List of Duolingo Accepted Universities in UK in 2023-2024

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Duolingo English Test (DET) has recently gained popularity as an alternative to English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL and IELTS. This DET offers fast results, has a convenient interface and can be taken from the comfort of your own home.

Around 4,000 UK institutions are accepting Duolingo English Test scores for language competency criteria.

The scores required for Duolingo accepted universities in UK universities vary depending on the institution and the program of study.

The average Duolingo score accepted by UK universities ranges between 105 and 120. If you score 120 and above, you can get into top universities with the most demanding courses in the UK with various choices for competitive courses. 

For example, the University of Edinburgh requires a minimum score of 125 for postgraduate studies. 

If your score is in the range of 105-115, you still have a chance to get into some of the best universities.

A score between 90-100 is enough for linguistically less demanding courses. However, you will have fewer courses and university options. These scores might not be enough alone. You must fulfil other criteria to get admission eventually.

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List of Duolingo Accepted Universities in UK in 2023-2024

Here’s an overview of minimum Duolingo scores for the UK.

DegreeMinimum Score by Duolingo accepted universities in UK

If you’re considering pursuing higher education in the UK, it’s worth checking out this blog. We’ll discuss everything about Duolingo accepted universities in UK, and other key information that you definitely need to know.

Duolingo Accepted Universities in UK: Minimum Score of 120 & Above

Duolingo accepted universities in UKMinimum Duolingo Score
University of Southampton120
University College of London135
University of Glasgow120
University of Edinburgh130
Imperial College, London135

Duolingo Accepted Universities in UK: Minimum Score of 100-115

Duolingo accepted universities in UKMinimum Duolingo Score
University of Bristol110
Brunel University100
King’s College London115
University of Aberdeen105
University of Sussex105

University of Bristol (Minimum Duolingo Score: 110)

  • Ranks 55th in the world as per QS world ranking 2024 and is also known as the 9th best university in the UK. 
  • Offers more than 600 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. 
  • Over 28% of the students at the University of Bristol are international students representing over 150 countries from around the world 

Brunel University (Minimum Duolingo Score: 100)

  • Has a huge international student community, with over 13,000 students from 100 different countries.
  • Known for Healthcare, Artificial Intelligence, Design and Engineering courses.
  • Brunel University partners with over 8,000 organizations that support students through employment opportunities, internships and training. 

King’s College London (Minimum Duolingo Score: 115)

  • Located in the heart of London, accessible to the most happening spots of the city and easy commute. 
  • Ranked 40 in the world by QS world university ranking 2024. 
  • One of the best universities in the UK for higher education and research opportunities.
  • A strong network of 194,000+ global alumni network.

University of Aberdeen (Minimum Duolingo Score: 105)

  • Ranks 208 in the world, as per QS world university rankings 2024
  • High rate of graduate employability, more than 95% of Aberdeen graduates find employment within 6 months of graduation.
  • Numerous scholarships and funding opportunities for international students.

University of Sussex (Minimum Duolingo Score: 105)

  • Ranks under the top 220 universities in the world, as per QS world university rankings 2024
  • Offers over 200 undergraduate and postgraduate courses
  • High rates of student satisfaction and an excellent reputation for diversity and inclusion
Duolingo accepted Universities in the UK

Duolingo Accepted Universities in UK: Minimum score of 90

  • Aston University
  • University of Stirling
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Queen’s University Belfast
  • University of Strathclyde

Duolingo accepted universities in UK for Masters 2023

  • Cardiff University
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • City University of London
  • University of Bath
  • University of Southampton
  • University of Bristol
  • University of Glasgow
  • Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Bangor University
  • University College London
  • University of Birmingham

Didn’t Get Your Desired Score? Here are a Few Alternatives!

There are chances that you might not clear or get a low score in the Duolingo test. But don’t get demotivated if you don’t meet expectations. There are alternatives available that can help you demonstrate your language proficiency and meet the university’s requirements:

Take a different language proficiency exam: Most UK universities accept other language proficiency exams, like TOEFL IELTS, Cambridge English Qualifications, and the Pearson Test of English (PTE). You can take any alternative exams instead of Duolingo to demonstrate your English language proficiency.

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Improve your language skills and retake the exam: If you faced difficulty with the Duolingo exam, it indicates that you need to improve your English language skills. You can work on your language skills by taking a course, practising speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills, and retaking the exam. No limit has been set by the examiners to attempt the Duolingo exam, but one cannot take it more than three times in a period of 30 days.

