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PTE Exam Preparation: Candidates who want to do well in their PTE Academic Exam must follow a solid PTE Preparation plan to get a good PTE score. The purpose of this article is to provide the best possible PTE preparation material for our test takers, and it has been written accordingly. Keep reading to learn more about preparing for the PTE exam in 2023, preparing for the PTE online, preparing with PTE preparation material, and preparing for the PTE exam at home, as well as a range of other important PTE preparation subjects.


You can prepare for the PTE in the same ways that you prepare for other exams, which are to study on your own or to enrol in a PTE coaching centre. The decision is entirely yours, as you must determine whether you have enough time and resources to choose either. Newer study methods, such as PTE preparation online, are gaining popularity. It includes self-study as well as coaching class methods. You enrol in a virtual classroom and learn from the comfort of your own home. To determine the best way to prepare for the PTE test, consider your criteria and make an informed decision.


Top 10 PTE Exam Preparation Tips 2023


PTE Preparation: There are a lot of people who want to take the PTE and need some explanation about the path that their PTE preparation plan should take. There is absolutely no need for an alarm. Candidates who are interested in excelling on the PTE test will benefit from the individualised top 10 PTE exam preparation guide that we have developed. Take a look at the top ten preparation tools for the PTE exam, which are as follows:


  • Plan ahead
  • Know what you're getting into
  • Take lots of practice tests.
  • Start studying vocabulary
  • Focus on your subject
  • Pay attention to the other subject.
  • Use good materials
  • Know question types
  • Keep an error log
  • Plan on taking the exam twice


PTE Exam Preparation Online


PTE preparation online: Regardless of your preferred university or course, candidates must demonstrate their English language proficiency by taking an English test. PTE Academic is an English language test recognised by thousands of schools worldwide. A lot is going on in the online world these days. In this section, we will discuss the PTE preparation material available online for our test takers' benefit.


Candidates are encouraged to visit the PTE-A, Pearson PLC Group official website. PTE test takers can access various free PTE preparation materials on the official website. Candidates can also purchase PTE preparation materials or rent PTE preparation materials online. Candidates are strongly advised to use the official website because it contains the most up-to-date PTE syllabus.


In addition, we provide applicants with the ability to view the most recent PTE exam preparation material online by providing a section that is solely devoted to PTE sample papers. The study material for the PTE that is offered here is also offered online. The questions for the PTE exam have been compiled from the most reputable of sources, and they have been formatted in a manner that is consistent with the most recent version of the PTE syllabus.


PTE Online Coaching: MOOC


MOOC, or Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), is a PTE Online Preparation tool launched by PTE and is free to all users. Candidates who want to use this PTE Online Preparation tool must be enrolled in a course to access the free PTE course material.


The PTE online preparation tool, MOOC, is intended to familiarise candidates with the PTE Academic test structure and question types through video guidance and online practice. The course simulates each question type in PTE Academic, allowing users to practise their techniques before receiving feedback. The course was created in collaboration with E2Language, a global online test preparation and tuition provider for the PTE Academic and other English language exams.


PTE Preparation Material (section-wise)


Each section can be mastered in a few days if given your full attention and concentration, as the test assesses your regular communication skills in English. Each section is relevant to language fluency in its way. As a result, each section must be prepared separately. You can always seek assistance from online videos and tutorials available on the internet and practice papers for better preparation. Check out the following tips and tricks for practising each category.


Best Practice Questions for Each Section of the PTE Exam


  • Know your target score
  • Know the PTE exam pattern
  • Understand how the PTE exam is scored 
  • Select your preparation material wisely
  • Practice, practice, practice


How to Get Ready for the Writing Section of the PTE Exam Preparation?


You must write in response to the questions in this section, and your written responses are graded. The PTE Academic writing module is divided into two sections, and we will provide tips for each sub-sections.


  1. If your vocabulary and grammar are strong, you have a chance of earning a perfect score of 90 out of 90 points. If your vocabulary and grammar are about average, you can anticipate receiving a score somewhere around 73.
  2. Try to limit your responses to 35-45 words. Avoid using long sentences because scoring algorithms may need help to evaluate them accurately.
  3. Take note of the punctuation.
  4. In a sentence, capitalise all of the first words and nouns.
  5. Unless specifically requested, do not provide any examples.
  6. Write the summary in the third person, avoiding using I, Me, We, and so on.
  7. Pay attention to the last paragraph, which usually contains a summary of the text.
  8. Each paragraph should be summarised in a single sentence.


