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IELTS For Germany 2022: Requirement For Top Universities & German Visa

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Germany has emerged as a much sought-after destination for higher education due to the optimal fees and quality education that it offers. Furthermore, applicants can secure a position in top-tier universities as a band of 5.5-6.5 score is accepted by the majority of universities. 

Underlined below is detailed information about IELTS For Germany, which will explain the requisite score required for German universities, the documents and the application process for the student visas.  

ielts for germany

IELTS For Germany Requirements

The International Language Testing System, or IELTS, for Germany, assesses a student’s proficiency in the English language and tests four language skills- reading, writing, speaking and listening. The band scores are marked on a scale of 1 to 9. 

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IELTS For Germany 2022: Requirement For Top Universities & German Visa

The IELTS Score Range for Germany

Candidates will get scores within this range, and the overall band score is calculated by taking an average of the four sections. The table for IELTS requirements is highlighted below for easier understanding: 

Band score Description Skill level 
• Complete command of the English language
• The English usage is accurate. 
8• Very few inaccuracies occur, although the candidate can handle detailed argumentation wellVery good 
7• An operational command over the language with occasional errors
• Has detailed reasoning
6• Good hold over the language, although errors may occur
• Able to understand and use fairly complex language.
• Partial command over the language and is able to handle basic communication in their own field. Modest 
4• The candidate’s competence is limited to a familiar situation
• However, they are unable to use complex language
3• The candidate experiences frequent breakdowns 
• Can convey only the general meaning in familiar situations
Very limited 
2• Has difficulty in understanding English, both written and spoken. Intermittent 
• Leaving a few isolated words, the candidate is unable to use the languageNon-user 
0• Did not answer any questionsDid not attempt the test 

 The IELTS score remains valid for two years. However, if the test is retaken twice within the same year, then the most recent score is considered. 

IELTS Requirement for German Universities 

Most German universities do not demand that the applicants have a score of 7.0 for enrolment as it is not an English-speaking country. Nevertheless, candidates must note that for undergraduate courses, an overall score of 6.0 is required, and test-takers must not score below 5.5 in each module. On the other hand, to enrol in a postgraduate course, an average of 6.0-6.5 must be scored by the candidate. However, many universities require a band score ranging from 4.5 to 6.5. Here is a list of internationally acclaimed universities and IELTS scores for Germany that they accept: 

University Name IELTS score 
Technical University of Munich 6.5 
Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich 5.5 
University of Heidelberg 6.5 
Humboldt University of Berlin 6.5 
University of Freiberg 
RWTH Aachen University 6.5 
University of Tuebingen
Charite Universitatsmedizin
Free University of Berlin 6.5 
University of Bonn 
Bonn Graduate School of Economics 6.5 
Hamburg School of Business Administration 6.0 
Hamburg University of Technology 6.5 
Ruhr University 
University of Konstanz 5.5 
University of Leipzig 
University of Geissen 
University of Marburg 5.0 
University of Regensburg 
Johaness Gutenburg University 5.5 
Bielefeld University 6.5 
University of Dusseldorf 5.5 

IELTS Requirement for a German Visa

Many international students are choosing Germany to pursue their higher education further. However, before the students arrive in Germany, they must apply for a student visa which is applicable to those test-takers belonging from non-EU countries or EEA. Moreover, applicants must also obtain a residence permit if they are staying in Germany for 90 days or more. Students, thus, must decide on the type of visa they require based on the nature of their course. Nevertheless, IELTS For Germany requires students to obtain an overall band score of 6.5. 

IELTS Requirement for a German Work Permit

Apart from its world-class education, Germany offers a range of employment opportunities for foreign nationals. Moreover, if anyone works in Germany for a period of 4-5 years, they become eligible for permanent residency. However, fulfilling the IELTS requirement is mandatory while applying for a German work permit. Those students who wish to travel to other countries except Germany for work must possess an IELTS For Germany certificate because it becomes the basis of proficiency one holds in that language. It is necessary that students visit their nearby German consulate or embassy while applying for this permit. The documents that are required during the procedure are underlined below. 

Documents Required for a German Work Permit 

These documents must be kept handy while applying for the same: 

  • Passport 
  • Identity proof 
  • Two printed application forms with the signature of the candidate 
  • Fee receipt of the German visa 
  • Two passport size photographs 
  • Health insurance from a German employer 
  • Employment contract 
  • Federal Employment Agency’s approval 
  • Updated curriculum vitae 
  • Proof of accommodation 
  • Funds to cover six months of living expenses 
  • No criminal record 
  • Documents that highlight qualifications 
  • Evidence of personal status such as birth certificate, marriage certificate 

IELTS Exam Format 

IELTS For Germany has four segments: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The listening, reading, and writing take place on the same day, although the speaking test can be booked according to the candidate’s convenience. There are two different modules in the exam: General Training and Academic. Students must understand that the reading and writing tests differ for both the modules mentioned above, although the listening and speaking tests remain the same. 

IELTS General Training –

This test is applicable for those candidates who wish to immigrate to English-speaking countries for the purpose of work. 

