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Everything you need to know about GRE


Candidates must submit their GRE total score as part of the university admission procedure if they intend to pursue post-graduate courses at institutions abroad. We'll explore the GRE total score, GRE score validity, GRE scorecard, GRE score range, GRE score reporting, and GRE results in this post, which will cover all the crucial GRE exam-related topics. For those who are unaware, the GRE total score is accessible 10 to 15 days after the GRE exam date.


Educational Testing Service (ETS) introduced the GRE at the Home option to make the GRE more accessible during the COVID-19 pandemic Starting on July 1, 2021; candidates will be able to register for the GRE using their Aadhar Cards as part of their student ID. As candidates read, they can learn more about the GRE exam.


GRE Scores 2023


This section covers most of the 2023 GRE results' key points.


GRE total scores: when?


Candidates should be aware that 10 to 15 days after their GRE exam date, they will have access to their GRE total results. The conducting authority will email the candidate to notify them when their GRE scorecard becomes available on their ETS account. Ten to fifteen days after their GRE exam date, candidates who opted for the GRE at Home test will also have access to their GRE score.


How to access GRE scores?


ETS will email you when your GRE total scores are available on your ETS account. You must go to the official website, enter your information, and then proceed to view your GRE score report.

Steps to viewing your GRE scorecard:

  • Visit the official GRE website
  • Select Member log-in
  • Enter your GRE account credentials
  • View your GRE Results


What is GRE Score Validity?


Validity of GRE results: Candidates frequently have questions about the reliability of their GRE scores. Candidates should be aware that the validity of their GRE scores lasts for a total of five years after the date.


Can I retake the GRE?


Candidates frequently fall short of the scores they aim for. and they are left wondering when to take the GREs and when the next one will be. Candidates who want to retake their GRE exam may do so up to five times in any continuous rolling 12-month period, one every 21 days.

Candidates who wish to retake the exam should take advantage of ETS's free GRE Diagnostic Service. The GRE Diagnostic Service, available in candidates' ETS accounts, evaluates their Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning GRE test scores. and details the inquiries they rightly and erroneously responded to. This is a great resource for introspection.


What is a Good GRE Score?


Good GRE score: Candidates frequently find themselves wondering what a good GRE score is. Every university would have a necessary GRE Cut Off, as was previously stated. Any score above the qualifying mark would, therefore, automatically qualify their application. It is encouraged that students obtain better GRE scores than are necessary since this will only improve their chances of being admitted to the university of their choice. Consequently, an excellent GRE score is one that will guarantee admission to the top 10% of prestigious universities.


What is an average GRE Score?


Average GRE scores: Each university will have a minimum GRE score requirement. Any score above the qualifying mark would, therefore, automatically qualify their application. A GRE score that is neither too high nor too low would be considered typical. It would be in the middle. Candidates should be aware that improving their GRE scores will only boost their chances of being accepted to their top universities and qualify them for any scholarships or grants the schools may be offering.


What's a good 340 GRE score?


Candidates need to be aware that GRE results are reported in various reports. So, for the GRE Verbal Reasoning section, you would have a scaled score of 170; for the GRE Quantitative Reasoning section, a scaled score of 170; and for the GRE Analytical Writing section, a score of 5.0. So, if you're wondering what a decent GRE score is out of 340, a verbal section score between 152 and 158, a quantitative section score between 153 and 158, and an analytical section score above 4.0 are all considered strong GRE scores.


What is the GRE max score?


There are three components to the GRE exam. Your GRE maximum score for the verbal section is 170. For the quantitative section, it is 170; and for the analytical writing section, it is 5.0. Therefore, eliminating the GRE Analytical part, the maximum GRE score is 340.


GRE minimum score?


There are three components to the GRE exam. Your GRE verbal section minimum score is 130, your quantitative section minimum score is 130, and your analytical writing section minimum score is 0. Therefore, disregarding the GRE Analytical part, the required GRE score is 260.


What is GRE Scorecard?


After comparing the crucial component of GRE scores, let's examine how your GRE Scorecard would appear if you used your GRE total scores. As part of the GRE registration process, you choose four graduate programmes or fellowship sponsors to receive your GRE results. Candidates may pay an additional fee to ETS in order to submit their GRE score reports to more than the specified four colleges.


