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Everything you need to know about TOEFL


TOEFL Score 2022: Six days after your exam date, your TOEFL test results will be accessible on your ETS account. In 6 to 10 days following the exam date, candidates who are selected for the TOEFL Home Edition test will receive their TOEFL results on their ETS account. Any TOEFL score that enables the applicant to submit an application to their top-choice university qualifies as an excellent score. One of the most popular English proficiency tests for Indian students wishing to pursue higher education abroad is the TOEFL exam, which is administered by ETS. The TOEFL results are a crucial component of the college application process. Continue reading as we go through a number of topics related to TOEFL scores, including valid TOEFL scores, good TOEFL scores, and more. For candidates planning to take the TOEFL exam, we offer a comprehensive TOEFL guide.


For applicants who want to take the TOEFL exam during the epidemic from the comfort of their homes, ETS, the organisation that administers the TOEFL exam, has introduced the TOEFL at Home programme. ETS has now started offering paper-delivered TOEFL exams in India again to allow applicants who want to take the test to have more access. Candidates who intend to take the TOEFL test must pay US$190 for each of the three test formats—TOEFL iBT, TOEFL at Home, and paper-delivered.


TOEFL Scores 2022


In this section, we are going to discuss most of the important characteristics of the TOEFL scores for 2022. 


When can I view my TOEFL scores?


Candidates should be aware that after finishing the Reading and Listening sections of the test, they can access their unofficial results. However, candidates can access their official TOEFL results or scores about six days after taking the exam. Candidates who choose to take the TOEFL Home exam will receive their results in six to ten days.


How to access TOEFL Scores?


It has never been simpler to view your TOEFL results. You'll get an email alerting you that your test results are available about six days following your test date. To access your scores, all you need to do is log into your TOEFL account on the website and choose "view scores." As previously stated, you will receive your official TOEFL iBT score about six days after the test date, and test takers who choose to take the Special Home Edition of the TOEFL will receive their results 6–10 days after the test date.


When will TOEFL Official Score Reports be available?


It will be mailed within 11 days of the test date if the candidate requests a printed copy of their score report before showing up for the exam. Delivery schedules will depend on regional postal providers. The validity of your TOEFL test results is two years. Candidates can always access a PDF copy of their score from their ETS account and download and print it. After taking the test, the PDF score reports are available for download eight days later.

How to view your TOEFL results:

  • Check out the TOEFL website.
  • Choose Member Login.
  • Type in your TOEFL login information.
  • View your TOEFL score report

What is a Good TOEFL Score?


Candidates frequently question what a good TOEFL score looks like. Every university will have a minimum TOEFL score requirement, also known as a TOEFL cut-off, as was previously stated. Therefore, any TOEFL score above the cutoff would automatically qualify their application. It is advised that students obtain higher TOEFL scores than necessary as doing so will only improve their chances of being admitted to the university of their choice.


What is an average TOEFL Score?


Every university would have a required TOEFL cut-off, as was previously stated. Therefore, any TOEFL score above the cutoff would automatically qualify their application. A score on the TOEFL that is in the middle would be considered average. It would be in the middle. Candidates should be aware that improving their TOEFL scores will only boost their chances of being accepted to their top universities and will also qualify them for any scholarships or awards offered by such institutions.

What is TOEFL score validity?


Candidates frequently question the reliability of their TOEFL scores. Two years after the TOEFL test date, the results are still valid.


When can I appear for the TOEFL test again?


Candidates who want to retake the TOEFL exam can sign up for it. The window interval, however, has been set at three days between two TOEFL exams. As a result, candidates can sign up for their second TOEFL test three days after signing up for their first one.

TOEFL Score Report 


TOEFL outcomes Now that we've reviewed the key components of the TOEFL results. Let's examine TOEFL Score Reporting and its implications. You can choose up to four universities to get your TOEFL scores when you register for the test; this is included in the TOEFL cost. Candidates may pay an additional fee to ETS in order to send their TOEFL results to institutions other than the specified four.

Candidates should be aware that they will not be able to choose to have their Writing and/or Speaking section scores reviewed if they have chosen specific universities to receive their TOEFL results.

How to Send TOEFL Scores to Colleges and TOEFL Additional Score Reporting?


The candidate has the choice to send four free score reports to programmes, colleges, and institutions at the time of registration. The chosen recipients will receive their official score reports about 11 days following your test date. Test takers can pay a charge to distribute to more than four recipients, which they frequently desire to do.

  • Order Online: By paying additional fees, test-takers can send Additional Score Reports online. Students who purchase the TOEFL Value Pack premium can receive a discount on sending five additional score reports. Students can acquire additional value packs from ETS and receive significant savings when they send their test results to schools and universities. Typically, each report costs $20 (USD), and you can pay with a debit card, credit card, electronic check, or PayPal. Within 3-5 business days of the organisation receiving your request, your results will be sent.
  • Purchase by Fax: The "TOEFL iBT Additional Score Report Request Form" must be completed; it is available on the ETS website. Send the form, your registration information, and your payment (by debit or credit card) through fax to 1-610-290-8972. To prevent double charges on your debit or credit card, make sure to write "DUPLICATE" in capital letters on the form itself if the fax fails or if you need to submit the same form again because of a problem.
  • Order by Mail: The identical "TOEFL iBT Additional Score Report Request Form" must be completed for mail orders. Send the application and your payment (by debit or credit card) to the following address by mail:


P.O Box 6153

Princeton, NJ 08541-6153, USA

TOEFL Score reporting timeline


Broadly speaking, there are three ways via which candidates can have their TOEFL scores sent to their preferred universities. The same TOEFL Score reporting methods along with the duration, are mentioned in the table below. 