IELTS Academic –

Candidates who wish to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses must opt for this. 

Section Description 
Listening • Candidates will listen to four recordings and then answer questions. 
• The test is for 30 minutes 
• Additional transfer time is of 10 minutes. 
Reading • Must answer 40 questions
• Candidates must solve for logical arguments, summary, opinions etc
• The test is for 60 minutes
Writing • Two tasks have to be completed
• 60 minutes is the total time 
Speaking • It is approx. of 11-14 minutes
• The test is recorded and divided into three parts. 

An Overview of German Student Visa 

Indian students constitute the second-largest group in Germany. The Federal Statistical Office of Germany, in its research, has shown that 25,419 Indians had enrolled in Germany during the fall season of 2019. This is enough to convey the popularity of Germany as a hub of education and why many students of Indian nationality are applying here. Besides, most universities teach the course in English and therefore, it is one of the prerequisites for student visas.  However, it is important to know about the classes of visas so that students can apply for them without much difficulty. There are primarily three types of student visa that one may apply for, depending on the course being pursued: 

Student Visa 

This is applicable to those students who have obtained an offer from the German University of their choice and are enrolled in a full-time course. 

Student Application Visa 

If the student has not received a formal acceptance letter and needs to apply in person, they must opt for this. This is only applicable for the application process and is valid for a period of 3 months. 

German Language Course Visa 

These are for courses that range from a period of 3 months to a year. 

Application Process for Student Visa for Germany

The application process is hassle-free if the students have the required documents. However, it is best to apply 3 months before the course begins so that no difficulty arises. 

Step 1: A blocked account should be opened displaying the financial credentials

Students can apply online through the providers that the German Federal Government approves. If not, they can apply through the Indian branch of any German bank. 

Step 2: The visa application process must be completed 

Students are required to complete the national visa application online. They also must sign the declaration form and other additional information. Once done, an ID card and password must be ready. 

Step 3: Biometric pictures 

The students must submit biometric pictures that are to be taken on a white background. The width required is 35X45 mm. 

Step 4: Required Documents 

The required documents, along with signatures, must be submitted. The applicants can follow this checklist which contains: 

  • National visa forms- 2 copies 
  • National passport 
  • Photocopies of passport 
  • Marriage and child certificate, if any 
  • Portrait biometric photographs 
  • Meeting financial expenses 
  • Scholarship certificate showing the amount awarded 
  • Cover letter 
  • Acceptance letter 
  • IELTS For Germany certificate 
  • Health Insurance cover
  • CV 
  • Educational certificate 

Step 5: Appointment with the German Embassy 

Students must schedule an appointment with the German Embassy for their visa interview. 

Step 6: Demand Draft 

Afterwards, students must pay for their visa application. However, they must not date older than 2 months. 

Step 7: Completion of the application and payment of visa fee 

Students must prepare for their interview and must report with their necessary documents.

Study in Germany: A Guide for Indian students 

Students must take into account a few things before applying to Germany. However, for easier understanding, a guide has been highlighted below. 

Finding a suitable course 

First and foremost, students need to select the University and course. However, they also must check the employment opportunities that are available after the completion of the course. After that, students can start applying to the list of shortlisted universities. 

English Language Requirement 

  • Students must write the IELTS exam for the German requirement. 
  • They must start preparing and attempt to attain a good score while completing the application process for the universities. 

Apply for scholarships 

It is advisable to apply for scholarships. However, it depends on the policies of the universities and whether they are available or not. 

Organizing the Documents 

Many applications are rejected as many students are unable to produce the necessary documents. Hence, for a smooth applicant process, students should organize their documents as required by the University. 

Acceptance Letter 

After the application process is complete, students must wait for the admission letter and must prepare for their visa interview. 


Before departure, students must find accommodation for themselves. They can opt for Indian forums whereby they come to know community members and mutually agree to share an apartment. It is advisable to share as that is cost-effective. 

ielts for germanyConclusion

A good IELTS score only increases the candidate’s chance to immigrate to Germany.  This can help in landing admission to a top-tier university that the candidate has been aspiring for. This detailed guide provides information on IELTS For GermanyHowever, moving abroad is not a simple task as it involves finances as well. With the rising costs of education, students must also be concerned about their finances and therefore can approach Leap ScholarWe have helped more than 3000 students achieve their dream of studying abroad by providing low-interest education loans. Moreover, we charge zero hidden fees and our minimal fees are designed to save your dollars and support your dream of studying abroad. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is there any passing score on IELTS For Germany? 

Ans: There are no pass scores in IELTS For Germany as such. However, 1.0 is the lowest score, with the highest being 9. Students will receive individual scores in each section, along with an average score. 

2. Is 7.5 a good IELTS score for Germany? 

Ans: IELTS For Germany considers 7.5 as a good score for migrating to countries for study or work purposes. This score attained by applicants is proof that they have a strong command of the language. 

3. Can I give the IELTS online? 

Ans: Yes, due to COVID-19 restrictions, IELTS now can be given from the comfort of one’s home. However, the speaking test will be conducted via video call.

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