, particularly in medicine, where it pioneered Australia’s first medical programme. The campus boasts a stunning blend of neo-gothic and modern architecture, providing an inspiring environment for study. It’s a place to engage with a vibrant community that values diversity and inclusion.

Notable alumni include eight Australian Prime Ministers such as John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull, renowned heart surgeon Harry Windsor, and celebrated soprano Dame Joan Sutherland.

Below are the average annual course fees for the University of Sydney.

UniversityAverage Course Fee/Year (INR)
University of SydneyINR 27L (AUD $48,000)

University of New South Wales (UNSW)

The University of New South Wales (UNSW), established in 1949, is globally recognised for its strong emphasis on scientific, engineering, and technological education and research. It offers a dynamic range of courses, including business, law, arts, and social sciences, but it is particularly distinguished for its cutting-edge facilities in photovoltaic research and quantum computing. 

Notable alumni at UNSW include Scott Morrison, the 30th Prime Minister of Australia; Mike Cannon-Brookes, co-founder of Atlassian; and Peter Garrett, the lead singer of Midnight Oil and former Minister for the Environment. 

Check out the average course fees per year for the University of New South Wales.

UniversityAverage Course Fee/Year (INR)
University of New South Wales (UNSW)INR 26L (AUD $46,000)

Monash University

Monash University, started in 1958, offers innovative engineering, pharmacy, and environmental sciences courses. As a student, you would have access to the Monash Maker Space, a cutting-edge facility supporting innovative projects across all study disciplines. The university’s strong emphasis on sustainability is integrated into its research and campus initiatives, aiming to achieve net zero emissions by 2030.

Notable alumni of Monash University include Bill Shorten, former leader of the Australian Labor Party; Tim Flannery, renowned environmentalist and author; Doug Chappel, comedian and actor; and Peter Carey, Booker Prize-winning novelist. These distinguished graduates exemplify the university’s commitment to producing leaders and innovators in various fields. 

Here’s an overview of the average yearly course fees at Monash University.

UniversityAverage Course Fee/Year (INR)
Monash UniversityINR 25L (AUD $45,000)

University of Queensland (UQ)

Since 1909, UQ has been at the forefront of agricultural science, psychology, and medicine programmes. Its research impacts are celebrated, particularly in environmental science and sustainable technologies. UQ is also a leader in vaccine development, having contributed to creating the Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines, showcasing its impact on global health.

You’ll be an excellent space at UQ, with notable alumni such as Nobel laureates Peter Doherty and John Harsanyi, former Australian Governor-General Dame Quentin Bryce, and Oscar-winning actor Geoffrey Rush. This highlights the university’s commitment to producing leaders and innovators.

Take a look at the average annual tuition fees at the University of Queensland:

UniversityAverage Course Fee/Year (INR)
University of Queensland (UQ)INR 24L (AUD $43,000)

Australian National University (ANU)

ANU was founded in 1946 and is distinguished for its programmes in politics, science, and economics. Its location in the nation’s capital provides unique internship opportunities and policy impact. 

ANU boasts numerous prestigious awards among its staff and alumni, including six Nobel Prizes. Notable alumni include former Australian Prime Ministers Bob Hawke and Kevin Rudd and High Court judges Stephen Gageler and Geoffrey Nettle. At ANU, you join a network of influential leaders and innovators.

Below is a table summarising the average course fees per year at the Australian National University.

UniversityAverage Course Fee/Year (INR)
Australian National University (ANU)INR 25L (AUD $44,500)

University of Western Australia (UWA)

Established in 1911, UWA offers specialised programmes in oceanography, agriculture, and indigenous studies. The campus is renowned for its biodiversity, hosting a range of native plants and wildlife, which makes it a living laboratory for conservation studies.

UWA also fosters strong community engagement through public lectures and art collections, enriching your academic experience. Some of the notable alumni of UWA are former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, Nobel Prize winners Barry Marshall and Robin Warren, and 2018 Fields Medal recipient Akshay Venkatesh.

Here are the estimated average course fees per year at the University of Western Australia.

UniversityAverage Course Fee/Year (INR)
University of Western Australia (UWA)INR 23L (AUD $41,000)

University of Adelaide

Since 1874, the University of Adelaide has been known for excellence in wine and food science, health sciences, and engineering. It offers specialised programmes such as oenology and viticulture, providing practical and theoretical knowledge that can be applied in real-world settings. 

The university’s strong industry partnerships ensure you gain hands-on experience, enhancing your employability after graduation. Notable alumni at the University of Adelaide include former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Nobel Prize winner J. M. Coetzee, and pioneering heart surgeon Dr. Earl Owen.

