Best TOEFL Tips 2022: Guaranteed Good Scores!

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  • This blog provides exam day tips for students appearing for TOEFL.
  • It also explains things that students can expect during test day. Students can find a complete guide for a TOEFL test taken at home or at the test centre.

TOEFL test is one of the mediums or paths through which students can fulfil their dream of studying at a foreign university. Individuals prepare for the D-day over months, and the time and attention invested in TOEFL preparation certainly aid students in securing maximum scores. However, there are certain things TOEFL candidates must consider in order to bring the highest grades.

This blog provides TOEFL tips, especially exam day tips, which individuals must keep in mind while taking the test.   

TOEFL tips

TOEFL Exam Day Tips

Following is a list of tips that will help students ace in TOEFL test:

  • Students must arrive at the test centre before 30 minutes of test time. This will help them to smoothly complete the check-in process, relax and prepare for the test.  
  • Candidates who are taking the TOEFL test at home must make comfortable in their testing area and create a tranquil ambience. They must take the test at home and place where they usually sit for work or study purposes.
  • They must not stress regarding the outcome of the result and concentrate only on different test sections and how to excel in each of them.
  • Before starting the reading section, TOEFL aspirants must compose themselves.
  • A great deal of concentration is required during the listening and speaking section. To enhance concentration power, students can try meditation or breathing exercises.
  • Students must wear comfortable attire, eat light food, and drink plenty of water to keep themselves fresh and hydrated.
  • TOEFL test is for non-English speakers. Hence, students must shift their minds and thought processes completely in English.
  • While taking TOEFL speaking test, candidates must not yell into the microphone in order to make themselves heard. They must speak in a normal and natural tone. 
  • Speaking in front of examiners can seem tough. They must think of the Speaking section as a normal conversion with friends with a slight difference that they have to talk in a formal, well-organised way. 

Things to Expect before and during TOEFL Home Test Session

Individuals who are taking TOEFL Home Edition or Paper Edition must be aware of the things mentioned below:

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Before the Test Session

  • TOEFL Candidates must prepare the testing area before taking TOEFL iBT Home Edition or Paper Edition Speaking section. 
  • They must run a ProctorU Equipment Check for the last time and resolves issues (if any) before they check in for the test. Candidates must resolve all issues before the appointment time. 
  • They must accumulate all the materials such as a passport or any other acceptable ID, materials to take notes such as a plastic transparency sheet or a whiteboard which candidates can erase in front of the proctor, hand-held mirror or cell phone for check-in. They must not bring any other materials.
  • They must dress properly, and their ears and face must be visible to the proctor. Candidates cannot wear any jewelry or other accessories. In addition, they cannot wear facemask during check-in or any other time while taking testing at home.
  • Candidates must make sure no other device is running with the internet at their home.
  • Candidates must ensure the testing area fulfils all the eligibility requirements, such as the room must be quiet and well lit. There must be no other substances on test taking table. The test taking table and chair must be in such a position so that the proctor can see the door to the room.

Checking in While Taking the Test at Home

  • TOEFL iBT Home Edition or the Paper Edition (speaking section) may take 20 minutes (approximately) to check in.
  • Candidates will have up to 12 minutes to check in after the scheduled time. In case individuals fail to check in during the process, it can result in test cancellation without a refund facility.
  • Proctor will ask candidates to use a cell phone or hand-held camera to show their computer screen.
  • Proctor will ask to show the candidate’s room in a 360° view. Here, candidates must clean the tabletop surface.  

During Test at Home

  • During the test, candidates must not use any unauthorised materials such as prewritten notes, mobile devices or textbooks. This rule is applicable during the 10-minute break.
  • Candidates must not use any personal recording devices.
  • They must not talk or communicate with any person other than the proctor.
  • Candidates must return on time after the 10-minute break.
  • They can view notifications of wearing headphones during this test. Candidates must ignore such notifications as using headphones during the test is strictly prohibited. 
  • Educational Testing Services (ETS) monitors the reuse of testing locations or devices. Multiple reuses can lead to a delay in score publishing or cancellation. Hence, students must avoid such activities.
  • Candidates must make sure they are visible to the proctor during the test. Any kind of suspicious movement can lead to test cancellation.     

Things to Expect During TOEFL Test Centre Session

The following TOEFL tips will help individuals get familiarised with certain things while taking the TOEFL iBT test and the TOEFL iBT Paper Edition (Reading, Listening and Writing sections) at the test centre. 

Things to Bring While Taking TOEFL Test at Test Centre

Students who are wondering what to bring on TOEFL test day will get a comprehensive answer from the below-mentioned list. 

  • Candidates must bring a valid, acceptable Identification. They can bring 2 different forms of ID in case the proctor questions the authentication of the submitted ID.
  • Given the current global healthcare scenario, candidates are required to wear a mask. Candidates will not be permitted to sit for the TOEFL test in case of the unavailability of a mask.
  • Candidates must not bring personal belongings such as watches, phones, electronics, listening, or photographic listening devices.  

Checking In at Test Centre

  • Aspirants have to show ETS-approved identification with a photograph and signature. The name on the identification must match the name used during the registration process.
  • They must keep their face visible during the check-in process.
  • They must not wear any headphones or headsets.
  • A thorough inspection will occur before permitting candidates to the test centre. Hence, students must not bring anything suspicious and cooperate with proctors.


During the Test at Test Centre

  • Proctors will assign TOEFL candidates their seats and nose-reducing headphones with a microphone. They have to check this device and raise their hand if there is an issue.
  • Candidates must present their ID to the invigilator whenever they leave the room and return from a break.
  • TOEFL candidates have to return scratch papers they were given during the test. These scratch papers must not be torn, and all of their parts must be there. 

TOEFL tips


TOEFL is a globally accepted English proficiency test. A decent TOEFL score can get students admitted to any of the world’s reputed universities. Good grades not only come from thorough study but from strategic preparation and the ability to utilise the learning properly on the test day. This becomes possible only when students can train their minds to keep calm, relax in any challenging situation and give their best. The TOEFL tips mentioned above can help students achieve that state of mind and secure admission to their dream university.

1. Are students allowed to use any screen-sharing software on the TOEFL test day at home?

No, students are not allowed to use any screen-sharing software on the TOEFL test day at home. In addition, they cannot use any remote-access software Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Apple Remote Desktop, and if they use such software, they must disable it before initiating the test. This software must remain closed throughout the test and, in any case, must not be automatically open during the test. 

2. Why are double-checking TOEFL exam appointment details essential?

Double-checking TOEFL exam appointment details are essential to ensure smooth completion of the test. Students must sign in to their Education Testing Services (ETS) account 24 hours prior to test day. This will help them to get assurance there are no changes made in the registration details, such as changing the test centre building or time other than initially scheduled. 

3. Can students speak to the proctor during the TOEFL test Home Edition or Paper Edition?

Yes, situations may arise where candidates have to speak to a proctor during TOEFL test day Home Edition or Paper Edition as. For this, they have to speak to get the proctor’s attention. Alternatively, they can use LogMein chat. It might take approximately 30 -60 seconds for the proctor to respond.

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