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Everything you need to know about GRE


Candidates must meet GRE eligibility requirements and have satisfactory results to enrol in graduate programs. Candidates must begin, with, be well-versed in the most recent GRE syllabus in order tosh this. Candidates can review the most recent GRE Syllabus 2022 and GRE Exam Pattern while they read. To ace their next GRE exam, candidature for GRE preparation advice can choose to use our GRE Preparation guide or stick to our 4-week study schedule. Continue reading to learn more about the GRE Exam Syllabus 2022.

The GRE at Home facility, which allows students to take the GRE from the comfort of their homes, was introduced by ETS (Educational Testing Service) to make the exam more accessible in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. ETS will start allowing applicants to register for the GRE using their Aadhar Cards as an element of their student ID on July 1, 2021. They can find out more information about this as they read on.


GRE Test Formats


The GRE exam has two test formats - GRE General Test and GRE Subject Test. The GRE syllabus is different for each.

  • GRE General Test: General Test is the standard exam that tests students’ verbal reasoning, analytical writing skills and quantitative reasoning
  • GRE Subject Test: For more specific courses, a GRE Subject Test might be required by the college, as the GRE Subject Test focuses on judging the candidate’s expertise in specific fields. 


GRE Exam Syllabus 2023


GRE Exam Syllabus: Here is the GRE Syllabus 2023 covering the GRE writing syllabus, GRE verbal syllabus, and GRE quant syllabus:


GRE Syllabus 2023


GRE Exam Pattern

Number of Questions

Allotted Time

GRE Analytical Writing Section

Question type: Analyze an Issue task and Analyze an Argument task.

1 + 1

(One "Analyze an Issue" task and one "Analyze an Argument" task)

60 mins

(30 minutes per task)

GRE Verbal Reasoning Section

Question type: Reading Comprehension, Text Completion and Sentence Equivalence.

20 + 20

(Two sections with 20 questions per section)

60 mins

(30 minutes per section)


GRE Quantitative Reasoning

Question type: Quantitative Comparison Questions, Multiple-choice Questions and Numeric Entry Questions

20 + 20

(Two sections with 20 questions per section)

70 mins

(35 minutes per section)


What are the Skills Tested in GRE?

  1. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)
  2. Quantitative Reasoning
  3. Verbal Reasoning


GRE Exam Syllabus: Analytical Writing (AWA) Section


The GRE analytical writing section evaluates a test-capacity taker for complex idea articulation, justification, and illustration, as well as their ability to evaluate assertions and supporting evidence, maintain a tightly focused, cogent discussion, and master the conventions of standard written English. There are two analytical writing problems on the GRE syllabus, each with a time limit of thirty minutes:

  • Analyze an Issue
  • Analyze an Argument


GRE Exam Syllabus: Verbal Reasoning Section


The verbal thinking test part evaluates candidates; the test-capacity taker analyse and draw conclusions from the discourse, reason from incomplete data, recognise the author's assumptions and/or point of view, choose important points, separates major from minor or relevant points, summarise texts, comprehend text structures, comprehend the meanings of words, sentences, and entire texts, and comprehend relationships between words and concepts.

The list of topics covered under the GRE verbal syllabus includes

  • Basic Sentence structure: Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives
  • Verb Tense
  • Idioms & Idiomatic Expressions
  • Pronoun Agreement
  • Subject-Verb Agreement
  • Modifiers
  • Parallelism 


GRE Exam Syllabus: Quantitative Reasoning Section


The quantitative reasoning section of the exam measures test-aptitude takers for comprehending, interpreting, and analysing quantitative data, using mathematical models to solve problems and applying fundamental mathematical abilities and elementary mathematical concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics.

The list of topics covered in the GRE Quant Syllabus includes the following


Ratio and proportionProfit and loss
Simple and compound interestSpeed, distance and time
Permutation & combinationLinear equations
Quadratic equationsSets Theory
StatisticsPowers and roots
ProbabilityPipes, cisterns, work, time
Lines and anglesTriangles
CirclesCoordinate geometry
Order of operationsVolume and surface area
PercentageNumber properties



GRE Subject Test Syllabus 2023


The following subjects are included in the GRE Subject Test syllabus:


GRE Biology Syllabus (Discontinued since May 2021)


There are roughly 190 five-choice questions about biology on the exam. The subjects cover

  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Organismal Biology
  • Ecology and Evolution 


GRE Chemistry Syllabus


There are roughly 130 multiple-choice questions on the test organised into the four categories that generally make up chemistry.

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Physical Chemistry 


GRE Literature in English Syllabus (Discontinued since May 2021)


Each edition of the test consists of approximately 230 questions on poetry, biography, literary theory, essay short story, drama, noveliticism, and the history of the language.

  • Literary Analysis
  • Identification
  • Cultural and Historical Contexts
  • History and Theory of Literary Criticism 


GRE Math Syllabus


The test comprises roughly 66 multiple-choice questions that are taken from undergraduate courses that are frequently offered.

