May Intake in UK 2024: Best Universities, Fees & Deadlines!

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If you are planning to pursue higher education in the UK and have missed out on the September and January intakes, there is still an opportunity to apply for the May intake in UK universities. 

Although it may not be the most popular intake season, it can offer advantages such as a more flexible schedule and less competition for admission. 

However, it is crucial to ensure that your desired institution and program of study are available during this intake. Choosing the right intake can help you avoid a rushed application process and improve your chances of acceptance. 

To help you make an informed decision, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to May intake in UK. 

This guide includes a list of universities offering May intake in UK, a list of universities, and the essential information to help you make the best decision for your academic journey.

What are primary, secondary, and tertiary intake in UK?

The UK higher education system has three different intake periods known as primary, secondary, and tertiary. These periods determine the time of the year when students can begin their studies.

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May Intake in UK 2024: Best Universities, Fees & Deadlines!

The primary intake period, known as the “fall intake,” occurs in September/October. Most universities in the UK accept applications during this period, and most undergraduate and postgraduate courses commence during this time.

The secondary intake period, “winter intake,” occurs in January/February. Only a few universities offer courses during this period, mainly for postgraduate studies.

The tertiary intake period called the “summer intake,” occurs in May/June. This period is limited to a handful of universities and is primarily for postgraduate studies.

It’s important to note that not all universities offer courses during secondary and tertiary intakes, and the number of courses available may be limited. 

Prospective students should check with universities to determine the intake periods available for their course of interest before applying.

Pros and cons of applying for May intake in UK 2024

The May intake in UK is the tertiary intake period, which takes place in May/June. It is also known as the “summer intake” and is not as popular as the primary and secondary intakes.

Pros of May Intake in UK

Despite the limited availability of courses, the May intake in UK can be a good option for students who missed the primary and secondary intakes or wish to start their studies during the summer. 

The May intake offers flexibility to students with other commitments or who wish to take a break before starting their studies. 

Some universities may offer scholarships specifically for the May intake in UK, and students are advised to research and inquire about any available funding opportunities.

Additionally, the competition for admission during the May intake may be less intense than during the primary and secondary intakes.

Cons of May Intake in UK

The May intake in UK offers a limited number of courses, primarily for postgraduate studies, and only a few universities in the UK offer this intake period.

Scholarships and financial aid opportunities for the May intake in UK may also be limited compared to the primary and secondary intakes. 

List of universities accepting May intake in UK 2024

UniversityAverage annual fees (approximately)
University of Bedfordshire£11,039- £17661
Coventry University£9,501- £23,087
Northumbria University£16,500-19,000
University of KentVaries
Salford University£12,660- £15,750
Brunel University£15,860- £21,470
University of Richmond£14,410-£16,390
BPP University£12,420-£33,000
University of the West of Scotland£13,320- £16,400
Ulster University£11,850- £19,700

Note: The application UK May intake deadline was the first week of April 2024.

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May intake in UK
Fun fact: Did you know that some May intake universities in UK offer unique summer courses that take students on outdoor field trips to study the local flora and fauna?

When should you apply for May Intake in UK?

The application timeline for May intake in UK universities can vary depending on the specific university and program. 

However, as a general guideline, it is advisable to start your application process six months before the start of the May intake period. 

Ideally, it would be best if you started preparing your application materials and researching universities in the UK by November/December of the previous year.

Here is a rough timeline for applying for the May intake in UK:

  • November/December of the previous year: Research universities and programs offering a May intake.
  • December/January of the year of intake: Start preparing your application materials, such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and personal statements.
  • February/March: Submit your application materials to the universities you have chosen.
  • April/May: Wait for your admission decision and prepare for any visa requirements if you receive an offer.
  • May/June: Start your studies in the May intake period.

It is essential to note that some universities may have earlier or later application deadlines, so it is always best to check with the specific university for their application timeline.

May intake in UK
Breaking: International students have more reasons to celebrate May intake universities in UK announce a diverse range of programs in their highly-anticipated May intake – Stay tuned for more details!

Tips for a successful application for May intake in UK 2024

Here are some tips to help you have a successful application for May intake in UK:

  • Research universities and programs: 

Start researching universities and programs that offer a May intake and choose the ones that best suit your goals.

  • Check the admission requirements: 

Check the requirements carefully to ensure that you meet all the necessary criteria before applying.

  • Start early: 

Begin your application process early to give yourself ample time to gather all the required documents and complete your application. 

  • Write a strong statement of purpose (SOP): 

Ensure you have a strong personal statement highlighting your academic achievements, relevant experiences, and future goals.

  • Get good references: 

Choose your referees carefully and ensure they know your academic and personal accomplishments. 

  • Apply to multiple universities but not too many:

 It’s always a good idea to apply to multiple universities to increase your chances of acceptance.

  • Stay updated

Keep track of all the application deadlines, requirements, and documents in a checklist or spreadsheet to ensure you get everything important.

Final Thoughts

Applying for the May intake universities in UK can be a great opportunity for those who missed out on the September and January intakes. 

The May intake may have limited options, but it can offer great opportunities for those willing to put in the effort. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do any universities offer MBA programs in the May intake in the UK?

    Only a handful of universities in the UK, including Coventry University and Richmond University of London, provide MBA courses during the May intake.

  • Is May intake available in UK?

    The application deadline is the first week of April, varying slightly between universities.

  • When do applications open for May intake in UK?

    Applications for May intake open between October and November.

  • Which intake period is considered the best in the UK?

    Over 80% of UK aspirants prefer the September/fall intake due to its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

  • How many intakes does the UK offer?

    The UK Study Visa offers three intakes – January/February, April/May and September/October.

  • What are the benefits of May intake in UK?

    A few students apply for the May intake, so you have a high chance of getting in. Also, due to the smaller number of applications, the number of students in a class is less.

  • Is May intake a summer intake?

    Yes, May intake is widely known as summer intake in UK.

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