Best IELTS Books For Top Score In 2022: Most Popular Material For IELTS

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Preparing for IELTS is all about perseverance, determination, optimism, a zest for performing the best and the right guidance through IELTS books. While the former elements of IELTS test preparation depend on the individual candidate, picking the books for IELTS exam to understand the concepts can be a factor that needs quite some research.

It is the right material for IELTS that helps the candidate be thorough with all the test requirements and defines their success rate during the actual test. However, with an array of options available in the market, there can be confusion in selecting the right books for the IELTS exam by the candidate.

To ease your confusion about choosing the right IELTS material, we have listed the best IELTS preparation books to get a top score in 2022.

Recommended IELTS Books for Preparation

Below are the highly recommended books for IELTS preparation:

1. The Official Cambridge Guide for IELTS

A starter’s guide for IELTS preparation, the Official Cambridge Guide for IELTS is the reader’s first choice. This book offers a multitude of helpful suggestions, points and tricks to guide you through exam preparation.

Things you will like about this IELTS book –

  1. It encompasses the entire IELTS reading material.
  2. It has glimpses of mistakes made by the IELTS aspirants during their exam preparation experience.
  3. It has suggestions and pointers from the ones who have cleared the exam.
  4. It comes with a DVD to enable candidates to prepare for the speaking and listening tests.

2. Barron’s IELTS Superpack

If you are on the lookout for a single book that encapsulates the entire package to benefit potential IELTS applicants, then Barron’s IELTS Superpack is your ultimate guide. With its easy availability on eCommerce platforms, you can get your hands on it super-fast and start learning the tips and tricks to obtain a high score in the IELTS exam.

Things you will like about this IELTS book –

  1. It is highly comprehensive in terms of its IELTS study material.
  2. It is available with a pack of 2 CDs and online tracks that offers you the option of listening to content when you are not in the mood of reading.

3. IELTS Practise Tests Plus 2 with Key and CD Pack

It is one of the IELTS books that can help you achieve a high score through self-study. It is a good source of self-study that is perfect for both academic and general training. It offers tests and strategies to enable a candidate to gain rightful knowledge.

Things you will like about this IELTS book-

  1. The IELTS study material offers clear explanations on the topics.
  2. It provides easy problem-solving questions for the candidates.

4. Cambridge IELTS 15 Academic Student’s Book with Answers with Audio

Known for its legitimacy, Cambridge IELTS 15 academic student’s book with answers with audio offers practice tests that give a rough measure of how the actual exam will be like. This IELTS preparation book is specially made for students in academics. Its IELTS practice materials deliver you insight into all the modules and scoring methods.

5. Simone Braveman’s Target Band 7

The study material for IELTS Canada, Simone Braveman’s Target Band 7 is your guide to scoring high numbers in the exam. It is one of the best IELTS books that provides you with strategies that are easily executable for general preparation.

Things you will like about this IELTS book-

  1. Besides the easy to understand tips, this book also offers insights into how to use your time efficiently and effectively.
  2. It offers solutions to the problems that are highly expected in the IELTS exam.

6. Road to IELTS

Road to IELTS is a course from the British Council that can be easily downloaded. It is one of the best courses for IELTS preparation that offers highly interactive exercises, which include tutorial videos, exercises, mock papers, etc. This IELTS academic book offers easy to download practice papers that offer an overview of the test.

Things you will like about this IELTS book –

  1. It provides around 100 interactive activities & video tutorials for the four sections.
  2. Its IELTS preparation materials provide you with a classroom-type experience.

7. Mometrix Book for IELTS General Training and Academic 2021-2022

One of the best IELTS books, Mometrix IELTS Book, is ideal for General Training and Academics for 2021-2022. It provides thorough video tutorials, mock papers and tips. Its IELTS study material covers the toughest topics at an affordable price.

Things you will like about this IELTS book –

  1. It covers the vital areas of interest in IELTS, i.e. Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing task.
  2. It offers a step by step guide to help with the most problematic topics.

8. Check your English Vocabulary for IELTS

One of the best IELTS books for practising vocabulary before the IELTS exam. This vocabulary book is ideal for both general and academic IELTS preparation. With a plethora of vocabulary terms for enhancing IELTS score, it is best suited for beginners who wish to enhance their vocabulary.

Choosing the right IELTS Books for Preparation

Now that you are aware of the best IELTS books, you need to define your objectives before making your decision of buying one. You will find some books that will offer you a general perspective on academic training. Some will guide you through the vocabulary, while others will be most suited for beginners.

Keep a few pointers in mind before deciding on the IELTS preparation book, such as:

  • Are you comfortable with reading an IELTS book or feel much better with listening to the tips, notes and tutorials for preparation?
  • Are you taking the IELTS exam for the first time, or do you have some knowledge of the four sections of the IELTS exam?

If you are still unsure about the IELTS preparation and need a counselling session from an IELTS trainer or simply wish to talk to someone who can guide you through the process, LeapScholar is your one-stop destination. To ease your struggle with IELTS preparation, LeapScholar assists you through the process by helping you pick the most suitable IELTS reading materials and guiding you through the counselling sessions.

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