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Week 1

Connect 1:1 with experts, and finalise your list of colleges

Day 1

Profile Evaluation Session

Discuss your preferences, get answers to your questions and a personalised goal plan

Day 2 - 5

University Shortlisting

Our experts will come back with an ideal list of universities suited only for you

Day 6 - 7

Finalising your University

Discuss your shortlist and finalise the universities that you want to apply for

Week 2

Start application process with writing SOPs, and completing your docs

Day 8 - 12

SOP, LOR & Resume Assistance

Get 100+ templates and a professional editor to craft the SOP & LOR for your profile

Day 13 - 17

Application assistance for your Dream Universities

You're almost at the finish line, all that's left now is to put in your application (Don't worry our team of experts will do that for you!)

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Get an admit from your dream university

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Prep for Visa Interview

Once admit is received, a visa expert will review your documents and also prep for the interview


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I am going to pursue my further education in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning at Lambton College, Canada. Without Leap, none of this would have been possible.

Student Dp

Akhil Surnedi

Lambton College

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My mentor's expertise, dedication and personalised approach made the journey smooth, ultimately leading to a successful admission. I highly recommend Leap Scholar's services for anyone seeking guidance in their academic pursuits.

Student Dp

Danyal Khan

Queen Mary University of London

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The Leap Scholar team knew that my visa interview was going to be tricky due to my unique profile. Today I'm doing my Master's in Fashion Design at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. All of this wouldn't have been possible without Leap, so a big thank you to all of you!

Student Dp

Priya Guna

Sheffield Hallam University

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  Study Abroad with Leapscholar

Study Abroad Consultants in Ludhiana

Are you considering studying abroad but feeling overwhelmed by the process? 

With so many countries, courses, and universities to choose from, it's natural to feel nervous about making the right decision. However, studying abroad can be an exciting opportunity and helps you learn new life lessons, gain valuable life experiences, and boost your future prospects. 

As an Indian student, you may be confused and unsure about making the best choices and completing the necessary documentation. That's where study abroad consultants come in. With the right guidance, you can apply to top universities in countries like the 



These experts possess a thorough understanding of educational systems and admission prerequisites. They offer specialised support and assistance, from selecting the appropriate course and university to preparing your application and visa documents.


Study abroad consultants in Ludhiana can help make this process easier and provide the support you need.

Why Do You Need A Study Abroad Consultant in Ludhiana?

If you are considering studying abroad, a consultant can be very helpful in simplifying the tasks that need to be completed before you depart. 

Here is how study abroad consultants in Ludhiana can help you simplify your procedures: 

  • Pick the Perfect Place: They'll help you choose the right country, university, and course that fits your interests and goals.
  • Simplify the Application Process: Conquering applications can be tough. Study abroad consultants in Ludhiana will help you make yours stand out and get you accepted!
  • Assistance getting a visa: No need to stress about confusing paperwork. Study abroad consultants will help you gather everything and navigate the process.
  • Help in sourcing a scholarship: Unsure about funding? Study abroad consultants in Ludhiana can help you find scholarships and student loans to make your dream affordable.
  • Making contacts: They'll connect you with resources specifically for Indian students studying abroad, making the whole thing smoother.
  • Support System: From choosing a program to settling in, study abroad consultants in Ludhiana will be your guiding light throughout your study abroad journey.


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LeapScholar- Your Overseas Study Consultants in Ludhiana

Thinking about studying abroad but feeling lost? 


LeapScholar can help you! With over 5,000 success stories and a 97% success rate. We have over 1500 experts who helped over 200,000 students chase their study-abroad dreams in countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.


Here's how Leapscholar can help you:


  • Your Personal Guide: Get one-on-one sessions with experienced counsellors who understand your goals and support you every step.
  • Stress-Free Journey: They'll guide you through the entire process, making studying abroad smooth and hassle-free.
  • Find Your Perfect Fit: No more confusion! LeapScholar helps you choose colleges and universities that match your interests and academic background.
  • Stand Out from the Crowd: Get expert help writing a perfect statement of purpose that grabs admission officers' attention.
  • Personalised Support: LeapScholar matches you with a counsellor who gets you. They even hold live feedback sessions to address any concerns you might have.
  • Easy Online Platform: Their user-friendly platform makes navigating the application process a breeze.
  • Visa Made Easy: LeapScholar’s study abroad consultants in Ludhiana help you with all the requirements and paperwork.
  • Financial Planning Champs: They'll help you plan your finances, find scholarships, and explore education loans to make studying abroad affordable.
  • Ace Your IELTS Exam: Get the score you need! LeapScholar’s study abroad consultants in Ludhiana can help you prepare and crack the IELTS exam.


So, if you're ready to study abroad, LeapScholar is here to make your journey smooth and successful! Download our app

Do you aspire to excel in your IELTS exam?

LeapScholar boasts a significant track record, having trained over 270,000 students for the IELTS exam. This experience translates to a reputable and reliable platform for exam preparation.


