5 last-minute IELTS speaking tips to score 8+!


Though IELTS speaking topics are easier than the other sections, it can go downhill if you don't prepare well.   With these 5 IELTS speaking tips, you can easily ace your exam!  Let's start.

The IELTS speaking test has three parts lasting between 11-14 mins. The examiner assesses you based on your pronunciation, grammar range & accuracy, fluency & coherence, and lexical resources.

IELTS Speaking Tips

Speak English everyday 

Practice talking to your friends, classmates, or family in English. Try to use new words in everyday conversations.



Avoid using fillers

Using words such as 'Like', 'um...', 'ah...' can make you look nervous and unconfident. If you need a minute, pause to think and resume when you have an answer.


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Maintain Consistency

Try not to slow down or speak too fast as it may lead to pronunciation mistakes.  Be natural, and converse as you do in everyday conversations.


Keep it simple

You don't have to use complicated words if you're not sure about it.  Use sophisticated words only where its relevant.

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