Top UK Scholarships for Indian Students: Online Guide to Avail Them

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The United Kingdom is one of the most preferred destinations among Indian aspirants for higher studies abroad. Apart from being home to some highly prestigious educational institutions, the UK offers suitable post-study employment opportunities. 

The UK government and educational institutions offer a wide range of scholarships for international students to promote young talent. This financial aid plays a major role in helping aspirants to manage their living and studying costs in the UK.

Here’s a comprehensive guide on UK scholarships for Indian students for aspirants aiming to pursue higher studies in the United Kingdom. 

Top UK Scholarships for Indian Students

The scholarships provided by the UK can be classified into three types. These are institutional-based scholarships, government-based scholarships and university scholarships. 

These are some of the most sought after UK scholarships for Indian students 2021:

British Chevening Scholarships for Indian and International Students

British Chevening Scholarships is one of the top-raking scholarships for international students. It offers complete financial support for a one-year postgraduate program in any discipline across all institutions in the country. 


Those aiming to qualify for this UK scholarship program need to fulfil the following criteria:

  • The candidates should have applied for a Master’s degree course in the UK. 
  • A bachelor’s degree with a minimum of two years of work experience is needed.
  • One has to apply for a minimum of three courses and should possess an offer from at least one of these courses.

The candidates should have an excellent academic background.

Scholarship Award

Eligible students can receive a scholarship amount of £18,500, which takes care of travel and living expenses along with the tuition fees and visa costs.

Felix Scholarships

The Felix Scholarships are awarded to deserving students from developing nations to provide an opportunity for pursuing postgraduate programs in the UK. It began in 1991-1992 with merely 6 awards. Now, it has increased to 20 awards each year, with 428 students receiving this scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

Students are required to fulfil the following criteria to be eligible for this scholarship:

  1. Candidates have to show their financial needs and also demonstrate their outstanding academic performance. 
  2. The candidates have to be below 30 years.
  3. They have to apply for a full-time postgraduate course in any of the affiliated institutions.

Scholarship Amount

With this scholarship, one can receive tuition fees and additional funds worth £78,840.

Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

Sponsored by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office, this scholarship is awarded to help students acquire relevant skills and knowledge and thereby contribute to sustainable development. It was established in the UK in 1959 and has benefitted more than 30,000 students so far. 

Eligibility Criteria

Here are some of the requirements for the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan:

  1. The applicants should be able to demonstrate their financial needs.
  2. Candidates should have an excellent academic background.
  3. Those shortlisted will be required to appear for an interview in New Delhi. 

Scholarship Award

The award granted includes funds for airlines fares, tuition fees and other additional expenses.

Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships

Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarship program is one of the most popular meritorious scholarships in the UK. It has been initiated by St. John’s College to provide financial support to bright students looking to pursue doctoral studies in economics, social sciences and technology. 


One can qualify for this scholarship program by fulfilling the following criteria:

  1. Candidates should have a valid postgraduate degree from any of the affiliated institutions of India.
  2. The applicants should be a maximum of 35 years and should be Indian citizens.
  3. Candidates should have an exceptional command of English.
  4. One must display leadership skills and qualities.

Scholarship grant

It is a fully-funded scholarship that funds the tuition fees, visa expenses, travel costs along with a monthly stipend. 

Rhodes Scholarships at University of Oxford

Starting in 1902, Rhodes Scholarships is one of the oldest scholarships for Indian students to study in the UK. Under this scholarship program, five scholarships are awarded to help students study at the prestigious University of Oxford. Candidates willing to pursue a postgraduate course in the university can apply for this scholarship.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for this financial grant, candidates need to fulfil these criteria:

  1. One should pass the undergraduate course with first-class or equivalent recognition. 
  2. Students have to be enrolled in a full-time postgraduate course at Oxford University. 
  3. Those applying for this scholarship should be within 19-25 years. 

Scholarship Reward

Students qualifying for the Rhodes Scholarships will receive funds worth £59,490. This annual stipend will help to cover the tuition fees, accommodation costs along with economy class air tickets. 

Crucial Dates for UK Scholarship Applications

Indian students who wish to apply for any of these UK scholarships can refer to the following table to know about the application deadlines: 

Scholarship Program Application dates
Chevening Scholarships Applications begin in August and close in November each year.
Felix Scholarships The deadline is 31st January of each year.
Commonwealth Scholarships Application deadline is 30th October annually.
Dr Manmohan Singh Scholarships 15th January is the last date to apply for this scholarship.
Rhodes Scholarships The scholarship application window ends in July each year.

Indian students planning to study in the UK can receive substantial funds through various scholarships. There are also several course-specific financial aids such as MBA scholarships, PhD scholarships and more. These scholarships aim to provide equal educational opportunities to students irrespective of their economic backgrounds. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the best PhD scholarships in the UK for Indian students?

Indian students can opt for any of the following PhD scholarships in the UK:

  • The Royal Society Grants
  • The Newton-Bhabha Fund
  • Saltire Scholarships
  • Goa Education Trust Scholarships
  • Carnegie PhD Scholarships
  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships and more

2. Are there any specific UK scholarships for women students?

The Lady Meherbai Tata Scholarships for Women is aimed to provide financial aid to meritorious women students intending to study in the UK. 

3. Is there any age limit to apply for Inlaks Scholarship?

Applicants should not be more than 30 years to be eligible for this scholarship.

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