How Should One Prepare for the Listening Section of the PTE Exam?


This section's questions are based on audio and video clips. You can only listen to each audio or video clip once. Here are some pointers for each type of question to help you prepare for the PTE Academic listening section.


  1. Listening actively entails learning to listen to English songs in a new way. Concentrate on the lyrics that require more attention.
  2. Watch movies and TV shows with subtitles first, then without.
  3. Listening to new content expands your vocabulary, which improves your understanding of spoken English.
  4. Don't make assumptions because this question has a negative marking.
  5. It is recommended that you read the questions before starting the audio.
  6. Stay focused until the end because the answers could be there.


How to Get Ready for the Speaking Section of the PTE Exam Preparation?


  1. The sentences will sound more authentic if you use a rising tone at the beginning and a falling tone at the end.
  2. If you realise you've made a mistake, keep talking and don't stop.
  3. From the first day of preparation until the exam day, practise with different tongue twisters every day.
  4. Close your eyes and memorise the sentence.
  5. Because there is no beep at the end, begin speaking after the clip ends.
  6. If you need help remembering the entire sentence, concentrate on the keywords and repeat them.


How to Get Ready for the Reading Section of the PTE Exam Preparation?


The key to passing the PTE Academic reading section is fluency, focus, and understanding. When taking the exam, you will use all of these skills at once, but when practising, you will have to learn them in stages.


  1. Understand the passage's main message and concentrate on keywords to find the correct answer.
  2. Concentrate on the frequency words (for example, always, sometimes, never, many, all, often, never, only) and eliminate those options to find the correct answer.
  3. Because there is no negative marking for this question, answer it rather than leaving it blank.
  4. Apply the rule of elimination. Limit your options as much as possible.
  5. To understand what information to look for, read the question before reading the text.
  6. Remember the passage's information because the questions will not be asked in chronological order, and the answer will be found anywhere in the passage.
  7. Learn to paraphrase, which means to express yourself using different words.


Length and Duration of PTE Test (section-wise)




Reading29 - 30 minutes
Listening30 - 43 minutes
Speaking and Writing54 - 67 minutes


Effective PTE Preparation Strategies


PTE Exam Preparation: The Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic, like other standardised tests for the English language, has sections to assess your reading, listening, speaking, and writing abilities. Candidates taking the PTE exam should be aware that a wealth of PTE preparation material is available online. As a result, candidates should only use reliable sources and consult the official PTE website for the most up-to-date PTE information.


Students typically begin their preparation by signing up to take free practice exams or enrolling in a coaching centre. Students often forget that, just like any other exam, tests of language proficiency require a specific approach to answering questions. Here are some study tips to help you perform well on the PTE Academic Exam. It is important to note, however, that no amount of tips, tricks, or tools can outwit the practice's dedication and efficiency. So, to succeed, improve these skills and practise them repeatedly.


To take this exam, you can be something other than a subject matter expert. This exam ensures that you understand the international official language. Your test results and score ensure that you can study abroad using this language as the medium of instruction from English-speaking professors among people from diverse backgrounds.


The final PTE score can range from 10 to 90, which is the sum of the scores you received in each section. The results are usually available 5 working days after the test date. Before registering for the PTE exam, you should look into the PTE's important dates and nearby test centres.


How Should One Most Effectively Prepare for the PTE Exam?


Candidates should be aware that there is no predetermined template for PTE preparation. What works for Person A may not necessarily work for Person B, and vice versa. As a result, we have provided a list of multiple PTE preparation techniques in this article, and we expect our readers to choose the one that best suits their needs and use it to improve their PTE exam scores.


How do I best prepare for the PTE while I am at home?


