Cambridge Scholarship 2022: Overview, Eligibility & Process

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  • Cambridge University, a dream place for top scorers, provides numerous scholarships to the well-deserving, academically brilliant students suffering from financial distress.
  • The article covers several undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships that can help international students pursue the course of their choice at Cambridge University

Pursuing higher education overseas can help you successfully boost your career, yet financial constraints can leave you dejected. Various partial, as well as full-cost scholarships offered by different universities across the world for high-performing students, act as a catalyst in helping them study the course of their choice.

The Cambridge Commonwealth, European and International Trust, or the Cambridge Trust Scholarship founded by The University of Cambridge, is a helpful tool for international students willing to study at the university. The trust, with its large number of scholarships, aims to help students living outside of the United Kingdom pursue higher studies irrespective of their social and financial background in one of the best universities in the world.

Check this article to know all about the Cambridge Trust Scholarship 2022, its eligibility, and the application process.


Cambridge Trust Scholarship Overview

Cambridge University, ranking high amongst some of the top universities in the world, offers the best educational facilities with modern infrastructure and technological advancements. The University offers different scholarships based on merit or financial needs, some of which are University Scholarships, External Scholarships, and Entrance Scholarships,

Eligibility Requirements

Though the selection criteria for each scholarship offered by the university may differ, here are a few basic requirements that must be met for each scholarship:

  • The prospective students must be starting one of these courses:
  • Undergraduate(excluding the UK and EU applicants)
  • Master’s(such as MPhil, M.ED, LLM, MAST)
  • Research postgraduate or PhD.
  • The applicant must need financial support to pursue education at Cambridge University.
  • The applicant must be a top-scorer academically and should submit all the academic transcripts.
  • The applicant must satisfy the basic English proficiency requirements.

Cambridge University Scholarship for Bachelor’s Programmes

Cambridge Trust Scholarship(Undergraduate)

Eligibility requirements: Confirmation of enrollment to the chosen undergraduate study.

Benefit: Partial contribution towards the tuition fees

Rowan Williams Cambridge Studentship

Eligibility requirements: The undergraduate students must submit a personal statement along with the application form available on the applicant portal.

Benefit: Tuition fees along with an annual stipend.

Prince Philip Scholarship

Eligibility requirement: Being an undergraduate student from Hong Kong is the basis of selection for this award.

Benefit: A stipend of GBP 4,500 per annum, along with the tuition fees for graduate studies.

Khazanah Cambridge Scholarship

Eligibility requirement: The applicant must be a student from Malaysia. Also, students enrolled in Business, Economics, biosciences, public health, law, and finance have the edge over others.

Benefit: A stipend of GBP 4,500 per annum, along with the tuition fees.

Manmohan Singh Scholarship 

Eligibility requirement: The applicant must be an Indian student getting admission to the BA program at Cambridge.

Benefit: Tuition fees, along with international airfare and a monthly stipend, are covered.

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Cambridge University Scholarship for Master’s and Doctoral Programmes

Cambridge Masters Studentship

Eligibility requirement: The scholarship is available for all students applying for any one-year postgraduate course, irrespective of the fee structure.

Benefit: £12,000 is provided for covering the cost of the course apart from a few other variable donations.

Cambridge Trust Scholarship(Postgraduate)

Eligibility requirement: The scholarship is available for all academically outstanding applicants pursuing postgraduate studies in any field.

Benefit: The tuition fee is partially covered by this scholarship.

Cambridge International Scholarship

Eligibility requirement: The shortlisted applicants must be top-scorers and someone with exceptional potential and skills for research work.

Benefit: The scholarship provides an annual stipend along with the university’s composition fee.

Inlaks Cambridge Scholarship

Eligibility requirement: The scholarship is available for applicants with Indian citizenship only. It provides for the applicants pursuing master’s or PhD. in fields apart from business studies, medicine, public health, engineering, and computer science.

Benefit: The university fees of the awardees, along with an annual stipend and immigration health surcharge, are covered with the scholarship.

Cambridge Gates Scholarship 

Established in the year 2000 by Bill Gates and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship aims to help students with leadership capabilities study the course of their choice.

Eligibility requirement: Candidates pursuing postgraduate and doctoral programs from all over the world can apply for this scholarship by Gates Cambridge Trust, except for students from the UK. Three-year research PhD applicants, Two-year research MSc or MLitt students, and one-year postgraduate students of courses such as MPhil, LLM, MASt, etc. can successfully apply to be chosen as the Gates Cambridge scholars.

Benefit: Each of the gate scholars gain maximum funding of £79,364 with this scholarship. The Gates scholarship covers the university tuition fees, maintenance allowance, inbound visa costs, immigration health surcharge, economy airfare costs, academic development funding, family allowance for children, maternity funding, and fieldwork funds.

Williams Papworth Studentship

Eligibility requirement: Applicants living in Tibet and surrounding areas can apply for this scholarship. The selection committee makes its decision on the basis of the prospective student’s potential to make a positive contribution to society and the lives of others.

Benefit: The value of funding is determined by the level of funding available to the applicants from personal as well as other sources.

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External Scholarships Acceptable at Cambridge University

Apart from the Cambridge Trust Scholarships, several other scholarships out there can help international students pursue the course of their choice with ease at any prestigious university in the UK. Here are a few of the external scholarships that can help you to fund your education in the UK:

Commonwealth Scholarship

  • Eligibility requirement: The scholarship is available for all postgraduate students having the nationality of any developing commonwealth country.
  • Benefit: The tuition fees for the academic year are covered along with an annual stipend and airfare costs.

Chevening Scholarship

  • Eligibility requirement: The applicant must be able to demonstrate financial need along with strong leadership potential. Also, the applicant must be from a country offering the Chevening Scholarship award for a master’s program.
  • Benefit: Living expenses and an annual stipend is covered along with the tuition fees of the course.

Oxford & Cambridge Society of India Scholarship

  •  Eligibility requirement: The part-cost award by not-for-profit alumni organisation is available for students with Indian citizenship. The applicant must not be above the age of 30 years and should have secured a successful enrollment in Cambridge or Oxford University.
  • Benefit: INR 100,000 is awarded to the selected applicants.

Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship

  • Eligibility requirement: Available to applicants aged between 28-38 years, the scholarship is available for doctoral programs.
  • Benefit: INR 100,000 is awarded to the selected applicants.


The University of Cambridge offers scholarships in abundance to help the students in need of financial support to pursue their higher studies at the university of their choice. Getting an insight into different scholarships can be quite nerve-wracking for students. Hopefully, this article with all the necessary details regarding different scholarships, their eligibility criteria, and benefits will help you make the best choice for your future studies.

Frequenty Asked Question

1. Is it possible to apply for more than one scholarship?

Yes, applicants can apply for multiple scholarships to increase their chances of getting selected for funding.

2. Is full tuition cost covered in the Gates Cambridge Scholarship?

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship covers the full tuition costs of the selected candidates along with the airfare charges, maintenance fees, visa costs, etc.

3. What is the acceptance rate for Cambridge University?

The acceptance rate for Cambridge University is 12.5% on average.

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