Apply to a university that does not require an English language exam: There are about 68 Duolingo accepted Universities in UK. If you have a low score, look for universities accepting the score you achieved.

If not, there are universities in the UK that might not require an English language proficiency exam for admission, especially if you have a good score in English in your 12th grade.

Duolingo accepted Universities in the UK

How to get an ideal Duolingo Score?

Remember that achieving an ideal Duolingo score takes good time and effort. Consistent practice and dedication are the keys to success. Here are some tips that can help you improve your Duolingo score:

  • Identify your weaknesses and focus on improving those skills
  • You get plenty of practice tests that simulate the actual exam. Take these tests and assess your language proficiency
  • Read books, magazines, online newspapers or blogs. Look at the different grammar structures and their usage in different types of writing.
  • Ensure you verify the source of your practice materials
  • Watch movies or TV shows with subtitles and practice speaking with native English speakers.

Follow the above tips, ease your anxiety and improve your language proficiency to achieve a higher Duolingo score.

Duolingo Score For UK Student Visa

If you want to apply for a UK student visa, you must note that you can’t do it only with Duolingo test scores. Many Duolingo accepted universities in UK accept these scores as criteria to admit students. But, the UK government doesn’t acknowledge the exam.

But, if you get an admission offer from the university, you can apply for a visa. The minimum Duolingo English Test score for acceptance in universities is 105-120. This may differ based on the institution and level of study. 

We suggest you check the university’s and the individual program’s language competence requirement standards to ensure you fulfil the minimum score needed. Additionally, meeting the minimum Duolingo score requirement does not guarantee your visa or acceptance into a program, as other factors such as academic qualifications, work experience, and personal statements are also considered.

Duolingo accepting universities in UK is in high demand because of the exam’s convenient nature and fast-paced result declaration.

Moreover, the test is easy to pursue. A score between 100-120 can definitely help you get into the top universities in the UK!

The UK is well-known for its top-ranked universities, high-quality education and job opportunities. Would you like to study at the best UK universities that accept Duolingo? 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. Is Duolingo accepted in the UK?

    Duolingo is mostly accepted in the UK as a language learning tool. Many language schools, universities, and employers accept Duolingo certificates as proof of English language proficiency.

  • Q. What is regarded as a good, acceptable Duolingo score?

    A Duolingo score of 120 and above is considered good. According to the Duolingo IELTS conversion, a Duolingo score of 120 is comparable to a traditional IELTS grade of 7 or above.

  • Q. What are the Duolingo accepted universities in UK for masters?

    Duolingo is accepted by a number of universities in the UK for master’s programs. Some universities include:
    1. University of Glasgow
    2. University of Birmingham
    3. University of Leeds
    4. University of York
    5. University of Southampton

  • Q. What are the Duolingo accepted universities in UK  for September 2023 intake?

    Duolingo accepted universities in UK for September 2023 are:
    1. Cardiff University
    2. Imperial College London
    3. University College London
    4. King’s College London

  • Q. Can you retake the Duolingo test?

    You can retake Duolingo as many times as you like! Note that in a period of 30 days, you can take the test up to three times.

  • Q. How can I apply to a UK university using the Duolingo English Test?

     You must take the Duolingo English Test by creating an account on the Duolingo website. Once you receive the score, you can include it in your university application and essential documents.

  • Q. Why do students prefer Duolingo?

    Students positively prefer Duolingo as it’s easy, cheaper, convenient and has fewer steps to complete all the tasks.

  • Q. What is the cost of the Duolingo Test?

    The Duolingo online learning platform conducts the Duolingo English Test. The cost of the test is USD 49 (INR 3,918).

  • Q. How long is the Duolingo English Test score valid for UK university admissions?

    Duolingo test scores are valid for 2 years from the test date. However, some universities may have their own validity regulations, so it’s best to check with the university you’re applying to.

  • Q. Is Duolingo enough for a UK visa?

    Duolingo is not acknowledged by the government for UK visas officially. However, if UK universities accept your scores and you have a CAS letter, applying for a visa should not be a problem.

  • Q. What are some Duolingo accepted universities in uk for January intake 2024?

    1. City University of London
    2. Bangor University
    3. University of Southampton
    4. Glasgow Caledonian University
    5. Oxford Brookes University

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