PTE Speaking/Writing Practice Test 2024 for Exam Preparation

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The PTE Speaking/Writing section assesses your ability to communicate effectively in English. This section includes reading aloud, repeating sentences, describing images, and writing short essays. 


To prepare for this section, practising speaking and writing in English regularly is important. You can also familiarise yourself with the test format and practice sample questions to improve your skills. 

Additionally, working with a tutor or taking a preparation course can provide valuable feedback and guidance for this section.

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1. PTE Speaking Practice Test: Sample Paper

The PTE speaking section includes various questions, such as personal introductions, read-aloud, repeating a sentence, describing an image, retelling a lecture, and answering short questions. 

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2. PTE Writing Practice Test: Sample Paper

The PTE Writing section includes multiple question types such as summarising written text, writing an essay, and summarising spoken text. 

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PTE Speaking Practice Test: Sample Paper

The PTE speaking section includes various questions, such as personal introductions, read-aloud, repeating a sentence, describing an image, retelling a lecture, and answering short questions. 

The speaking section lasts 30-40 minutes and contains multiple questions of different types. To perform well in this section, it is essential to practise speaking English regularly and familiarise yourself with the test format.


Question Type: Personal Introduction


Directions: Read the prompt below. In 25 seconds, you must reply in your own words, as naturally and clearly as possible. You have 30 seconds to record your response. Your response will be sent together with your score report to the institutions you selected.

Please introduce yourself. For example, you could talk about one or more of the following:


1. Your interests 

2. Your plans for future study 

3. Why you want to study abroad 

4. Why you need to learn English 

5. Why you chose this test 


Question Type: Read Aloud

Directions: Look at the text below. In 40 seconds, you must read this aloud as naturally and clearly as possible. You have 40 seconds to read this text aloud:

Question 1: 


1) Criticism: 

The insults and criticism were not unexpected. What was surprising was people’s enthusiasm about the competition. Thousands have participated in the discussion. 

2) Glamorous person: 

Who do you think is the most glamorous person? A biotechnologist who led his company in international research, an ordinary welder who gained international fame through his work, or a photographer complimented widely for a series of photos? 

3) Executive Residence: 

The Executive Residence in The White House, in the United States of America, where the president resides, is divided into several wings. It also includes the vice president’s and president’s staff’s offices. This government building is a national heritage site. 


4) Cloud seeding: 

Cloud seeding, a form of weather modification, is a way of attempting to change the amount of precipitation that comes from clouds. Cloud seeding is carried out by dispersing substances into the air, but it also occurs due to ice nucleates in nature, most of which are bacterial in origin. 

5) Language: 

“There are, of course, intercultural and language difficulties,” he said. “There are, of course, also many Australian students who don’t speak such fantastically good English either. 

6) Passion: 

Do something you are very passionate about and do not try to chase what is considered the hot passion of the day. People say you have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing, and it’s totally true. You have to do it over a sustained period of time. So, if you don’t love it, you’re going to give up. 

7) Charlie Parker: 

Charlie Parker noticed that the solos were only improvised through the melodies but that he could also improvise them through the chords, thus creating new variations over the structure of the songs and also playing more notes faster. 


Question 2: Repeat Sentence 

Direction: You will hear some sentences in this audio. Please repeat each sentence exactly as you hear it. You will hear each sentence once only. 



Question 3: Describe Image


Direction: Look at the diagram below. In 25 seconds, please speak what it is showing. You will have 40 seconds to give your response. 


Image 1








Question 4 : Retell Lecture 


Directions: You will hear a lecture. After listening to the lecture, please explain what you have just heard in your own words in 10 seconds. You will have 40 seconds to give your response. 





Question 5: Answer Short Questions

Directions: Play the audio to listen to the related recording. You will hear some questions. Please give a simple and short answer to each one. Often just one or a few words are enough.





Sample Answer

Personal Introduction 

My name is …………., I was born and raised in ……………, and I am ….years old. I have completed my graduation in ………………... Some of my favorite activities are planning events, volunteering, and photography. I want to relocate to Canada to obtain a master's degree in sociology in order to expand my career prospects. I'm taking the PTE Academic exam as part of a requirement to assess my English proficiency in order to attain my objectives. 