What does your GRE Scorecard contain?


GRE first-timers are often curious about their scores. GRE scorecards of candidates contain the following information

  • Candidate contact information
  • Candidate's date of birth
  • Candidate gender
  • Intended graduate major of candidate 
  • GRE test date
  • GRE test score(s) and the associated percentile ranks
  • A cumulative record of scores reported within the last five years


GRE Score Reporting to Universities


Candidates should note that a number of important details are available on the GRE score report. Not all make it to the university. The university GRE Score Report has the following information:

  • Candidate contact information
  • Intended graduate major of candidate 
  • GRE scores the candidate selects to report through the GRE ScoreSelect Option


What is the GRE ScoreSelect Option?


The GRE ScoreSelect feature, which ETS recently implemented for the benefit of students, allows students to choose their top GRE results from a variety of tests they have previously taken and send them to their selected institutions/universities. They are able to provide the institution with their greatest work in this way as part of the admissions procedure.


Understanding your GRE Scores (Section-wise)


This section will explain how GRE sections are scored. The GRE score range and the total score will be examined.

GRE results (Section-wise)

We will learn about the grading criteria for the GRE general test in this part.

GRE Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning Scores are determined by the number of correct answers. This is the candidate's unweighted score, which informs him or her of the total number of questions correctly answered. Later, the GRE raw test score would be transformed into an equating scaled score.

GRE Analytical Writing Score: Each essay for the Analytical Writing portion would be given a score by one trained rater and an e-rater created by ETS. The average of the two scores will be utilised as the final score if both scores are identical in character. If the scores from the ETS-created e-rater and the third, human-trained rater are different, the final score would be the average of the two human scores.



GRE Score Range

Quantitative Reasoning130–170, in 1-point increments
Analytical Writing0–6, in half-point increments
Verbal Reasoning130–170, in 1-point increments



What is the GRE total score?


GRE total score: Every test component would have a scaled score and a percentile score for the candidates, which would indicate how well they fared compared to other test-takers. Candidates should avoid using words like GRE total score or highest GRE score to cause them confusion. These don't apply to the GRE test.


GRE Score Review


The GRE score calculation is without error. However, candidates who feel they would want to review their GRE Analytical Writing measure can do so with a fee of USD $60 within 90 days of the GRE Result declaration. 


Average GRE scores across Top US universities


Check out average GRE scores across popular top universities in the US here.


University Name

GRE Verbal Section Scores

GRE Quantitative Section Scores

GRE Analytical Writing Scores

Stanford University1591584.8
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)1581595.3
University of Virginia1631664.5
University of California, Berkeley153 – 1561674.5
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)1551675.0




GRE Result and Statistics


As was mentioned earlier, each topic has a different average GRE score requirement. Students majoring in the arts and humanities would need higher scores on the GRE Verbal part, whereas engineering students would need better scores on the GRE Quantitative section. Determine what a good GRE score is for your programme before you begin your preparation method. You may get a general notion of good GRE scores, which are topic averages, from the table below.



GRE Quant Score

GRE Verbal Score

Natural Sciences153.1150.8
Humanities and Arts149.2156.5
Social Sciences150.1152.9
Other Fields148.9149.7




GRE Subject Test Scores


Candidates should contact us in the comments section below if they have any questions about GRE Subject Scores. The GRE General Test results and scores are the main topic of this page. The GRE General Test is the test that foreign universities prefer the most.

Do you get GRE scores immediately?

10 to 15 days following your exam date, your official GRE test results will be accessible in your account on the GRE website.

Is one month enough for GRE?

Before scheduling a GRE test session, candidates are urged to study for the exam. Candidates who have taken the GRE before or who are well-prepared for the test can therefore use the one month for review before the test and take it. Others would undoubtedly require a longer period of time to really prepare for the exam.

Has GRE become tougher over the years?

To remain relevant to the needs of the university and students, the test has changed over time. But rest assured that the GRE test's primary goal hasn't changed: giving worthy individuals access to high-quality education.

How long should I study for GRE?

The candidate has complete discretion over this. Students who have previously taken the GRE and are retaking it will require less study time than those who are taking the test for the first time. It wouldn't be strictly correct to enter a number.


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