Ivy League SAT Scores For 2022: How Much Is Good

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Getting admission to Ivy League universities is no less than a dream for many students. Every year, hundreds of students work hard to get the best Ivy League SAT Scores and secure a seat in prestigious institutions. That being said, only some of them finally make it through the admission process.

This year too, plenty of students are ready to appear for SAT exams. While due to covid-19, the eight Ivy League universities have made the standardised test optional, there is no doubt that your SAT score for ivy league can still make a huge difference. Below are the details about how much SAT score is good and what is the average SAT score for each of the Ivy League universities.

Importance of Ivy League SAT Scores

While SAT scores are not the only criteria to get admission to Ivy League colleges, the scores do make a difference in the overall selection process. Ivy League schools are known for their holistic approach. They follow this same idea when assessing applicants. High SAT scores help determine the applicant’s transferable skills, such as reading comprehension and math ability. This is why it is important for international students to get perfect SAT scores. Also, since the number of students applying for Ivy colleges is extremely high this year (due to the optional SAT score), the competition has become stiffer. In such a situation, a good SAT score ensures that you are a step ahead of other candidates. Along with SAT scores, students should also focus on their extracurricular activities, essays, work experiences, etc., as admission officers also consider these factors to compare candidates from different high schools across countries.

Ideal SAT Score for Ivy League Colleges

When it comes to deciding what is a Good SAT Score for Ivy League colleges or universities, students should keep in mind that they are applying for the best educational institutions in the world. Thus, the perfect score should be as high as possible. A good average aim should be 75 percentile or an SAT score of 1580 (out of 1600). But the main goal should be to earn scores that exceed the majority of applicants. Students can look at the previous year’s scores to predict how much score they should aim for. As for the perfect SAT score, it is difficult to state that there is one. This is because even getting the highest score does not guarantee that a college application will be accepted. After all, college admissions officers evaluate the entire application and not just academic excellence and scores. They also look for strong letters of recommendation, extracurricular activities, sports participation, and GPA, among other factors.

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Ivy League SAT Scores For 2022: How Much Is Good

Average Ivy League SAT Scores in 2021

Here are the average sat scores for ivy league universities:

Average SAT Scores for Harvard University

The average SAT score of Harvard in 2021 was 1510. However, as per the new announcements, it has made SAT scores optional. Its acceptance rate in 2021 was 5.0%. Thus, it is important that students should opt for scores and try to match the middle 50% of admitted students.

Average SAT Scores for Princeton University

Princeton University is not much behind when it comes to the average SAT score. In 2021, its average SAT score was 1505. As for the acceptance rate, it was lower than Harvard’s at 4.4%.

Average SAT Scores for Yale University

Yale University’s average SAT score was similar to that of Harvard at 1510 for 2021. Its acceptance rate was 4.6%.

Average SAT Scores for Columbia University

Next on the list is Columbia University, whose average SAT scores for 2021 were 1505. The acceptance rate was quite low at 3.9%.

Average SAT Scores for Cornell University

The average SAT score for this Ivy League university was 1480 in 2021. The acceptance rate was comparatively higher than at Harvard, Columbia, and Yale. It stood at 8.7%.

Average SAT Scores for University of Pennsylvania

Also known as Penn or UPenn, the University of Pennsylvania’s average SAT score for 2021 was 1500. Its acceptance rate was 5.9%.

Average SAT Scores for Brown University

The average SAT score for Brown University is 1500. The acceptance rate was comparatively higher than at Harvard. It stood at 5.5%

Average SAT Scores for Dartmouth College

The last of the eight Ivy League institutions is Dartmouth College. Its average SAT score was noted to be 1485, with an acceptance rate of 6.2%.


While the SAT test has been made optional by many Ivy League universities, there is no doubt that having a good score definitely gives one an extra edge over other students. Thus, students who believe that they can work hard and that their score would make a huge impact on their success should definitely start their prep. In addition to the Ivy League SAT Scores, they should also start working on their entire applications to ensure they have higher chances. With the number of students applying to get admission to a top school in the Ivy League universities increasing, the competition is getting tougher; and having a good SAT score can become a crucial add-on in the application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which colleges accept the SAT as part of their admissions process?

A large number of colleges & universities in the US accept SAT scores as a part of their admission process. Some of them include Stanford University, Ivy league colleges, Colorado College, MIT, Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, University of Chicago, etc.
Some colleges also use SAT scores to offer scholarships to students. Indian, UK, and Australian universities also accept SAT test scores.

What other standardised tests are there for college admissions?

Below are some other standardised tests that are required for admissions to international colleges and universities:
ACT (American College Test)
Graduate Record Examination (GRE)
IELTS (International English Language Testing System)
TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)
PTE (Pearson English Test)
MCAT (Medical College Admission Test)

How do I get a good score on the SAT?

The best way to get a good SAT score is by starting their test prep early. Students should create a strict timeline for completing each section’s preparation. A good SAT or ACT score means you have less space for mistakes. Thus, it is better to practice as much as you can. Here are some tips to get a good score:
Students should get high-quality test papers for practice straight from the website of the College Board and practice each one of them.
Students should focus on the quality of preparation instead of the quantity.
It is important to understand the mistakes you are making and then work on a structured approach to your mistakes.
Students should develop a strong set of studying habits such as creating a strict schedule, staying away from distractions, and having a positive approach.

Why have Ivy league universities made SAT scores optional?

One of the main reasons why Ivy League universities and colleges made SAT tests optional was the dawn of Covid-19. The pandemic made it difficult to administer test centres. Thus, many universities and colleges turned to optional tests so that the process of admission becomes easier.
In addition to this, Ivy League colleges and even some other international universities switched to the optional test to increase their rankings as well. With a test-optional scenario, there is a high jump in the number of students applying for ivy league admissions. This is leading to a lower acceptance rate and inflated average test scores as well.

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