See the table below for the average yearly fees at the University of Adelaide.

UniversityAverage Course Fee/Year (INR)
University of AdelaideINR 22L (AUD $39,000)

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Duolingo Score Requirements for Bachelor’s Admissions

Australian universities widely recognise the Duolingo English Test for assessing English proficiency among international applicants for Bachelor’s programmes. A good score on this test can enhance your admission prospects significantly. The minimum Duolingo score for Australia for undergraduate admissions varies, with more competitive programmes often requiring higher scores. 

Here is a detailed look at the Duolingo score requirements for various fields of study at Duolingo-accepted universities in Australia at the Bachelor’s level:

Bachelor’s Duolingo Score RangeUG Courses
115+Medicine, Engineering, Law
110-114Business, Computer Science, Psychology
105-109Humanities, Social Sciences, Education
Below 105Likely insufficient for most Bachelor’s programmes

Tip: If you’re targeting top universities or competitive programmes, it’s recommended that you aim for a score of 115 or higher.

Duolingo Score Requirements for Master’s Admissions

Cracking a Master’s degree in Australia takes ambition, but proving your English skills shouldn’t be a hurdle. The Duolingo English Test is now your passport to prestigious postgraduate programmes at many Australian universities. 

Here’s the exciting catch: the score requirements reflect the programme’s intensity. Many Duolingo-accepted universities in Australia for masters are making it easier for you to achieve your academic goals.

Here is a detailed look at the Duolingo score requirements for various fields of study at Duolingo-accepted universities in Australia at the Master’s level:

Masters Duolingo Score RangePG Courses
120+MBA, MS
115-119Engineering, Medicine, Law
110-114Business, Computer Science, Psychology
Below 110Likely insufficient for most Master’s Programmes

Achieving a high Duolingo score can significantly boost your application, ensuring you meet the language proficiency needed for advanced studies at these Duolingo-accepted universities in Australia for masters.

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Test Preparation and Application Guide for Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia

Australia’s education system ranked third globally in 2024, boasting a quality index of 70.5 and an opportunity index of 67.52. It offers a world-class academic environment, setting the stage for your exciting journey to study in Australia. 

In the sections below, you will find detailed information on preparing for the Duolingo test and streamlining your university application.

Preparing for the Duolingo Test

Duolingo Accepted Universities in Australia In 2024

Thorough preparation is essential to excelling on the Duolingo test and increasing your chances of getting into Duolingo-accepted universities in Australia. Before entering the details, evaluate your language abilities with an initial practice test. This assessment will guide your preparation, helping you focus on areas that need attention most.

  • Assess Proficiency: Start by taking a practice Duolingo test online from the Duolingo website to identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Create a Study Plan: Allocate specific times for daily practice focusing on different language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Use Resources: Engage with materials such as the official Duolingo preparation guide, practice tests, and tutorial videos available on the Duolingo app or website.
  • Practice Regularly: Consistent practising with Duolingo is key to improving your language skills and boosting your confidence before the test.

Streamlining Your University Application

Applying to Duolingo-accepted universities in Australia requires a strategic approach, especially when using Duolingo scores for admission. Start by identifying which institutions recognise these scores. Knowing your desired programmes’ specific requirements and deadlines ensures you’re well-prepared and can submit your application smoothly. 

Here are some steps to streamline your application process.

  • Research Duolingo-accepted universities: Utilise official university websites and resources like the Australian Government’s Department of Education website to find universities accepting Duolingo scores.
  • Check specific programme requirements: Each programme might have its minimum Duolingo score requirement. Double-check the admissions page for your chosen programme.
  • Meet all application deadlines: To avoid missing out, submit your application materials, including your Duolingo test score report, well before the deadlines.
  • Plan Ahead: Ensure you know application deadlines and prepare your submissions well to avoid last-minute issues.

Remember: Strong academic performance, relevant extracurricular activities, and a well-written personal statement are still crucial to a successful application.

Is Duolingo Accepted in Australia for a Study Visa in 2024?

As you plan your educational journey to Australia, you might wonder, “Is Duolingo accepted in Australia for a study visa in 2024?” The answer is yes. Many Australian universities accept Duolingo scores for admissions, and these scores can also satisfy the English language requirements for a student visa.

Here’s everything you should know to get that visa of yours approved.

  1. Understanding the Visa Process

Before you pack your bags for Australia, it’s essential to get acquainted with the visa application process. You need to know this to apply for a student visa in Australia.