ETS® Data Manager6–8 days
Scorelink® Service8–10 days
Postal Mail9–11 days plus mailing time

TOEFL Score Range


It is crucial to first understand how each portion of the TOEFL exam is graded in order to fully comprehend the TOEFL scores you receive for each TOEFL section.

  • The TOEFL's Reading component is scored using a computer, and the possible scores range from 0 to 30. Candidates have 54 to 72 minutes to complete this exam, which consists of 30 to 40 questions based on reading excerpts from texts and responding to questions.
  • A machine generates scores for the TOEFL's Listening component, which range from 0 to 30. Candidates have between 41 and 57 minutes to complete this exam, which consists of 30 to 40 questions based on listening to lectures, classroom discussions, and conversations followed by questions.
  • All four tasks in the TOEFL Speaking section are scored between 0 and 4 points. The total is transformed into a scaled score between 0 and 30. Human examiners who score this portion assign points based on how successfully you build your issue argument and communicate in English. 17 minutes are allotted to candidates for this section.
  • The integrated writing task is assessed for development, grammar, vocabulary, correctness, and completeness to determine the score for the TOEFL Writing section. Tests are anonymously scored by human raters. From 0 to 5, two tasks are rated. The total is transformed into a scaled score between 0 and 30.


TOEFL Score Scale (Section-wise)


Results of the TOEFL: However, ETS has provided 4 to 5 proficiency levels for each skill to personalize your test experience and help you better understand your score. Your level of proficiency for that skill is therefore indicated by where your TOEFL score falls within that range. This will give you a good idea of how you performed, as well as your strengths and areas for development. To better understand their TOEFL iBT Scores, test takers can refer to the table below.

Skill/ Score RangeLevel*


Score Range 0–30

Advanced (24–30)

High-Intermediate (18–23)

Low-Intermediate (4–17)

Below Low-Intermediate (0–3)


Score Range 0–30 Advanced

Advanced (22–30)

High-Intermediate (17–21)

Low-Intermediate (9–16)

Below Low-Intermediate (0–8)


Score Range 0–30

Advanced (25–30)

High-Intermediate (20–24)

Low-Intermediate (16–19)

Basic (10–15)

Below Basic (0–9


Score Range 0–30

Advanced (24–30)

High-Intermediate (17–23)

Low-Intermediate (13–16)

Basic (7–12)

Below Basic (0–6)

Total ScoreThese are added together for a total score of 0–120.


How are TOEFL Scores calculated? 


TOEFL Score Calculator: Both manual and automatic scoring techniques are utilized30 Advanced to determine TOEFL scores. In order to provide a thorough and accurate picture of the candidate's aptitude, this is done. Although the automatic grading technique has the benefit of objectivity, it does not assess how well the language and content are used. Human raters must pay attention to a larger range of features, including the calibre of the ideas and content in addition to form. You must also respond to at least one question in each area. You must respond to at least one question for both reading and listening. You must try one of each of the speaking and writing tasks. The outcome of the TOEFL iBT test is a four-scaled result with a final score.


TOEFL Score Review


Up to 30 days after taking the test, applicants who took the TOEFL but were unsatisfied with their overall score can ask to have their Writing and/or Speaking section scores reviewed. Each section review costs US $80, making a review of both sections cost US $160. After receiving the request and payment, the review procedure could take up to three weeks.


Cancelling your TOEFL Scores


Results of the TOEFL exam: When test takers struggle, they have the option of notifying ETS and having their TOEFL scores for that particular test cancelled. However, if the applicant changes his mind, he may also ask to have the cancelled scores restored. The request for reinstating cancelled TOEFL test results must be submitted no later than 60 days after the test date. There would be a $20 fee for reinstatement. Through their ETS account, candidates can request the instating of their TOEFL results. After receiving your request and payment, the process of reinstating your TOEFL score will take about three weeks.


What are TOEFL MyBest scores? 


When you combine your highest section results from all test dates within the last two years, you can get TOEFL MyBest scores, also known as TOEFL super scores, which allow you to show off your finest overall performance. Since you might be able to complete your institution's scoring requirements with fewer tests, this can help you reach your goals sooner.


TOEFL to IELTS and PTE Score Conversions


Your TOEFL score and its equivalent in PTE and IELTS band scores are shown in the table below as a preliminary estimate. The candidate must realize that this exercise is simply being done for representational purposes. To receive a valid score, the candidate must take the tests on their own. This is done only for the candidate's benefit so that, should the need arise, he would know how he would perform in the other exam.


TOEFL ScoreIELTS Band ScorePTE Score


(Expert User)



(Very Good User)



(Very Good User)



(Good User)



(Good User)



(Competent User)



(Competent User)



(Modest User)



(Modest User) 



(Limited User)



(Extremely limited User)


TOEFL Percentile

Here is a table explaining what percentile would equal your total scaled scores.




What is a good score for TOEFL?

The typical TOEFL score is 90. It could be between 85 and 95. A TOEFL score of over 100 is regarded as good. When taking the TOEFL exam, candidates should be aware that there are no good or bad scores. Additionally, test-takers should not hold on to this term.


When are TOEFL scores declared?

Around six days after your test date, you will receive an e-mail informing you that your score is available. All you have to do is log in to your TOEFL account with your credentials on the official website and click ‘view scores’ to see your scores.


Do you get your TOEFL scores immediately?

Candidates can now view unofficial scores for the Reading and Listening sections on-screen immediately upon completing the test. These scores can give you an early indication of your performance and help you make a well-informed decision about reporting your scores before leaving the test centre.



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