TOEFL Score Not Available After 10 Days? Problem Solved!

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Depending on the variant of the TOEFL test taken, aspirants get their scores within a stipulated time period and usually without any major delays. Time plays a crucial role here, especially for students applying to universities on the verge of closing their admission process. 

However, situations can arrive where students may not receive their TOEFL scores timely due to certain reasons. In such cases, students whose TOEFL score not available after 10 days can connect with the ETS (Educational Testing Service). More details are attached in this blog.

TOEFL score not available after 10 days

Usual Time of TOEFL Test Results Announcement

The following table shows the usual time of the TOEFL test result declaration.

TOEFL Test TypeTOEFL Test Result Announcement Time
TOEFL iBT taken at a test centre6 days after taking the test
TOEFL iBT Home Edition6 – 10 days after taking the test
TOEFL Paper Edition11 – 13 business days after taking the test 

The table above clearly depicts when the TOEFL scores are available for different types of this test. However, if the TOEFL scores not available to students even after the said dates, they can follow the actions mentioned on the following dates.

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TOEFL Score Not Available After 10 Days? Problem Solved!

Actions to Take When TOEFL Score Not Available After 10 Days

When candidates cannot view their results after 10 days in case of the TOEFL iBT and iBT Home Edition test and 13 days after the TOEFL paper edition, they can contact ETS. 

The ETS (Educational Testing Service) is responsible for conducting the TOEFL examination. Hence, students can call the office of this higher authority at 1-609-771-7243.

In addition, TOEFL candidates can also call Testing Integrity at 1-609-406-5430.   

When students call this number, they may receive answers like the proctor flagged the test for certain reasons and wanted to further scrutinise the examination. The higher authority may ask students to call after a week and give an answer regarding the review process. 

Knowing the score status or reasons is essential for informing universities that are waiting for the TOEFL results of candidates and completing the next steps.  

Different Types of TOEFL Test Results Status and Their Meaning

TOEFL accounts can show different score statuses. These are discussed below:

Scores Not Available or Tested – Scores Not Available

The score announcement timings are different for each TOEFL test taking mode. When a candidate’s TOEFL account shows a status like this, it means they have to wait for their results to arrive.

On-hold or Tested – Scores on Hold

When aspirants’ TOEFL account shows status TOEFL scores on hold, it means their scores are in the administrative review. As per the ETS statement, TOEFL candidates have to wait 2 -4 weeks if they send them an email with such test score status. This kind of situation arises especially when students test the TOEFL Home Edition test, and there are some technical issues, or the test administrator’s software detects something unusual.

Scheduled or Checked-in 

This score status means TOEFL candidates have to wait for 1 or 2 days further to get the test scores.  

Due to some testing regulations, ETS might want to investigate the candidate’s examination a bit further and deeper. Hence, students should connect with ETS directly to know the reasons for the TOEFL score delay.       

ETS Investigation and Reasons for TOEFL Test Termination

TOEFL is a globally accepted test. Hence, the test security matters for the conducting authority, i.e., ETS.

For this, ETS can use statistical evaluation or other standardised methods to test if candidates have not completed an examination or portion of the test independently. Further, the higher authority will check if candidates have prior knowledge of test questions or answers, etc.

In short, if the Educational Testing Services (ETS) believes that applicants have obtained or shared questions or answers or topics before, after or during the test, they can take action against candidates. Further, if ETS finds out that someone completed the test on the candidate’s (registered) behalf or helped them partially, they can cancel students’ appointments in advance. In addition, they can hold or cancel scores or ban them from taking a test in future.    

ETS can cancel the scores of a particular candidate or group on certain grounds. These are mentioned in the following section.

Reasons for Test Cancellation

Here is a list of reasons that can lead to TOEFL test score cancellation:

  • Taking a test or part of the test with the help of someone or some registered TOEFL candidate. 
  • Failing to present valid identification.
  • Removing or attempting to remove, transmit, or disclose part of test content to other person or entity through hard copy, electronically or verbally.
  • Using any electronic device, phone, or watch in the test centre can lead to TOEFL test score cancellation by ETS. 
  • Using mechanical pencils, translators, scan pens, pens, notes, pamphlets, any electronic listening, recording, scanning, highlighter pens, headphones, stereos or radios with headphones, calculators, books, dictionaries, unauthorised scrap paper.
  • Evidence that matches TOEFL writing or speaking response with similar answers.
  • Receiving help from someone or trying to help some other candidate. 
  • Not abiding by rules mentioned in Bulletin on the website. 
TOEFL score not available after 10 days


Getting access to TOEFL scores timely is pivotal to securing admission to a university or precisely one’s dream university. Hence, in some circumstances, if the TOEFL score is not available after 10 days to candidates, they must get in touch with the Educational Testing Services (ETS) immediately and wait for their reply. Students who are willing to complete higher education abroad must schedule their TOEFL test date to give them ample time to get admission to selected universities. This will help them gather enough time to rectify the situation even if scores are not available.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Do TOEFL candidates send the score report to any university if the status shows a status score on hold or not available?

No, students cannot send score reports to any university, institution or agency when the TOEFL score status shows ‘Tested- scores on hold or not available’. Students have to wait for the completion of the ETS investigation and the release of score results, which can delay the admission process or even losing chances of getting admission in a session.

How does one get access to TOEFL scores?

When TOEFL scores become available, candidates can access it online through their ETS account. They can also download score reports in PDF format after 2 days of electronically receiving scores on the ETS account. On the other hand, if candidates have requested a hard copy of their results, they will receive it by mail within 11-15 days or sooner, depending on the TOEFL test variant taken. The time may vary depending on the local postal services.  

When does ETS send universities a cancellation letter?

If investigative methods of ETS detect unethical behaviour or any such reason that can lead to score cancellation, ETS may also share this information to score recipients selected by candidates. The higher authority may send a cancellation letter to universities, agencies or institutions that received candidates’ scores to consider this information while making any admission decision. 

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