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Everything you need to know about GMAT


You will obtain five scores after taking the GMAT 2022 exam: Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal, and Total. Your Verbal and Quantitative GMAT scores combine to form your final score. Your results on the Integrated Reasoning and Analytical Writing assessments have no bearing on your final GMAT score. Additionally, you are given a percentage score that indicates how well you fared in comparison to the other 100 GMAT candidates. For instance, if your verbal section score is in the 90th percentile, you will rank 90th out of 100 individuals taking the GMAT in 2022.


To get a total GMAT score, the subscores from the GMAT Verbal Reasoning and GMAT Quantitative Reasoning portions are added together. The range of GMAT total scores is 200 to 800. Each exam component is assessed on a scale from 6 to 51 points, while the overall GMAT score is graded on a scale from 200 to 800 points. In this essay, we also go into great depth on how the GMAT score is calculated.


GMAT Score to Percentile


Here is a comparative table of your scaled score to the percentile:


Scaled Score


Scaled Score





Average GMAT score


Average GMAT score for the period of 2017-2019 for all the GMAT test-takers.



Average GMAT Scores

Analytical Writing Assessment4.45
Integrated Reasoning4.51
Quantitative Reasoning40.38
Total Score564.84



How GMAT is scored?


It's crucial to understand how the GMAT test is graded if you're studying for it. Don't just concentrate on your overall GMAT score; consider your scores for each section as well. The results of each segment reveal a lot about your abilities and limitations. A table outlining the GMAT score calculation is provided.




How the section scores analytical

Analytical Writing Assessment
  • 0–6
  • Scored in half-point increments
Essays are scored using a machine algorithm, and professional raters
Integrated Reasoning
  • 1–8
  • Scored in 1-point increments
This section is scored based on the number of questions answered correctly. Questions having multiple parts need to answer for all parts to receive credit
  • 0–60
  • Scored in 1-point increments

This section is scored based on the following:

  • The number of questions answered
  • Number of questions answered correctly
  • Level of difficulty of the questions answered
  • 0–60
  • Scored in 1-point increments

This section is scored based on the following:

  • The number of questions answered
  • Number of questions answered correctly

Level of difficulty of the questions answered

Total Score
  • 200–800
  • Scored in 10-point increments
Total scores are based on Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning section results





GMAT Results and Statistics


The GMAT 2022 result's biggest feature is that you may view your scores right away after the test. You will be given a chance to accept or reject the unofficial result at the end of the test. After 20 days, you can get the official GMAT Exam 2022 results from your account on the GMAT website.


GMAT Statistics


The top B-schools' average GMAT score twenty years ago was about 600. However, the demand for the MBA programme has significantly expanded in the present. As a result, these schools are receiving a large number of applications, which causes the average GMAT acceptance scores to rise yearly. It's crucial to remember that the best institutions don't just look at GMAT test scores; they also look at general positive characteristics like diversity, unusual accomplishment or success, etc. Many candidates are able to be accepted despite having lower GMAT scores, thanks to these variables. If you don't possess any of these qualities, you'll likely need to score higher than 730 (the 99th percentile) in order to stand a chance of getting into a top-ten business school.

The top MBA programmes at prestigious universities throughout the world require an average GMAT score that often falls between 700 and 730. However, getting a GMAT score of 800 is not difficult.

To get an idea about the comparative score percentile, marks of each section and good GMAT Test Scores, here is a table showing the marks required:



Score range





Analytical Writing0-644.55.56
Integrated Reasoning0-8356.57.5
Total Scaled Score200-800470570650710


Do you know how to use the GMAT Score or how to send GMAT scores to B Schools? If not, you may be interested in finding business schools without the GMAT requirements.


Still have queries regarding your GMAT test, check out the most frequently asked questions for GMAT Results and Scores.

Q. How many questions one can miss in the GMAT to get a score of 700?

A. The 700+ scorers concentrate on the remaining questions while skipping 15–21 difficult problems. They don't spend too much time on an issue if they get stuck on it, and instead continue with the exam. Therefore, it is possible to exclude 15–21 questions from the Quant section of the GMAT and still achieve a high score. To earn more points, concentrate on developing your strengths and completing increasingly challenging puzzles.

Q. Is it hard to get 600 in GMAT?

A. It takes a lot of effort to earn a score of 600+; it is not something that can be done easily. Make sure you use the proper approach and create a thorough study schedule if you want to get 600 or above on the GMAT. To receive a 600 or above, one must score higher than the 56th percentile.

Q. Can I skip questions in GMAT?

A. It is important to comprehend that the quantity of questions you correctly answer contributes to a portion of your GMAT score. Therefore, while taking the test, candidates should attempt to answer as many questions as possible.

Q. How to improve your score from 550 to 700 on GMAT?

A. Work on your weak points by identifying them. Additionally, work on increasing your speed and taking more practise exams. One can acquire a score of 700 and be admitted to a reputable business school with a solid preparation strategy and time management skills.

Q. What is the highest GMAT score ever?

A. GMAT scores can go as high as 800. It may seem unattainable to achieve an ideal GMAT score of 800, but with pure effort, commitment, and the appropriate study strategy, it is doable. Candidates do not need to receive an 800 in order to be accepted into a top business programme; even the best B-schools demand applicants to receive a score of 720 or higher. You are also qualified to apply to a prestigious business programme if you receive a respectable grade.


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