Nursing in UK 2022: Eligibility, Cost, Top Colleges & Admission Process

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  • UK has seen an exponential demand for professionals in Mental Health Nursing, Adult Nursing, Children’s Nursing, Disability Nursing amongst other fields.
  • The staff at UK universities is at the forefront of modern medicine and you’ll get to learn from the best in the industry.
  • The average tuition fee for a BSc Nursing (Hons) is between 14,000 and 30,000 Pounds annually.
  • This blog will give you the details on top courses & universities, application process and fees so you can make an informed decision.

Universities in the UK offering a course in Nursing prepare students to become professionals who can specialise in Mental Health Nursing, Adult Nursing, Children’s Nursing, Disability Nursing, and more. It also prepares individuals for all the aspects of patient

International students wishing to work in the UK nursing profession have to finish the Overseas Nursing Programme (ONP). They can include this program as a part of their study. It enables individuals to become registered nurses in the United Kingdom. 

The ONP may be integrated as part of MSc and BSc (Hons) courses in Nursing. Individuals receive official nursing registration from the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the region. 

Nursing Course in the UK: What To Expect 

Across the United Kingdom, the relationship between universities and hospitals is excellent. As a nursing student, this can be exceedingly beneficial for you. That is because you’ll get the chance to put theory into practice in a clinical setting. It will allow you to develop confidence in your professional roles from the onset. 

The region is known for its up-to-date medical equipment. The staff at UK universities is at the forefront of modern medicine, and you will get to learn from the best in the industry. Pursuing a nursing course in the UK will allow you to graduate with the skills, knowledge, and life experience required to thrive in your chosen role. 

Nursing Career Options in the UK 

Some common career paths for UK nursing graduates include: 

  • Mental health nurse 
  • Midwife
  • High-intensity therapist 
  • Adult nurse 
  • Parademic
  • Health play specialist 
  • Physician associate 
  • Learning disability nurse
  • Health visitor 

Entry Requirements For a Nursing Course in the UK 

Nursing is a competitive field in the United Kingdom. That is why it’s essential to showcase excellent academic records while applying. Moreover, applicants to nursing courses in UK must have the right personality to fulfill demanding roles in the future. 

Some necessary skills include communication, literacy skills, numeracy skills, and teamwork spirit. Read on to learn about the basic entry requirements for a nursing course in the UK. 

  • A Level Requirements: ABB
  • English Language Proficiency: IELTS score of 7.0 overall with no score lower than 6.0 in any component
  • International Baccalaureate: Requirements of 30 points

Nursing Course in the UK: Tuition Fees 

The average tuition fee for a BSc (Hons) Nursing is between 14,000 and 30,000 Pounds per year. For an MSc in Nursing, the tuition fee is between 15,000 and 40,000 Pounds. 

Nursing Course in the UK: Admission Process 

  • Visit the website of the respective university. 
  • Check out the eligibility and entry requirements for the bachelor’s or master’s course. 
  • Now search for the application form and click on it. 
  • Create an account using your official email ID and phone number. 
  • Enter your personal details and register. 
  • Enter your academic qualifications and upload the relevant documents. These include official transcripts, LORs, SOP, IELTS test scores, passport photocopy, or other necessary certificates. 
  • Pay the application fee and submit your application. 
  • You can track your application form through your registered account. 
  • If selected, you’ll be invited for a virtual interview. 
  • Selected students can move ahead with their visa applications. 

Top Ranked Universities and Colleges For a Nursing Course in the UK 

1. University of Manchester 

The Bachelor of Nursing (Hons) degree in England allows students to gain experience in different clinical areas through practical learning. This course has produced many of the region’s leading nurse practitioners and pushes individuals to become highly sought after professionals in their field. The university was ranked 2nd in the UK for Nursing by QS World University Rankings 2021. 

2. University of Southampton 

The University of Southampton is a global leader in Nursing and Healthcare. Their Master of Nursing (Adult and Child) helps individuals develop the skills to provide compassionate care to patients. The learning in this program is supported by world-class educators and researchers.

Before graduating, students also become confident in embracing the technology and innovation needed to meet people’s health needs. The university was ranked 9th internationally for Nursing courses in the QS World University Rankings. 

3. Coventry University 

Coventry University offers various undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma courses under its School of Nursing, Midwifery, and Health. One of the most sought-after courses of this school is the BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing.

Individuals are pushed to immerse themselves in learning about the needs of the population and nursing services. This three-year full-time course starts in September and January every year. The university was ranked 7th in the world for Nursing and Midwifery in the Guardian University Guide 2021. 

4. University of Sunderland 

The MSc Nursing course by the University of Sunderland is a six-month course that builds on the nursing knowledge and skills that students have already gained in their undergraduate degrees. It teaches nursing students to develop themself as leaders and put theory into practice.

The curriculum of this program mixes coaching elements with self-directed study and independent research. From case studies to group work, the university uses various teaching and learning methods. The university’s nursing courses were ranked 1st in the UK in the UK Engagement Survey.

5. University of Bradford 

This university offers various nursing courses approved by the Nursing and Midwifery Council. One of the courses you can opt for is the Bachelor of Science (Hons) Nursing. It is a full-time program that lasts for three years.

A practical and patient-centred course, this program combines theory and clinical practice proportionally. Nursing and Midwifery at the University of Bradford have been ranked 6th in the UK in the Guardian University League Tables. 

6. Sheffield Hallam University 

Another good university to study nursing in the UK is Sheffield Hallam University. Their three-year BSc (Hons) Adult Nursing is a famous course globally. The program’s classes take place at the Collegiate Campus. This course allows individuals to consider the changing nature of health, illness, and the relationship between healthcare providers and patients. 

Students of this course graduate as competent, reflective, and employable professionals. Apart from lectures, students learn from presentations, workshops, tutorials, group rehearsals, and technology-enhanced learning. The university was ranked 26 for Nursing education around the world. 


The United Kingdom has a unique history in medicine, and its universities have helped advance nursing practice for decades now. That is why it is an ideal country to get a head start for individuals looking for a bright career in the field. 

Some of the well-renowned universities for Nursing courses are from the UK. However, it is tough to get admission into these courses in England and the UK in general. That is why only individuals with impeccable academic records get admitted. That said, soft skills like communication and having empathy and a cooperative mindset are equally vital to succeed in this field. 

The universities mentioned above have some of the best nursing schools for individuals looking to get qualified in the field and become registered nurses. It is a field packed with opportunities and growth. Currently, there is a massive demand for nurses and vacancies waiting to be filled. For more information on nursing courses in UK and study abroad information, book a free consultation call with LeapScholar today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does a bachelor’s course in Nursing cost in the UK? 

Ans. The tuition fee for a BSc in Nursing degree for international students (including EU) is anywhere between 14,000 and 30,000 Pounds per year. 

Q. What salary can Nursing graduates expect in the UK?

Ans. The average starting salary of professionals in nursing jobs is 17,000 Pounds annually. 

Q. How many years does it take to become a nurse in the UK? 

Ans. It takes three to four years to become a nurse in the UK. 

Q. Is it hard to get into a Nursing course in the UK? 

Ans. It is pretty tough to get admission to a Nursing course in the United Kingdom. Only applicants with excellent academic records get admitted. 

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