Question 2: Repeat Sentence 

1. A burglar broke into my hues while I was away on a trip. 

2. Students can download the materials from the website. 

3. The student center is located on the first floor of the home building. 

4. Mentors could be arranged for students who need additional help. 

5. The placement test for mathematics and statistics is offered this semester. 

6. Supply and demand are some of the most fundamental factors in academic economics. 

7. The chemistry building is located at the entrance to the campus. 

8. It's within that framework that we're making our survey. 

9. Career mobility is very important for new graduate students. 

10. Contemporary commentators dismissed his idea as eccentric. 


Question 3: Describe Image 


Image 1 

The given image provides information about the different heights of penguins. There are five types of penguins, the highest of which is the Emperor penguin, which stands at 120 meters. On the other hand, Adelie is the tiniest penguin, standing at about 70 meters tall. Adelie is a little taller than Chinstrap and Macaroni. It's also worth noting that only Emperor and King penguins have identical characteristics. The crest of macaroni penguins is yellow. Gentoo has orange claws, Emperor and King penguins have black claws, while Macaroni and Chinstrap have peach claws. 


Image 2 

The given image depicts a market and provides information about it. A lot of different aspects can be observed about the market from this image. For example, a seller can be seen selling bananas, potatoes, onions, watermelon, brinjal, broccoli, cabbage, lemon, and other fruits and vegetables. Also, it appears from this image that it is a busy day at the market since there are many types of people in the market, including men and women. A woman wearing a blue shirt and carrying a red check purse can also be seen examining the prices of various things. 


Image 3 

The image mentioned on the screen can be comprehended as a construction worker demonstrating construction safety signs. The left side of the worker discusses the precautions that workers must take. It entails wearing a helmet at all times at the construction site. In addition, wearing eye and feet protection is recommended to safeguard the eyes and feet. Additionally, the right side of the construction worker displays that construction workers must also wear ear protection, a mask, and hand gloves to protect their ears, nose, and hands. 


Question 4 : Retell Lecture 

Transcript: Indeed, the library. We’ve all been to a historical library. We’ve all enjoyed the smell of a historical library. But what is it? And what does it mean? When we recently went to UCL Center for Sustainable Heritage, we’ve recently been asked to access the environment at another historical library at Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the Wren Library, an incredible place. And it has such an intensive smell of old books. And we were also asked for the first time. I was actually taken aback by the brief. We were asked whatever you do, and please preserve the smell. It is so important to our audience. It is so important how people perceive the library. So that is, that was quite an important message in our research. And indeed, the smell is an important way how we communicate with the environment. This piece of research was done by an advertising company because advertisers are so interested in how we interact with each other and the environment. And we see that the majority of people use sight obviously to interact with the environment, but on the other hand, we see the smell is also very, very important. 


Summary of the Lecture: 

We have indeed all been to the historical library. All of us enjoy the smell of a historical library. But what is the smell of a historical library? And what does it mean to us? We have been asked to access the environment at another historical library at Saint Paul’s Cathedral, the Wren Library, an incredible place with an intensive smell of old books. And indeed, smell is a meaningful way to communicate with the environment. It is so important how people perceive the library. An advertising agency did this piece of research because advertisers are interested in interacting with each other and our environment. 


Question 5: Answer Short Questions 


1. A business doesn't want to make a loss - what does it want to make? 

Ans: Profit 


2. A dozen is a grouping of which number? 

Ans: Twelve 


3. A famous canal links the Mediterranean Sea with the Indian Ocean. Is it the Corinth or the Suez Canal? 

Ans: The Suez Canal 


4. A lack of which kind of weather causes drought, dry weather or rainy weather? 

Ans: Rainy weather 


5. A list of events placed in time order is usually described as what? 

Ans: A chronology/ a timeline


PTE Writing Practice Test: Sample Paper

The PTE Writing section includes multiple question types such as summarising written text, writing an essay, and summarising spoken text. 

The writing section lasts 40-50 minutes, and to perform well in it, it is important to practice writing regularly and familiarise yourself with the test format.


Sample Paper


Question 1: Summarising Written Text

Directions: Read the passage below and summarise it in one sentence. Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage. 

