Chevening Scholarships 2022- Eligibility, Application, and Selection

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  • This blog provides an outline of Chevening scholarships
  • It discusses the eligibility criteria and selection process in detail

Chevening scholarships are a part of the worldwide program by the UK Government’s study abroad scholarships. It offers meritorious students an opportunity to pursue their higher studies in the United Kingdom. Eligible students can apply for a 1-year Postgraduate Program in any UK university for any subject. On top of that, the Government excluded the English Proficiency Requirement to apply for 2021 due to the COVID-19 crisis.

So aspiring students can keep their eyes on this blog to thoroughly explore the Chevening scholarship.

Chevening scholarships

Overview of Chevening Scholarship

This is a merit-based scholarship program that awards grants to eligible students to carry on their higher education in the UK. However, the Uk Government mandates all the applicants to be from Chevening eligible- territories or countries such as China or India.

This scholarship covers the following aspects:

  • Tuition fees for University
  • Monthly stipend
  • Allowance for arrival to the United Kingdom and a homeward departure 
  • Travels expenses from and to the United Kingdom
  • Cost of candidates’ visa application
  • Travel grants to arrive in the UK for Chevening events

Chevening Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

Candidates who are looking forward to applying for this scholarship must fulfil the following Chevening scholarship eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must belong to a Chevening-eligible country.
  • Students must acquire an Undergraduate degree to be eligible for admission in any Postgraduate program in a UK University.
  • Candidates must return to their country of citizenship after completing their program for at least 2 years to be a beneficiary of this award.
  • They also must attain a minimum of 2 years or 2,800 hours of working experience.
  • Applicants also must apply for 3 different eligible courses in the UK Universities and hold an unconditional offer from any of them.
  • Candidates mandatory meet the Chevening English Proficiency requirement.

Requirements for Chevening Scholarship

Apart from the eligible criteria, candidates must fulfil the following requisites for this scholarship program:


References are crucial for the selection process, whether for scholarship or fellowship. Candidates must provide 2 names as referees while applying for Chevening scholarships. While choosing a referee, candidates must consider the guidelines from this program. A referee must be able to assess and comment on a candidate’s worthiness to receive this award.


Shortlisted candidates must attend the interview in a city having a representation of the British embassy or high commission. In addition, they have to book their slots on a first-come-first-served basis. Once the booking is confirmed, they will receive a confirmation mail and will not be able to change the slot further.

English Proficiency Test

Candidates must meet the Chevening English language proficiency requirement to avail themselves of this scholarship program. However, candidates must bear the expenses incurred by this proficiency test. They can attempt this test for than once to meet the Chevening requirement. The required scores in recognised providers are as follows:

PTE Score
Listening 42
Reading 42
Speaking 42
Writing 42
Overall 58
Listening 5.5
Reading 5.5
Speaking 5.5
Writing 5.5
Overall 6.5
C1 Advanced Score
Listening 162
Reading 162
Speaking 162
Writing 162
Overall 176
Listening 17
Reading 18
Speaking 20
Writing 17
Overall 79
Trinity ISE II (B2) Score
Listening 2
Reading 15
Speaking 8
Writing 14

Chevening Scholarship Application Process

Aspiring candidates can apply for Chevening Scholarships via the official portal of the Chevening program. They must apply for their desired Postgraduate program at least at 3 UK Universities covered under this program.

Candidates can apply through the online application process and answer all the questions before submitting. In addition, they must produce the required supportive documents in PDF, JPG or PNG version under 5 MB.

Universities Participating in Chevening Scholarships

The table below shows the names of Universities that participate in Chevening Scholarships along with their eligible programs:

Name of University  Eligible Programs
Chevening Scholarship in Cambridge University  MBA
Chevening Scholarships in LSE  MSc Finance
Chevening Scholarships in Cranfield University MSc Logistics & SCM/ Strategic Management
Chevening Scholarships in Coventry University  MBA
Chevening Scholarships at Durham University  MSc Management
Chevening Scholarships in Brunel University  MSc or MA programs in Engineering & Management, MSc in Data Sc & Analytics

List of Universities Under the Chevening Scholarship

Here is the list of all the Universities all over the UK that comes under this program:

ACCA Universities In UK   

Eligible Countries Under the Chevening Scholarships Program

The list below has the names of Chevening-approved countries:

  • India
  • Brazil
  • Pakistan
  • Australia
  • China
  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • Indonesia
  • Mexico
  • Nepal
  • Egypt
  • Thailand

Chevening scholarships


Chevening Scholarships invite and encourage candidates to pursue their desired courses in Universities all across the United Kingdom. Their gender identity, sexual orientation, age, birthplace, parenthood or marital status, class cast or not other attributes will be an obligation in this program.

Instead, the Chevening Scholarships aim to select candidates who submit a contemplative application that reflects their capabilities. Candidates must be updated for the application in the current year to obtain this opportunity.

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. Does Chevening scholarships cover full tuition fees?

Ans. Yes, Chevening Scholarship covers the total cost of studying master in degree in UK.

2. Does Chevening Scholarship provides accomodation?

Ans. Chevening Scholarship does not cover accommodation cost.

3. Do I have to return home after Chevening Scholarship?

Ans. Yes, you need to return home for a period of at least 2 years after the completion of the Scholarship.

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