TOEFL Score Reports: The Ultimate Guide To Send To Universities 2023

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TOEFL is a crucial examination that analyses a candidate’s communication skills in English. It is necessary to have a good TOEFL score to study abroad. This is because top universities require a score report so that students can get admission to the best universities worldwide.

It is essential to send TOEFL Score Reports to universities to analyse and plan the admission process within the deadline. Thus it is necessary to know how to send score reports to universities.

how to send toefl scores to universities

Process To Send TOEFL Scores to Universities

To get admission to any foreign university, one must send a copy of the report directly to the institution. Two methods help in sending TOEFL Scores. Here are the points discussed:

Prior to Test Day

  • Students who have an online TOEFL account can add or delete universities as per choice until 10 p.m. before the test day. 
  • So, post that time, if candidates want to send their TOEFL data, they have to pay an additional TOEFL Score Report fee per report. 
  • It is important to note that all the students need to send TOEFL reports via mail and not through any electronic method. 
  • Score reports are automatically sent to universities by 13 days after the test is taken. 

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TOEFL Score Reports: The Ultimate Guide To Send To Universities 2023

Universities located within the U.S. receive reports within 30 days after the test. But, those universities located outside the U.S. receive them by 8 weeks after the test. 

Post-Test Day:

  • Students can also access the additional TOEFL Score Reports post the test day. 
  • For that, they need to click the option ‘Order Score Reports’ after logging in to their respective TOEFL accounts. 
  • The scores will be automatically mailed to their universities 4-5 business days after receiving the request. 
  • TOEFL Score Recipients can also order TOEFL reports via mail or fax. 
  • To do this, candidates need to fill a TOEFL IBT Additional Score Report Request Form duly. Then they can send it to ETS along with their payment. 
  • Candidates can send their respective score reports to universities within 10 business days after receiving their request via mail and faxes. 

Time Required to Reach TOEFL Scores in Universities

Candidates will get their respective scores in their ETS accounts or emails by 6 days post the test. Score reports are also sent through postal mails post 11 days, including the delivery time. However, for sending TOEFL Scores, the time varies according to particular university:

  • It takes 6-8 days for ETS Data Manager.
  • Scorelink Services take up to 10 days post-test to reach the destination.
  • The mailed ones take up to 11 days. So add the mailing time to it and allow more than 10 days to deliver to the U.S. and extra time to deliver to other foreign locations.

TOEFL Reports are valid for a maximum of 2 years from the day students give the test. After which, students will have to sit for a re-test.  Below is the cost to send TOEFL scores to universities.

Cost to Send TOEFL Scores

The cost of sending a TOEFL Score to a University (four) is included in the TOEFL fee and requires no extra cost. It is good for students to know beforehand which institutions they will be applying to so that they can send their reports for free before the test. Otherwise, candidates have to bear the TOEFL Additional Score Report cost of 20 USD per report as a fee if they send it to post the test.

Sample of TOEFL Score Reports 

As a candidate receives a TOEFL report, they will find all their personal information in the top right corner. The details included are:

  • Full Name of the Candidate
  • Address 
  • Email Address
  • Contact Details
  • ETS ID

The top left corner of the report includes the following:

  • Candidate’s Registration number
  • Security Information

Apart from all this information, there are two major sections of the TOEFL Score Reports. These are on each of the four segments- Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing:

  • Overview of a student’s TOEFL Scores
  • Synopsis of their performance

Before sending TOEFL Scores to Universities, let us discuss how a student can calculate the score.

The Process to Calculate TOEFL Score

The TOEFL Score of students is analysed on a 0-120 total score, which means 0-30 scores are allotted for each section. The table below represents the scoring scale for each skill.

SkillScore RangeProficiency level
Reading0-30Advanced (22- 30)
Speaking0-30Advanced (26–30)
Basic (18–25)
Below Basic (10–17)
Low (0–9)
Listening0-30Advanced (22–30)
Basic (15–21)
Low (0–14)
Writing0-30Advanced (24–30)
Basic (17–23)
Low (1–16)

Calculating TOEFL Score Report: Reading

  • The Reading segment includes multiple-choice questions. 
  • There are approximately 56 tasks, including answering questions from the texts. 
  • For each correct answer, one point is awarded to a student. 
  • The last sets of questions have two points. 
  • After this, the total scores of the reading segment are transformed to a scale of 0-30.

Calculating TOEFL Score: Speaking

  • The TOEFL speaking test includes a SpeechRater program to grade students’ English speaking skills.
  • This program is an automated process that grades a student’s practice test in vocabulary, grammar, fluency and pronunciation. 
  • These results are then changed to TOEFL Score Report on a scale of 0-30.

Evaluating TOEFL Score: Listening

  • In this section, students must complete 34-51 tasks that depend on listening to classroom lectures, discussions and conversations. 
  • After that, they have to respond to the questions. Students are given one point for each correct response, and a few of them are 2 points. 
  • The total score will be evaluated on a scale of 0-30.

Evaluating TOEFL Score: Writing

  • Two writing skills are analysed through E-rater, which is an automated scoring system. 
  • For writing skills, there is a score range of 1 (low) to 5(high). 
  • So, your writing skill, after summing up, is scored on a scale of 0-30.
toefl score reporting


Before sitting for the TOEFL exam, one must plan their university. Students can list down their selected universities and study about them beforehand. This will help them choose their respective four institutions where TOEFL Score Reports will be mailed automatically. Also, students need to keep in mind deadlines and delivery dates, and so they should start preparations for the TOEFL ahead of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to Send TOEFL Scores to institutions?

Students can send TOEFL Scores through their ETS account. They can access their account online and click on the “Send Additional Score Report” option. After that, they can pay through credit, debit, and e-check or through any other online payment mode. Score reports are mailed 3-5 days after receiving these reports.

Is there a Passing Mark for TOEFL?

No, there is no passing mark for TOEFL as each university has its own criteria (passing score). But, an average cut-off score of TOEFL IBT ranges from 61 points to 109 points. Any student scoring between this can get through most universities.

Can a Student Send a TOEFL Score later?

Students can send their results to their respective universities before or after taking the test. If they are unsure about the passing marks, they can have time to go through a re-test and then send the scores.

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