Children Allowance

Many people who have written on the subject of allowances say it is not a good idea to pay your child for work around the home. These jobs are a normal part of family life. Paying children to do extra work around the house, however, can be useful. It can even provide an understanding of how a business works. Allowances give children a chance to experience the things they can do with money. They can share it in the form of gifts or giving to a good cause. They can spend it by buying things they want. Or they can save and maybe even invest it. Saving helps children understand that costly goals require sacrifice: you have to cut costs and plan for the future. Requiring children to save part of their allowance can also open the door to future saving and investing. Many banks offer services to help children and teenagers learn about personal finance. A savings account is an excellent way to learn about the power of compound interest. Compounding works by paying interest on interest. So, for example, one dollar invested at two per cent interest for two years will earn two cents in the first year. In the second year, the money will earn two per cent of one dollar and two cents, and so on. That may not seem like a lot. But over time, it adds up.


Question 2: Write Essay 


Direction: You will have 20 minutes to plan, write and revise an essay about the topic below. Your response will be judged on how well you develop your position, organise your ideas, present supporting details, and control the elements of standard written English. You should write 200 - 300 words. 


In a cashless society, people use more credit cards. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this phenomenon?



Sample Answers

Question 1: Summarise Written Text 


Many people believe that paying your child to work around the home is not a good idea and that allowance should not be encouraged. But, allowance can provide an understanding of how a business works. It gives children a chance to experience what they can do with money. Managing and saving money can help children understand that costly goals require sacrifice. Many banks help children with personal finances, and saving accounts can be created to learn about the power of compound interest. 


Question 2: Write Essay 


People are heading toward a cashless society on a global scale. A cashless society is where all the transactions are carried out using bank-issued cards or an immediate real-time payment system that helps in instantly transferring the funds. There are a variety of advantages to using a cashless method, such as eliminating the risk of carrying cash. However, it does have several risks. Though this approach has many disadvantages, I feel the advantages outweigh them. In the forthcoming paragraphs, I will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the issue and explain why I believe in the latter. 


The primary advantage of digital transactions is that they eradicate the danger of carrying cash. Since several industries entail high-volume transactions, carrying large amounts of cash is necessary. People are usually afraid of being plundered. Large amounts of cash transactions are less perilous with credit cards and digital transactions. Additionally, people can easily purchase goods and services sitting at home with just a click of a button. Another advantage of electronic transactions is that consumers can use credit cards to buy expensive items like automobiles, homes, and refrigerators and then pay the bank back in monthly instalments (EMIs). 


However, electronic transactions have various drawbacks, including consumers frequently spending vast sums of money without first examining their monthly purchasing budget. Moreover, if a debit or credit card of a person is misplaced, the money can easily be stolen from the bank. Besides that, customers who fail to settle their due payments to banks are subjected to high interest charges. Simultaneously, individuals and businesses can quickly become victims of cyber hacking, resulting in significant financial loss. 


Overall, while a cashless society has a number of drawbacks, individuals can learn to spend their money wisely and minimise the quantity of cash in circulation by encouraging the use of credit cards.

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Q. What types of questions are included in PTE speaking questions?

A. PTE speaking questions include tasks such as Read Aloud, Repeat Sentence, Describe Image, Re-tell Lecture, and Answer Short Questions. These tasks are designed to evaluate your ability to speak English fluently and accurately in an academic setting.

Q. How can I practice PTE speaking read aloud?

A. To practice PTE speaking, read aloud, use sample passages and practice reading them clearly and naturally. Focus on pronunciation, intonation, and fluency. Online resources and PTE preparation materials often provide passages specifically for read-aloud practice.

Q. What is covered in the PTE speaking module?

A. The PTE speaking module covers tasks such as reading aloud, Repeating Sentences, Describing an Image, Retelling a Lecture, and Answering Short Questions. These tasks assess your ability to understand spoken English, produce spoken responses, and effectively communicate in English.

Q. What is the PTE Academic Speaking section?

A. The PTE Academic Speaking section is a part of the PTE Academic exam that tests your speaking skills through various tasks. It evaluates your fluency, pronunciation, and ability to convey information clearly in spoken English.

Q. Where can I find a PTE sample speaking test?

A. You can find a PTE sample speaking test on the official PTE website, in PTE preparation books, and on educational platforms that offer practice tests. These samples help you get familiar with the format and types of questions you will encounter in the speaking section.