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Students can prepare for the SAT in two ways: on their own time or through coaching sessions. Both solutions have distinct advantages and are excellent with demonstrable advantages. We'll provide you with some SAT study advice in this article to assist you in getting ready for the SAT exam in 2023. The most efficient techniques to prepare for the SAT have been highlighted. Starting early, using Khan Academy's official SAT practice, taking at least one full-length practice exam, and being attentive in your high school classrooms are all ways to prepare for the SAT. For better practice, you can use any of these free techniques.


SAT Preparation


To fully comprehend the SAT and reach your goals, use the advice provided below.


  • Start Early

It's always beneficial to plan. The SAT should therefore be started while still in high school. You must take the SAT prep course while managing your studies. By leaving yourself plenty of time to study for the SAT, choose the test day. Spend two to three months preparing for the test. If you get going right away, you'll have plenty of time to learn the concepts, apply them, and create a strategy. You'll feel more confident taking the test after learning the fundamentals.


  • Make a study plan

Establish a date for your SAT exam. Create a study plan and adhere to it strictly. You can better organise your time before the test with its assistance. Watch training videos and set aside time for practice. Set goals and aim to achieve them as you focus more on your weak areas. Ensure your goal is compatible with the universities you wish to apply to.


  • Prepare with Khan Academy's official SAT practice

It is always advisable to study for the SAT utilising the official materials created by the test's creators. Students can access a collaboration between College Board and Khan Academy for free SAT practice. The authorised SAT study materials can be found in the Official SAT Practice. Khan Academy has developed a study schedule based on the PSAT/NMSQT, your prior test results, and the impending exam date. You should spend between 6 and 20 hours studying for your first SAT. Take at least one whole practice exam after this. You can increase your focus on your weak areas once you've finished this and identified them.


  • Pay more attention in class

Since 2016, the SAT has been better matched to classroom instruction. It is so crucial that you pay attention in class and thoroughly comprehend the material. Spend more time on them if you need to review some of the sections again.


SAT Preparation Tips


Three areas make up the SAT exam: math, essay, and evidence-based reading and writing. Although the essay section is optional, many universities look at the results when evaluating a candidate's application profile.


Suggestions for Evidence-based Reading and Writing on the SAT


This portion consists of two examinations, the first of which is a reading test where applicants must demonstrate their reading comprehension level. The other is a writing portion of the SAT, where applicants must read and revise the content.


SAT preparation advice for the part on evidence-based reading and writing


  • To locate the solutions, carefully read the passage.
  • Use logic to back up your inferences from the passage.
  • Make sure that your answer only contains quotes from the passage.
  • Make good use of your time by endeavouring to respond to as many questions as you can about one paragraph before moving on to another.
  • In the passage, emphasise the facts, concepts, specifics, and points of view.


SAT Preparation Tips for Writing and Language


The SAT includes a Writing and Language portion that evaluates candidates' writing abilities. Candidates must edit content and arrange sentences, paragraphs, and passages. The multiple-choice topics in the SAT Writing section are designed to assess a candidate's grammar, usage, and punctuation proficiency.


SAT Prep Tips for Writing and Language section


  • There are two types of passages one where you must comprehend the passage's premise or theme and one where there will be mistakes that you must spot after reading.
  • Given the time constraints, you can respond to questions as you read the chapter, however, you might not have enough time to finish it completely.
  • You can read the first question and then read the first para to find an answer to it
  • Read the question carefully and try to understand what is required to answer it
  • Every question is designed in such a way that it tests your grammar, word choice, and sentence structure


SAT Preparation Tips for Maths


The three components of SAT Math are Algebra and Functions, Geometry Statistics, and Probability and Data analysis. Examinees may use a calculator in one of the two parts of the test's math section but not in the other.


SAT Prep Tips for Maths section


  • Candidates need to work on their speed and accuracy for the Math section
  • The math section measures skills in solving problems with efficiency and accurately
  • Candidates need to learn math concepts, rules, and relations. It is better to find the wrong answers rather than the correct answer. This may help in saving your time
  • Candidates should know formulas as the section includes questions related to graphs, linear equations, or analyzing a solution
  • Try to respond to as several problems as you can because there are no deducting points on the SAT
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