MBA in France 2024: Top Universities, Fees, And Eligibility Criteria

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Pursuing an MBA in France is one of the best decisions you can make in 2024. The country houses some of the most prestigious business schools globally, like HEC Paris, INSEAD, and ESSEC Business School. These institutions offer world-class education with a strong focus on practical skills and international exposure.

The best part is that the French government actively welcomes international students. They provide a supportive environment that encourages academic excellence. This can be particularly rewarding for Indian students seeking an exceptional MBA experience with a global perspective. 

MBA in France: Key Highlights 

Top Universities -HEC Paris
-ESSEC Business School
-EDHEC Business School
-ESCP Business School
Average Tuition FeeEUR 65,000 (INR Lakhs)
Average Cost of Living EUR 968 (INR 87 Thousand ) monthly 
Eligibility Criteria -Bachelors Degree
-Updated CV
-Work Experience: 2-3 Years 
Student Visa Long-Stay Student Visa (VLS-TS)
Scholarships -HEC Paris MBA Scholarship for Excellence
-ESSEC Business School Scholarship
-EDHEC Business School Scholarship

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Why Study For an MBA in France For Indian Students?

France, the seventh-largest economy, has many qualities that make it a good choice for Indian students.

Here are the areas where doing an MBA in France is the right choice: 

  • France is super welcoming to students from all over the world, offering an excellent quality of life. 
  • Public universities in France charge students tiny tuition fees, averaging around EUR 20,000 annually, making education affordable.
  • French universities offer education in French and English. So, even international students can study in France without learning French. 
  • France has been a cultural spot since the Middle Ages and offers many things to discover in the arts, music, and history. So, staying in France will be a good choice, enriching your cultural experience and broadening your horizons. 
  • France has many top companies, like TotalEnergies, AXA, Carrefour, and BNP Paribas.

Most importantly, the French government also provides various scholarship opportunities to students. So, international students will no longer have to bear substantial educational expenses to pursue an MBA in France. 

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Top Business Universities in France 

Many of the best business schools in France can expose you to global business management. They all emphasise a world-class scenario where you will learn to manage different business operations worldwide. 

This exposure will help you seek job opportunities or establish your own business in top economies like the USA, UK, Japan, and France! 

Top universities to pursue MBA in France for international students

Universities QS MBA Ranking 2024MBA in France Costs in Indian rupees
HEC Paris5INR 89 L (EUR 99,000)
INSEAD11INR 90 L (EUR 99,500)
ESCP Europe26INR 53 L (EUR 58,000)
ESSEC Business School29INR 54 L (EUR 60,000)
EDHEC Business School51INR 46 L (EUR 51,000)

Note: The tuition fee was added in May 2024 and might show some changes as the university keeps updating it periodically.

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MBA in France 2024: Top Universities, Fees, And Eligibility Criteria

MBA Courses in France: Specialisation

The MBA colleges in France offer many specialisations for Indian students. You can choose from various domains, such as finance, marketing, analytics, aviation, healthcare, etc. 

Specialisation offered by the MBA colleges in France: 

Specialisation Career Options 
Finance Management-Financial analyst
-Investment manager
-Risk management consultant
Marketing Management-Marketing manager
-Brand manager
-Product marketing manager
Travel and Tourism Management-Tourism Manager
-Travel Consultant
-Hotel Manager
Aviation Management-Airline manager
-Airport operations manager
-Aviation consultant
HR Management-Human Resources Manager
-HR Consultant
-Talent Acquisition Specialist
Business Analytics-Data Analyst
-Business Intelligence Analyst
-Data Scientist
Digital Marketing-Digital Marketing Manager
-Social Media Manager
-SEO Specialist
Healthcare Management-Healthcare Administrator
-Hospital CEO
-Health Services Manager
IT Management -IT Manager
-Systems Analyst
-IT Consultant
Media Management-Media Planner
-Media Buyer
-Content Manager

How to select the right specialisation? This is one question that many of us often ask. 

So here’s how you can look for the right specialisation for doing an MBA in France:

  • First, self-analyse yourself to determine which area you want to explore. 
  • Like, what are your goals? Do you want to be an HR or go with analytics?
  • Try to explore them more, and then finalise your specialisation. 
  • Based on that decision, look for the universities that offer the courses.

Don’t worry if you can’t find the right specialisation. Our counsellors are here to help you out and just a click away.

MBA in France: Cost of Living Per Month

Studying for an MBA in France is more affordable than in the USA. The cost of living in France is much lower. In France, the average rent is EUR 776, whereas in the USA, it is EUR 1600. 

Though the expenses of the USA and France are hugely different, the quality of education in France and the USA is uncompromising. As we have seen, the country has global institutions and a diverse culture that is as welcoming as the United States! 

Here is an average essential cost of studying MBA in France: 

Avg Cost of Living EUR 968 (INR 87,000) 
Rent in the City Centre EUR 776 (INR 69,000 )
Monthly Transportation EUR 66 (INR 6,000)
Average Utilities EUR 223 9INR 22,000) 
Average Salary EUR 4,200 (INR 3.8 Lakhs) 
Source: Numbeo

There are also various scholarship opportunities that you can take advantage of. These will help you get an affordable MBA in France without financial burden. 

MBA in France: Eligibility Criteria for Admission 

What’s essential for international students to pursue an MBA in France?

Of course, we should look into the eligibility criteria for admission to MBA colleges in France. 

Here’s the criteria that you should meet for admission in France colleges for MBA:

Educational Qualification4 Years Bachelors Course 
Standardised TestsGMAT and GRE 
Language TestsIELTS and TOEFL 
Experience 2-5 Years
SOP 500-700 words SOP
LOR2 Academic and 1 Professional 
Immigration Student Visa and Passport

Please note that the admission criteria might vary from university to university. For example, you can get an MBA in France without the GMAT by applying to universities like the Rennes School of Business and the Paris School of Business. However, other universities will also ask for GMAT or GRE scores. 