  • Visa Type: To study in Australia, you’ll need to apply for a Student Visa (subclass 500).
  • Application Requirements: Alongside your university acceptance letter, you must provide proof of sufficient English language proficiency, which can include a Duolingo Score if the university recognises it.
  1. Processing Time and Fees

The table below outlines the key details regarding the visa application process.

Application FeeINR 35k (AUD 630)
Processing TimeApproximately 4 weeks

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  1. Additional Requirements

Securing your student visa involves more than just proving your academic readiness. You also need to demonstrate your financial preparedness and ensure your health is protected during your stay in Australia.

  • Financial Requirements: You must prove that you have the financial capacity to cover tuition fees, living expenses, and return airfare. The exact amount you need to show will depend on the course length and where you will study in Australia. Typically, the minimum required amount is around INR 23L (AUD $42,000) annually.
  • Health Insurance: It’s mandatory to have Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the duration of your visa.

Remember, while the Duolingo test is accepted by many institutions and can be used to demonstrate your English proficiency for the educational component, you must also ensure that you meet all other criteria set forth by the Australian Government for a study visa. 

Need help navigating your study visa application? 

Leap Scholar is here to assist! Our expert counsellors provide personalised advice to ensure your journey to studying in Australia is smooth and successful. Get the support you need to meet all requirements and achieve your academic dreams.

Scholarships for Students Wishing to Study in Australia

Australia offers a variety of scholarships to attract international students, making higher education more accessible. These scholarships aim to reduce your financial burden and support you in achieving your academic goals. 

With the number of Indian students enrolled in studies abroad expected to climb to 2 million by 2025, you have numerous opportunities through Australian and Indian government-funded scholarships.

Here’s a breakdown of scholarships offered by the Australian and Indian governments.

Scholarship NameFunded ByAmount/Year
Australia Awards ScholarshipsAustralian GovernmentFull tuition + AUD 15,000 (INR 8.2L)
Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship AwardsAustralian GovernmentAUD 15,000 per semester (INR 8.2L)
Research Training Programme (RTP)Australian GovernmentUp to AUD 28,092 (INR 16L)
General Cultural Scholarship Scheme (GCSS)Indian GovernmentUp to AUD 13,000 (INR 7.7L)
MHRD ScholarshipsIndian GovernmentUp to AUD 19,500 (INR 12L)
National Overseas ScholarshipIndian GovernmentAUD 20,000  (INR 12L)

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Scholarships Offered by the Australian Government

The Australian government provides scholarships to help international students cover their educational expenses.

  • Australia Awards Scholarships: Open to students from developing countries, these scholarships cover full tuition, return air travel, establishment allowance, and living expenses.
  • Endeavour Postgraduate Scholarship Awards: These awards provide financial support for international students pursuing a postgraduate degree at a master’s or PhD level in any field of study in Australia through coursework or research.
  • Research Training Programme (RTP): The Australian government funds RTP scholarships to domestic and overseas students enrolled in accredited research degrees. They cover tuition fees and provide stipends.

Scholarships Offered by the Indian Government

The Indian government also offers scholarships to support students who want to study in Australia.

  • General Cultural Scholarship Scheme (GCSS): Offered by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), this scholarship assists Indian students in pursuing academic courses in various fields, including science, arts, and music in Australia.
  • MHRD Scholarships: The Ministry of Human Resource Development, India, offers various scholarships for Indian students to pursue higher education abroad, including in Australia. These scholarships cover tuition fees and living expenses.
  • The National Overseas Scholarship: Funded by the Indian Government, The National Overseas Scholarship aims to support students from Scheduled Castes, Denotified Nomadic and Semi-Nomadic Tribes, Landless Agricultural Labourers, and Traditional Artisans. It provides financial assistance covering tuition fees, maintenance allowance, and travel expenses. 

Need help finding scholarships for your Australian study journey? 

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Summing Up

Australia calls for its top universities, beautiful scenery, and lively culture. Forget the stress of traditional English proficiency exams. The Duolingo English Test is a fast, convenient, and dare we say, fun way to showcase your English skills. Unlike traditional tests, Duolingo assesses practical communication skills needed to thrive in your studies.

With the flexibility of the Duolingo test and the vast options offered by Duolingo-accepted universities in Australia, your dream of studying Down Under is closer than ever. But where do you go from here? This is where Leap Scholar comes in! 

Leap Scholar is your go-to resource for studying in Australia. We offer complete guidance on finding the right Duolingo-accepted university programme, navigating the application process, and settling into your new life in Australia. Leap Scholar makes your journey smoother, from scholarships and visa help to cultural tips and community support.
Don’t let test worries hold you back. Visit Leap Scholar and let us guide you through your study abroad experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What is the validity period of Duolingo scores for university admissions?

