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IELTS Connectors 2023: Best IELTS Linking Words For Task 2 & Task 1

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Since IELTS writing section is assessed primarily on coherence and cohesion. To score well in this section, candidates must learn and equip themselves with grammatical resources. IELTS essay linking words or connectors are one such grammatical resource which shows a strong grasp of the language to the IELTS examiner.

IELTS writing comprises two sections where both the tasks use similar marking criteria. However, task 2 carries twice as much weightage as task 1 as it carries a higher word limit of 250 words. Task 1 on the other hand carries a word limit of 150 words. Understanding how to use IELTS connectors & linking words appropriately in your writing will boost your overall score.

ielts essay linking words

IELTS Essay Linking Words: A Comprehensive Guide

This blog discusses linking words & connectors at length. We will understand why connectors are important in your IELTS exam and overall English usage.

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IELTS Connectors 2023: Best IELTS Linking Words For Task 2 & Task 1

More importantly, we will also learn which type should be used in IELTS writing task 1 and 2. We have also added practice questions for both task types, so that you can master the usage of linking and connector words properly. 

Importance of Connectors in IELTS Writing Task

Linking words are a crucial grammatical tool that make an essay more readable to the examiner. They help in sentence construction and connect two related parts of a text. Linkers can also help candidates put forth their opinion comprehensively and display a greater knowledge and variety of vocabulary.Here are a few more reasons to use linkers in IELTS:

  • They make the paragraph clear.
  • They provide cohesion to the written piece.
  • Help in illustrating how the parts or clauses of a text are connected.
  • They add more information to a point. 
  • They help in expressing opinion or purpose.
  • They help in constructing a suitable conclusion.

Using Linking Words in IELTS

Applicants need to know that connecting words cannot be used everywhere. Additionally, linkers for IELTS speaking are used differently from IELTS writing For example, one can use ‘like’ while speaking. On the other hand, words like, hereby, therefore, etc., work well in the writing tasks. Also, remember that linkers must come naturally while forming a sentence. Forcing a connector amid a sentence will result in an awkward sentence composition. 

IELTS Essay Linking Words For Writing


In IELTS writing task 1, candidates are generally given visual information. Depending upon the kind of information provided, they are required to write a report of minimum 150 words. IELTS essay linking words in this task can be helpful in:

  • Outlining transition between the description of one visual to the other
  • Comparing the key features of the graphs
  • Pointing out or highlighting important details of the visuals

IELTS Essay Linking Words For Writing

Task 2

In the second task, candidates have to write an essay based on a prompt or a statement. Linking words for task 2 are useful in:

  • Transitioning between paragraphs
  • Presenting one’s opinion
  • Giving examples and reasons
  • Explaining consequences and/or conditions of various scenarios

Types of IELTS Connectors

Examiners evaluate the written essays of individuals by assessing the accuracy, range, and flexibility of linkers and connectors. The following list highlights the category of connectors that can help one secure a good grade in IELTS writing section:

  • Adding information
  • Listing
  • Providing examples
  • Stressing and highlighting
  • Consequences and results
  • Causes and reasons
  • Contrasts and concessions
  • Conclusion
  • Providing opinion

Below is a comprehensive list of examples of different categories of connectors that you can use in your sentence construction. 

Adding information

This type of linker is used to support candidates’ major points in the essay. The following IELTS essay linking words inform the examiner that additional information is coming up:

  • Furthermore
  • Additionally
  • In addition
  • Not only, but also
  • Also
  • Moreover
  • And
  • As well as


Lists are often used to present pointers in a paragraph. Proper use of listing vocabulary in essays makes it more formal and clear. Here are a few connectors that one can use to list their paragraph:

  • Firstly
  • Secondly
  • Thirdly
  • Fourthly
  • Finally, lastly, or last but not the least

Providing examples

Examples are often helpful to provide support to ideas. Candidates must make sure to use a range of linking words to illustrate their arguments sung such words:

  • For instance
  • For example
  • To cite an example
  • To illustrate
  • Namely
  • Such as
  • In other words

Stressing and highlighting

It is essential to be clear about the intent of the passage. The following IELTS essay linking words help individuals stress major points so they are not missed:

  • Specifically
  • Especially
  • In particular
  • Particularly
  • Obviously
  • Clearly
  • Of course

Consequences and results

These connectors are helpful when candidates need to explain the consequence or result of something:

  • As a result
  • Therefore
  • Thus
  • Consequently
  • For this reason
  • So
  • Hence

Causes and reasons

While writing an essay, there may be instances where one would have to provide causes or reasons for a particular statement. These linkers can be helpful in doing so:

  • Due to
  • Because
  • Owing to
  • As
  • Since

Contrasts and concessions

There is often the need to add opposite ideas in an essay. This is important in discussion essays, where one needs to provide in-depth details. The below-mentioned linking words will help candidates show the reader when they are going to introduce an opposing point:

  • Nevertheless
  • However
  • On the other hand
  • Admittedly
  • Although
  • Even though
  • Despite
  • But
  • Although
  • Still
  • In spite of
  • Alternatively
  • In comparison
  • By contrast


These connectors are the most useful in concluding a sentence and lend a final summary of their response:

  • To sum up
  • To conclude
  • In conclusion

Providing opinion

Using the following linkers candidates can help address their opinion in a more confident and succinct way:

  • I believe
  • I admit
  • In my opinion
  • I think
  • I agree/concur

IELTS Linking Words: Practice Question for Writing Task 1

Here is a practice task with IELTS writing connectors that will help candidates understand the usage and importance of connectors in IELTS writing task 1:These graphs show several key trends. 1. ____, in general terms, somewhat more than 70% of the population owned computers in 2000. 2. ____, this figure jumped to around 78% over the coming eight years.

3. ____, these figures varied as per group. 4. ____, service members were always ahead of the general population. Roughly three-quarters of service members owned computers in 2000. That figure jumped massively to reach 80% by 2008. 5. ____ non-high school finishers began with only a 12% computer ownership rate, which climbed to around 45% in eight years.


  1. To start with, firstly, first of all
  2. Nevertheless, however, but
  3. But, nevertheless, on the other hand
  4. Any example connector can be used here except ‘such as’ because this is the starting of a sentence.
  5. Any comparison connector

IELTS Linking Words: Practice Question for Writing Task 2

Candidates can practice IELTS essay linking words through this practice task:The prompt:Parents must not pressurise their children to pursue a particular career. Young people should have the freedom to choose their professional path, one that they like.Do you agree or disagree with this sentence?

  1. _____ young people must have the freedom to choose, especially in their professional path. Deep down, some parents might want their children to take up a profession that they find interesting. These wishes are completely normal and normally not harmful.
  2. 2. ____ it can turn to be harmful if these desires become strong expectations. 3. _____ freedom to a child does not necessarily mean that the parent needs to be absent. Instead, parents should have open communication with their children about their career decisions. 4. _____, if one’s dreams do not line up with their parents, they may, 5_____, fear approaching them in fear of judgment. 


  1. Any opinion connector will work here except ‘I agree’ or ‘I concur’. This is because it is the introductory line.
  2. Admittedly
  3. Nevertheless, on the other hand, however, but
  4. Any example connector will fit here except ‘such as’ because this is the starting sentence.
  5. Accordingly, as a result, consequently, therefore, for that reason, etc.


Frequency of IELTS Essay linking words

Too many IELTS essay linking words in a passage can confuse the examiner. Candidates must always remember to use the connectors wisely throughout the essay, wherever it is necessary. Using too many linkers would throw the reader from one thought to another. As a result, the candidate can lose significant marks.If you read linking words individually, they may not have significant meaning.

However, upon putting them into a relatable context, the candidate can form an essential communication that catches the examiner’s attention. Therefore, candidates must be well-versed in IELTS essay linking words to score well in this section. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the some factors that examiners consider to evaluate the IELTS writing tasks?

    Ans: The factors that the examiners consider for evaluation are:
    a. Lexical resource
    b. Task response
    c. Grammar accuracy and range

  • What are the main topics for the IELTS essay writing task?

    Ans: Some of the most popular topics for this task are related to academics such as economics, education, business, family, environment, etc. In the general IELTS writing section, the essay question is a response to an argument on a general topic of common interest. 

  • What happens if I do not meet the word limit of each section?

    Ans: There is a penalty if you write under the word limit, which will eventually lead to a lower score. Additionally, the test-takers can also be penalised for not using full, connected sentences.  Therefore, one must always strictly adhere to the given word limit as well as be mindful of the time mandates of each section.

  • How to score well in IELTS Writing ?

    IELTS Writing Task can be scored well if you learn to score well on all the parameters on which the evaluation takes place by following the correct materials and practice questions.

  • Can the IELTS exam be rescheduled?

    If you want change the date of your IELTS Exam, you can transfer the date to five weeks before the original test date.

  • What is the passing score of IELTS exam?

    The overall band score is the average score of the individual scores. IELTS is scored in the scale of 0 to 9. There is nothing like pass or fail but most universities require a minimum score of 6.5 overall.

  • What are the type of questions asked in IELTS Writing?

    The different question types include Advantage/ Disadvantage questions, Problem/ Causes questions, Opinion essays etc.

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