Which Country Accept TOEFL Exam Score In 2022: The Ultimate Guide

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TOEFL is an online-based English proficiency test, accepted by more than 11,000 universities and approximately 160 countries globally. This blog will give complete information as to Which Country Accept TOEFL and the list of universities. The TOEFL Score accepting counties are the United States of America, the UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. This high-quality test helps in a student’s admission process in reputed institutes worldwide. Although the cut-off marks vary from one academy to another, knowing the exact score before applying is essential. 

which country accept toefl

Countries that Accept TOEFL Scores for Universities & Colleges

Since this exam is widely accepted in more than 150 countries worldwide, here is a list of TOEFL countries:

  • Almost all academies in the United States of America accept TOEFL Scores
  • 100% of the institutes and schools in Canada accept TOEFL scores
  • Although IELTS is an important test in the United Kingdom, TOEFL is also accepted here widely
  • Most European countries like Germany and France accept this score
  • Universities of Australia and New Zealand, accept this test

Apart from understanding which country accept TOEFL, a student also needs to know how to find out which universities do the same. Below is a detail as to how a student can find if a university accepts the exam scores.

TOEFL Exam Syllabus For 2022

Steps to Find the University that Accepts TOEFL Scores

TOEFL exam initiates an ETS website that provides a tool for students to check universities that accept TOEFL scores. Below is a step by step guide for a student:

  • Step 1:  A student needs to visit the official website of TOEFL.
  • Step 2: Students can either sign up or do quick surfing. Signing up helps universities to find a student, as per their location and score.
  • Step 3: Finally, students can also surf by typing the name of an institution or providing location details.

Below is a list of institutions and an average TOEFL Score by a Country that will help a student get admission.

List of Universities That Accept TOEFL Scores in Each Country

Since TOEFL is a standardised test accepted by most universities to analyse a student’s English skills, they are important for applying for student visas as well. Here is a detailed directory of institutions across countries that accept this score.

Universities in the US Accepting TOEFL Score:

Apart from other TOEFL accepting countries, the US is one of the most chosen places for study. Here is a list of US-based academies that accept TOEFL scores:

Name of the Academy/Institute Average TOEFL Score
Harvard University Scores may vary as per the field of study
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 100
Princeton University Approximately - 108
Chicago University Minimum 100 and above
Stanford University 90 to 100
University of Columbia Approximately - 100
Yale University Approximately - 100
California Institute of Technology 80 to 90
Duke university 80 to 90
Northwestern University Approximately - 90
John Hopkins University Approximately - 100
Brown University 80 to 90
Dartmouth College 80 to 90
Rice University Approximately - 100
Cornell University Approximately - 100
Vanderbilt University Approximately - 100
University of Notre Dame Approximately - 105
Washington University 80 to 90
University of California 83 to 90

Universities in UK Accepting TOEFL Score:

Here is a detailed list of UK institutions accepting TOEFL Score:

Name of the Academy/Institute Average TOEFL Score
University College London 100
Oxford University 110
Cambridge University Approximately - 110
Manchester University Approximately - 100
University of Leeds Undergraduate- 83
Imperial College London Approximately - 85
King’s College, London Approximately - 75
Manchester Metropolitan University 80 to 90
Edinburgh University 100
Durham University 88 to 22
Warwick University 92
Bristol University Approximately - 88
University of Lancaster Approximately - 88
University of Birmingham Approximately - 80
London School of Economics Minimum - 100
University of St. Andrews 100
Newcastle University Approximately - 100
Glasgow University Approximately - 100
York University 80 to 90
University of Leicester Minimum - 90
University of Bath Minimum - 72
University of Coventry Approximately - 90
University of Liverpool Approximately - 88
University of East Anglia Minimum - 80

Academies in Canada Accepting TOEFL Score:

Apart from all the TOEFL accepted countries list of the US and UK, candidates also choose Canadian universities to study. Here is a list of institutes:

Name of the Institute Average TOEFL Score
Ottawa University Minimum - 100
Calgary University 110
Alberta University Undergraduate - 100
Graduate - 100
McMaster University Undergraduate - 86
Graduate - 92
McGill University Undergraduate - 100
Graduate - 86
University of British Columbia Minimum - 90
University of Toronto Undergraduate - 110
Graduate - 95

TOEFL Score For Canadian Universities & Colleges

Australian Institutions Accepting TOEFL Score:

Below is a list of Australian schools where TOEFL is accepted:

Name of the Institute Average TOEFL Score TOEFL Score Breakdown
Melbourne University Minimum - 79
Reading - 18; Listening - 13; Speaking - 18; Writing - 21
University of Sydney Minimum - 96
Reading - 27; Listening - 27; Speaking - 23; Writing - 27
Australian National University Minimum - 100 -
Monash University Minimum - 94
Reading - 20; Listening - 20; Speaking - 20; Writing - 24
University of Queensland Approximately - 87
Reading - 21; Listening - 21; Speaking - 21; Writing - 21
Sydney University of Technology Approximately - 110
Reading - 27; Listening - 27; Speaking - 27; Writing - 24
UNSW Sydney Minimum - 90
Reading - 25; Listening - 25; Speaking - 25; Writing - 22
The University of Adelaide Minimum - 79
Reading - 18; Listening - 18; Speaking - 18; Writing - 21
RMIT University Minimum - 79 marks
Reading - 20; Listening - 20; Speaking - 20; Writing - 22
University of Western Australia Minimum - 82
Reading - 20; Listening - 20; Speaking - 20; Writing - 22
Curtin University Minimum - 84 Reading - 20; Listening - 20; Speaking - 20; Writing - 24
University of Wollongong 65 to 70 -

New Zealand Schools/Institutions Accepting TOEFL Score:

Below is a list of New Zealand institutes where TOEFL is accepted:

Name of the University/Institute Average TOEFL Score
Auckland University Minimum - 80
Canterbury University Minimum - 80
Otago University Minimum - 80
Victoria University Minimum - 90
University of Waikato Minimum - 80
Auckland University of Technology Minimum - 80

which country accept toefl


So, as per the list above, students can now understand which country accepts TOEFL Score. They can then start their preparations accordingly. Students should keep in mind the score requirements of each country. They should also keep a note if their preferred university has a recommended score. This will help the students in getting admissions since securing the recommended score, or more than that tends to get preferred by an academy over students who secure a minimum score. Follow LeapScholar Blog to get more information about TOEFL, SAT & IELTS. Visit Leap Finance to make your study abroad dream easy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are TOEFL Scores Accepted in the UAE?

Ans. Yes, UAE too accepts TOEFL scores for admission and has some reputed institutions that provide quality education and employment opportunities to students worldwide. Thus, students also travel to the UAE to get admission to institutions there.

2. What is an average TOEFL Score Accepted in Universities?

Ans. According to research, the minimum TOEFL mark accepted by most countries is 78.1. Students having this score tend to get admission to academies and institutions worldwide. So, it is essential for students to start their preparations beforehand.

3. Is TOEFL Score Accepted in Countries where Native Language is not English?

Ans. Yes, there are various countries who accept TOEFL scores even when their native language is not English. Places like Singapore and Hong Kong offer students education in the English medium. So, students can get enrolled there as well.

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