Candidates should be clear about preparing for PTE at Home and preparing for PTE for the test centre. The only difference between the two PTE tests is the test environment. Test takers can often become overwhelmed. Candidates should be aware that Pearson, the PTE exam's governing body, has begun conducting PTE tests at home for candidates who wish to take the PTE exam from the comfort of their homes. If the COVID-19 local restrictions allow, candidates who need a conducive environment at home or the necessary system requirements can take the test at a PTE test centre.


How much time do you need to spend preparing for the PTE exam?


This is another highly personalised question. While some test takers may need two to three months to reach their peak level of PTE exam preparation, others may need more or less time. As a result, there is no set time frame. Candidates are encouraged to schedule their PTE exams only after they are confident that they have adequately prepared for the PTE exam.


PTE Exam Preparation Plan for 4 weeks


Because you have one month or four weeks until the PTE Academic exam, you must plan your preparation accordingly. Creating a solid timetable is critical for students who want to study in an organised manner. While there are students who would rather tackle the more challenging topics first, there are also students who would rather save the more complex topics for closer to the time of the exam.


Top PTE preparation action areas


  • Build a robust PTE Times table
  • Identify weak areas
  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Revise Revise Revise
  • Solve PTE Practice Test Papers


Best Books for PTE Preparation 2023 (section-wise)


PTE preparation books: Pearson PTE Academic has authenticated the best PTE books and course material for students preparing for the PTE Exam. These are available in India through major e-commerce platforms such as Amazon.


The Official Guide to the Pearson Test of English Academic, Compiled by Pearson The best book to study for the PTE is called PTE Academic.


The Official Guide to PTE Academic provides in-depth information about the examination, as well as more than two hundred practice questions and activities on a CD-ROM, analyses of sample responses, test-taking strategies, and more. This book is the first and only official guide for the PTE Academic test, and it was written by the people who developed the test. It covers everything you need to know in order to succeed on the test.


Book Highlights


  • Learn how to register and what to expect during the exam.
  • Learn how to complete each task.
  • Practice with real test questions and 200 extra questions on the CD.
  • Samples and model answers can be used to evaluate your performance.
  • Improve your test-taking techniques.


PTE Exam Day Tips


Candidates planning to take the PTE Academic Exam should review the PTE Exam Day tips listed below.


  • There should be no doubt about missing breakfast. A moderately heavy breakfast would keep you going for longer. Candidates are advised to bring a light snack or fruit with them to satisfy those uncontrollable hunger pangs.
  • Candidates are advised to dress comfortably in layers that keep them warm in all temperatures. It is critical for the candidate to feel at ease while taking the exam.
  • Candidates must arrive at the PTE Academic Test centre 30 minutes before the reporting time to arrive on time and avoid any last-minute hassle.
  • Candidates must show their identification proof, which must be a valid passport, once they arrive at the PTE Test Centre. For security reasons, the candidate's photograph and biometrics will be taken and scanned for official use only at the time of ID verification.
  • Candidates will be provided with a locker to store the belongings they bring to the PTE Test Centre. These may include their electronic devices, such as a watch or mobile phone, as well as their snacks and if they have a bag, the bag itself.


You will undoubtedly want to research using the exam score for studying abroad at the end. However, it is recommended that you seek advice from industry experts. They can assist you from the start of the application process to receiving admission to your dream university.

Frequently asked questions
What is the total duration of the PTE Academic test?

Your PTE Academic test will last two hours starting in November 2021.

What is the best way to prepare for my next PTE Academic test?

A plan is the best way to prepare for any test, including the PTE Academic. The plan should include a timetable that covers the entire syllabus while also leaving plenty of time for practise papers. Topics that are difficult for the candidate should be given extra attention, while easy sections should be solved.

How long does it take to prepare for the PTE Academic test?

This is entirely at the candidate's discretion. Students who have taken the test before and are taking it again will need less time to prepare than first-time test takers. Putting a number in would be incorrect.

Is the PTE Academic test hard for first-time test-takers?

No. You should understand that the test has been created to understand the English language proficiency of the student. Hence a candidate who has prepared for the PTE Academic test should not find this English exam a tough exam.

Is the PTE Academic test easy to crack?

A candidate who is familiar with the PTE Academic syllabus and has prepared thoroughly for the exam with total sincerity and enthusiasm will pass the PTE Academic exam with flying colors.