  • Algebra          
  • Calculus
  • Additional Topics


GRE Physics Syllabus


A total of 100 five-choice questions, some of which are linked together and based on resources like diagrams, graphs, experimental data, and descriptions of physical conditions, make up the test.

  • Classical Mechanics
  • Electromagnetism
  • Optics and Wave Phenomena
  • Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Atomic Physics
  • Special Relativity
  • Laboratory Methods
  • Specialised Topics 


GRE Psychology Syllabus


There are about 205 multiple-choice questions on the exam. The test contains five possible answers for each question, and the test taker must pick the one that best or correctly answers the query.

  • Biological
  • Cognitive
  • Developmental
  • Social
  • Clinical
  • Measurement/Methodology/Other 


GRE General Test Pattern


Even if a student is familiar with the GRE syllabus and has all the correct answers, a poorly managed exam may result from poor time management. It is essential to be acquainted with the GRE's format in the circumstances like these. GRE's primary elements of the GRE GRErk are analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. Three hours and 45 minutes are allotted for taking the GRE computer-based test.


GRE Exam Pattern for Computer-Delivered Test


Each section is then separated into two sub-sections for the computer-based pattern, consisting of forty questions (Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning). After the Quantitative Reasoning portion, this session is followed by a ten-minute break. There is only one component of the GRE Analytical Writing test, and it involves two tasks with an hour of time e additional variable portions are included in the computer-based pattern exam in addition to these significant sections. However, these two variable components, the Research and Unscored sections do not count toward the final GRE scores.


GRE Sections

No. of Sections


Analytical Writing1 section- two tasks60 minutes
Verbal Reasoning2 section- 40 questions60 minutes
Quantitative Reasoning2 section- 40 questions70 minutes


GRE Exam Pattern for Paper-Delivered Test


Each of the three main categories—Analytical Writing, Verbal, and Quantitative Reasoning—has two sub-sections on the paper-based GRE exam syllabus. Two activities in the analytical writing section are one-hour long each (60 mins). The time allotted for the two sections and 50 questions in the verbal and quantitative reasoning tests, respectively, is 60 and 70 minutes. The paper-based test does not have the ambiguous Unscored and Research portions.

GRE Sections

No. of Sections


Analytical Writing2 sections- 2 tasks60 minutes
Verbal Reasoning2 sections- 50 questions70 minutes quantitative
Quantitative Reasoning2 sections- 50 questions80 minutes


Strategy for preparing for GRE


Those who wish to study for the GRE syllabus may wish to consult our comprehensive preparation manual on the test's many sections. Downloadable examples of GRE questions are also available for candidates' use in preparation for the exam.


Best Books for GRE Preparation


It's crucial to keep up to speed on the most recent GRE Syllabus to perform well on your GRE General Test. A lot of expenses are incurred when applying, studying, and getting ready for the GRE. Indian students alone must pay $213 for the GRE. You will still need to get a GRE official guide and practice exams if you are taking coaching programs. Therefore, regardless of whether you plan to enrol in coaching sessions or you prefer to study independently, you will need to buy a few materials to prepare for the GRE parts.


GRE POWER PREP II Software - Preparation for the Computer-based GRE revised General Test – This software is free, and it comes with two complete practice exams in addition to sample questions, advice, and methods. They have timed exams that mimic the feeling of taking a test and include user-friendly design elements like altering answers inside a section and an on-screen calculator.


The Official Guide to the GRE revised General Test, revised, Second Edition – The official test preparation book's second edition comes with four comprehensive practice exams, hundreds of test questions, explanations for the answers, sample essay replies with user commentary, test-taking methods, and more. Both a print copy and an eBook of this manual are offered.


GRE Sample Paper 2023


We have also compiled a set of GRE question papers with answer keys based on the previous GRE exam papers for the convenience of our readers. The following GRE question paper was compiled using information from reliable websites and ETS, which is in charge of organizing the GRE 2023.

What are the subjects for the GRE test?

The Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing sections make up the majority of the GRE test. However, the several topics that make up these categories are tested throughout the entire test.

How difficult is the GRE test?

You should be aware that the GRE test was developed to evaluate a candidate's academic aptitude. Therefore, a candidate who has studied for the GRE examination should view the GRE as a standard for his higher education rather than a challenging exam.

How many times can I appear for the GRE test?

Candidates may take the GRE General Test a maximum of five times in a single continuous rolling 12-month period, or once every 21 days.

Can a student prepare for GRE in a month?

Before reserving a GRE test time, candidates are recommended to study hard for the test. Candidates who have taken the GRE before or who are well-prepared for the test can therefore use the one month for review before the test and take it. Others would undoubtedly require a longer period of time to really prepare for the exam.

Is the GRE syllabus similar to the SAT test?

Carried out by ETS, The SAT is only offered for undergraduate courses, but the GRE is an exam for graduate studies.