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MBA in France: Jobs & Salary 

Doing an MBA in France opens many job opportunities. Cities like Paris, Marseilles, and Bordeaux offer various career options for MBA graduates from France.

Here is an average salary package that you can get after doing MBA in France: 

Jobs Salary per annum 
Investment ManagerEUR 80,000 (INR 72 Lakhs)
IT ManagerEUR 74,000 (INR 67 Lakhs) 
Airline ManagerEUR 72,000 (INR 65 Lakhs)
Healthcare AdministratorEUR 67,400 (INR 61 Lakhs)
Business Intelligence AnalystEUR 59,000 (INR 53 Lakhs) 
HR ManagerEUR 56,000 (INR 50 Lakhs)
Financial AnalystEUR 52,000 (INR 47 Lakhs)
Brand ManagerEUR 50,000 (INR 45 Lakhs) 
Marketing ManagerEUR 48,000 (INR 43 Lakhs) 
Media ManagerEUR 46,000 (INR 42 Lakhs) 
Source: Glassdoor and PayScale

Summing Up

Pursuing an MBA in France in 2024 can be a game-changer for your career. With globally renowned institutions like HEC Paris, INSEAD, and ESSEC Business School offering top-notch education, you will receive a world-class learning experience enriched with practical skills and international exposure.

Ready to take the first step?  Our counsellors can help you choose the right MBA specialisation and career path. Click here to speak to our counsellors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is France good for MBA?

Certainly! France offers an outstanding environment for pursuing an MBA. With top-tier institutions such as HEC Paris and INSEAD consistently ranked among the world’s best, you’ll receive a stellar education and exposure to global business practices. Moreover, France’s close connections with multinational corporations provide excellent networking and internship opportunities, making it an ideal destination for advancing your career in business.

Q. Who is eligible for MBA in France?

Individuals with a bachelor’s degree in any field are generally eligible for an MBA in France. Professional experience, preferably a few years, strengthens applications. Some programs require GMAT or GRE scores, but waivers are possible. Proficiency in English is essential, and fluency in French can be advantageous. Additional requirements may include letters of recommendation, essays, and interviews. Prospective applicants should review specific school criteria for accurate guidance.

Q. How much will it cost to do an MBA in France?

A. The expense of an MBA in France hinges on your chosen institution. Public universities offer lower fees, typically €3,000 to €10,000 annually (₹269,910 to ₹899,700). Conversely, private schools demand more, reaching €30,000 or beyond yearly (₹2,699,100 or beyond). Beyond tuition, consider living costs, which fluctuate based on your study location.

Q. Which MBA specialisation is best in France for Indian students?

A. Indian students pursuing an MBA in France often favour specialisations like finance, marketing, and technology management. These fields offer diverse career opportunities globally and in France. The areas such as luxury management and entrepreneurship provide unique insights into French industries, fostering valuable skills and networks for students.

Q. Is it possible to do an MBA in France without GMAT?

A. Yes, absolutely!  Several French universities like EM Normandie Business School and Rennes School of Business offer MBA programs that don’t require a GMAT.  These institutions will often emphasize a strong academic record, work experience (usually minimum 2 years), and other factors like your application essay and references.

Q. What is the most prestigious business school in France?

A. HEC Paris is widely regarded as France’s top business school, acclaimed globally for its outstanding academics, strong alumni network, and prestigious Triple Crown accreditation. With its reputation for excellence, HEC Paris continues to attract students and professionals seeking high-quality business education and promising career prospects.

Q. Can I get a scholarship for an MBA in France?

A. There are plenty of scholarships for MBAs in France. Schools often offer merit-based aid or target specific groups like women or international students. For instance, HEC Paris has scholarships for academic excellence and diversity, including special ones for women, like the Forté Scholarship. Then there’s the Eiffel Scholarship Program for international students from developing countries and the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees scholarships for specific joint programs across European universities.

Q. Is France offering free education for international students?

A. In France, public university tuition isn’t entirely free for most international students, but scholarships can help cover the costs. You can check out options like the Eiffel Scholarship, Emile Boutmy Scholarship, or Erasmus Mundus scholarships on Campus France. These scholarships can make studying in France more affordable and accessible for international students.

Q. Is it possible to complete an MBA in France within one year?

A. Sure thing! You can get an MBA in France in just one year! Many universities offer these fast programs, perfect if you want to get your degree quickly. Here are a few:

-ESSEC Business School: They have a one-year Full-Time MBA focusing on innovation and global leadership.
-EM Normandie Business School: Their International MBA is all about international business, and you can finish it in just one year.
-RENNES School of Business: Their one-year Executive MBA is for experienced pros who want to keep working while getting their degree.

Q. Are there MBA programs in France that don’t require prior work experience?

A. Several MBA programs in France welcome applicants without prior work experience. These programs target recent graduates with strong academic backgrounds and leadership potential. For instance:

-HEC Paris Master in Management (MiM): A two-year program offering a solid business foundation without requiring work experience.
-ESSEC Business School Master in Global Management: Similar to HEC’s MiM, this program caters to recent graduates, focusing on global business expertise.
-EDHEC Business School Master in Business Management: Another option for recent grads, providing a comprehensive understanding of business functions.

While work experience might not be mandatory, it could still enhance your application.

Q. Can international students work part-time while pursuing an MBA in France?

A. Yes, international students studying for an MBA in France can work part-time. They’re allowed up to 20 hours a week during the term, which adds up to about 964 hours per year. During breaks, they can work full-time. It’s a great way for students to gain experience, earn money, and get involved in French life beyond their studies.

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