    Ans. Duolingo English Test scores are valid for two years from the test date. This ensures that your language proficiency reflects your current abilities. You should plan to take the test close to your application date to ensure the scores remain valid throughout the admission process. Duolingo accepted universities in Australia typically require that the scores be valid during application review. 

  • Q. Are Duolingo scores accepted for Australian visa applications?

    Ans. The Department of Home Affairs does not currently accept Duolingo English Test scores for Australian visa applications. You must provide scores from approved tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, or Cambridge English. These tests rigorously assess the English proficiency needed for visa purposes.

  • Q. What are the minimum Duolingo score requirements for undergraduate courses?

    Ans. Minimum Duolingo English Test score requirements for undergraduate courses vary by institution. Generally, universities require scores between 100 and 120. For instance, some Duolingo accepted universities in Australia might set a minimum score of 105, while others require 110 or higher. These scores indicate sufficient proficiency to understand and engage in academic coursework.

  • Q. What are the minimum Duolingo score requirements for postgraduate courses?

    Ans. Postgraduate courses usually require higher Duolingo English Test scores than undergraduate programmes. Typically, Duolingo accepted universities in Australia require scores ranging from 110 to 130 for postgraduate admissions. Higher score requirements reflect the advanced level of academic and research work expected in postgraduate studies. Ensure you verify the exact score requirements for each postgraduate programme, as they can differ significantly.

  • Q. How do Australian universities evaluate Duolingo scores compared to other tests?

    Ans. Duolingo accepted universities in Australia evaluate Duolingo scores similarly to standardised English tests like IELTS or TOEFL. They use score conversion charts to compare Duolingo scores with other recognised tests. Universities assess your overall score and subscores in literacy, conversation, comprehension, and production. The ease of taking Duolingo online has made it a convenient option, but its acceptance is institution-specific.

  • Q. What should you do if your Duolingo score exceeds the minimum?

    Ans. You have several options if your Duolingo score is below the required minimum. You can retake the test after further study and practice, as Duolingo allows multiple attempts. Alternatively, consider taking another recognised English proficiency test like IELTS or TOEFL. Some Duolingo accepted universities in Australia may offer conditional admissions with additional English language courses. Always contact the admissions office for guidance on your specific situation.

  • Q. Can you use Duolingo scores for conditional admission to Australian universities?

    Ans. Yes, some Duolingo accepted universities in Australia may grant conditional admission based on Duolingo scores. This means they might admit you on the condition that you complete additional English language support courses. Conditional admission allows you to improve your English while starting your academic programme.

  • Q. How often can you take the Duolingo English Test?

    Ans. You can take the Duolingo English Test as often as you need, but you must wait for your results before retaking it. Typically, results are available within 48 hours. Frequent retakes allow you to improve your score with additional study and practice. However, some institutions may have policies on the number of test attempts they accept within a given timeframe. 

  • Q. What are the advantages of using Duolingo for university admissions?

    Ans. The Duolingo English Test offers several advantages for university admissions. It is cost-effective and typically cheaper than other English proficiency tests. The test is also convenient; it can be taken online from home anytime. Duolingo provides quick results, usually within 48 hours, facilitating timely application submissions. The test includes a video interview and writing sample, offering a comprehensive language skills assessment.

  • Q. Which Australian universities accept Duolingo scores?

    Ans. Many Duolingo accepted universities in Australia do accept Duolingo scores, including the University of Adelaide, the University of New South Wales, and Monash University. Acceptance is institution-specific, so you should check the admissions criteria of each university. Some universities may accept Duolingo scores for specific programmes or on a trial basis. Always verify the current acceptance policies directly with the universities you are applying to.

  • Q. How can you prepare for the Duolingo English Test?

    Ans. Preparation for the Duolingo English Test involves several steps. Familiarise yourself with the test format using the practice tests available on the Duolingo website. Improve your English skills in reading, writing, speaking, and listening through targeted practice. Use study resources like language apps, textbooks, and online courses. Practising under timed conditions can help you manage the test’s duration effectively. Reviewing feedback from previous attempts can also guide your study focus.

  • Q. How does the Duolingo test format differ from other English tests?

    Ans. The Duolingo English Test features a unique adaptive format that adjusts the difficulty of questions based on your responses. Unlike fixed-length tests like IELTS or TOEFL, Duolingo’s test length varies. It includes integrated tasks that assess multiple language skills simultaneously. You will complete a video interview and writing sample, which you send to institutions along with your score. This format provides a holistic view of your English proficiency.

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