Here is how we prepare you for the IELTS Exam:    

  • Interactive Learning Environment: The platform offers free interactive classes, fostering student engagement and allowing real-time interaction with instructors to address questions and clarify doubts.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Classes commence every 15 minutes, giving students exceptional flexibility to tailor their study schedules to their needs.
  • Personalised Attention: Limited class sizes of only 5 students ensure that each student receives focused learning and personalised attention from instructors.
  • Self-Assessment Tools: LeapScholar's band predictor test is valuable for students to gauge their strengths and weaknesses before exam preparation. We also offer Practice Tests which help you gain confidence before attempting the final exam.
  • Individualised Support: Students receive personalised feedback through 1:1 evaluations, allowing them to acquire exam-taking tips and strategies tailored to their performance and benefit from individual attention.
  • Wide User Base: With over 2 million app downloads, LeapScholar has established itself as a popular and convenient platform for IELTS exam preparation.
  • free masterclass from India’s top educators. 


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How To Reach Leapscholar Study Abroad Consultants in Ludhiana?

Are you looking for a study abroad consultant near you?  

Look no further! LeapScholar is here to assist you in your Journey!  

We assist you in 


  • Finding the right course and college for you
  • Finance optimisation
  • Help you in crafting LOR and SOPs


If you're looking for a study abroad consultant near you, you can contact LeapScholar

Frequently asked questionsfaq icon

Q. What are some of the best overseas education consultants in Ludhiana?

A. LeapScholar is considered one of the best foreign education consultants in Ludhiana, with a success rate of 97%. They have helped over 5000 students achieve their dream of studying abroad and have guided more than 2L students. Their experienced counsellors provide personalised attention and assistance to make the process smoother. They offer expert guidance and support at every stage of the study abroad process, ensuring a hassle-free and rewarding experience.

Q. How can overseas education consultants in Ludhiana with university selection?

A. Overseas consultancies in Ludhiana have a vast network of universities and can help you select the right university based on your interests, academic background, and career goals. They can help and guide you through the application, admission and selection process.

Q. Can students trust overseas education consultants in Ludhiana?

A. Yes, students can trust abroad education consultants in Ludhiana. These consultants possess extensive knowledge and expertise in various countries' education systems, admission requirements, and cultural subtleties. They can offer expert guidance and support throughout the process, from identifying the suitable course and university to preparing your application and visa documentation. 

Q. Are foreign education consultants in Ludhiana expensive?

A. The fees charged by overseas consultancy firms in Ludhiana may differ based on the type of services you need and the firm you choose. If you're planning to travel abroad, seeking the help of a consultancy firm is a wise decision, as they can provide invaluable guidance and support throughout the process. Most consultancies also offer cost-effective packages to students.

Q. Is hiring overseas education consultants in Ludhiana worth it?

A. Hiring a study abroad consultant in Ludhiana can be worth it. They can provide expert guidance and support throughout the process of studying abroad, from choosing the right course and university to securing funding and scholarships. They can also assist with paperwork and documentation, making the process smoother and less stressful for students.

Q. Do study abroad consultants in Ludhiana help with IELTS?

A. It is possible to receive assistance with IELTS from study abroad consultants in Ludhiana. IELTS is a crucial exam for students who wish to study abroad, and consultants can provide guidance on how to prepare for it and attain the necessary score for admission to their preferred university. In addition, they can offer advice on the exam's structure, study materials, and practice tests to assist students in excelling in the exam. With the support of study abroad consultants in Ludhiana, students can enhance their prospects of succeeding in the IELTS exam and accomplishing their study abroad objectives.

Q. Do study abroad consultants in Ludhiana help students to get scholarships for higher education?

A. Students can receive assistance from study abroad consultants in Ludhiana to obtain higher education scholarships. These consultants possess substantial knowledge about different scholarships and funding options available to students studying abroad. They can provide guidance to students regarding the application process, eligibility criteria, and deadlines.

Q. Which countries can you study after getting help from a study abroad consultant in Hyderabad?

A. Students from Hyderabad who wish to study abroad in countries like the USAUKCanada, and Australia can seek assistance from study-abroad consultants. These professionals are dedicated to assisting students in making informed choices and achieving their study abroad objectives. These experts provide guidance and help students navigate the complicated procedure of studying overseas. They are important in ensuring students make the most of their time abroad and have a fulfilling experience.

Q. Do overseas consultancies in Ludhiana help with the visa application process?

A. If you are seeking help with your visa application process, seeking assistance from overseas consultancies in Ludhiana can be very beneficial. These consultancies possess the required knowledge and expertise to navigate the complicated documentation and procedures involved in visa applications. They can guide and support you throughout the process, ensuring a trouble-free and successful application. Regardless of whether you are applying for a work, student, or travel visa, these consultancies can offer the necessary aid to assist you in achieving your desired outcome.

Q. Do education consultants in Ludhiana review SOP?

A. In Ludhiana, education consultants offer review services for the Statement of Purpose (SOP), which is crucial in the study abroad application process. The SOP highlights a student's personality, achievements, and aspirations. The consultants ensure that the SOP reflects the student's strengths and goals, making it stand out among other applications.

Q. What are the benefits of education consultants in Ludhiana?

A. Overseas education consultants in Ludhiana can help you plan and navigate the complex process of studying abroad, increasing your chances of admission to top programs. They can also provide valuable insights and help you explore financial options for your studies.