BSc Nursing In UK: Universities & Course Details

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  • This blog outlines BSc Nursing in the UK
  • It highlights the eligibility criteria, top universities, fee structure and scholarship

The UK is a popular destination for students due to its quality of education, ample job opportunities and standard of living. BSc Nursing in UK is a popular course that students choose to pursue as it is considered a high return on investment. This blog outlines the colleges offering this course and their eligibility criteria. Keep reading to know more! 

Top Universities for BSc in Nursing 

Many universities offer a BSc Nursing in UK, which covers the recent research, practices, and policies in the profession of nursing. Topics such as adult, children, mental health nursing, and midwifery are covered in the program. 

One will also be acquiring clinical skills and gaining more knowledge about operating rooms, healing and infection control. Moreover, one will also gain work experience. Mentioned below are some of the famous universities offering this course. 

University  Course Duration 
King’s College London  Three years 
University of Nottingham  Three years 
University of Manchester  Three years 
University of Edinburgh  Four years 
University of Glasgow Four years
Belfast University Three years 
Ulster University Three years 

The admission deadlines are as follows: 

University  Admission Deadlines 
University of Sheffield January 26 
University of Nottingham January 26
Queen’s University Belfast January 26
University of Glasgow June 30
University of Manchester October 15 and January 26
King’s College, London March 25, 2022
University of Edinburgh April 15, 2022

Eligibility Criteria 

To be eligible for BSc in Nursing in the UK, an individual must fulfil the criteria set by the universities. The individual must have completed his or her Bachelor’s. In addition, he or she must meet the requirements and proficiency of the mark set by the universities. The eligibility criteria are listed below. 

University  Eligibility Criteria 
King’s College London Candidates must obtain IELTS – 7.5; TOEFL – 110, and PTE – 76
The University of Manchester Candidates must obtain 80% in science-based subjects 
University of Edinburgh Candidates must obtain 80% in science-based subjects
University of Nottingham One needs to fulfil English proficiency requirements. One needs to score IELTS – 6, TOEFL – 79 and PTE – 55
Ulster University One must obtain 65% in all subjects and Band 6 in IELTS 
The University of Glasgow Candidates must score a minimum of IELTS – 6.5, TOEFL – 90, PTE – 60 and CAE/CPE – 176
The University of Sheffield One needs to score a minimum of 80% in 10th & 70% in 12th in related subjects and English
University of Liverpool One must score 85% in their higher secondary and IELTS – 7.5, TOEFL – 100 and PTE – 73 
University of Surrey One must score 70% in English, Math and other science-related subjects. Moreover, one needs to achieve IELTS – 6, TOEFL – 81, PTE – 56, CAE/CPE – 169

One needs to keep the following documents handy while applying for BSc in Nursing in the UK. They are –

  1. Passport and its photocopy
  2. A recent photograph 
  3. Mark sheets of 10th & 12th
  4. Financial statements
  5. English proficiency scores 

Available Scholarships for BSc Nursing in UK

One can avail of several scholarships if he or she meets the eligibility parameters set by the academic committee. These scholarships are listed below. 

University  Scholarship Name  Amount in GBP 
University of Manchester International Excellence Scholarships 2,000 GBP
University of Glasgow
  1. Ann Hart Buchanan Student Scholarship
  2. Humanitarian Scholarships
  3. Undergraduate Excellence Scholarships 
1\3 of tuition fees will be given, and an amount of 600 GBP 

Under this, tuition fees and a stipend of 5000 GBP annually will be given 

5,000 GBP per year

Queen’s University Belfast Vice-Chancellor’s International Attainment Scholarship One will receive tuition fees for up to four years 
King’s College, London
  1. Perseverance Trust Undergraduate Scholarship
  2. Sanctuary Scholarships
One will receive tuition fees, the total value of which is 75000 GBP 

12,010 GBP per year

Scope of BSC in Nursing in the UK 

One must have questions associated with BSc in Nursing Salary in UK. The average salary that one acquires is 24,214 GBP every year. This increases with work experience, and one can earn 60,000-109,000 GBP annually. 

According to research, almost 50% of nurses earn 109,000 GBP per year. Trainee Nurse, Staff Nurse, Children Nurse, Learning Disability Nurse, Mental Health Nurse, Health Visitor, Therapist are some of the job designations. Mentioned below are the job titles and corresponding salaries. 

Job Role  Salary in GBP 
Assistant Director of Nursing 98,300
Company Nurse 46,300
Critical Care Nurse 66,700
ICU Registered Nurse 59,200
Mental Health Nurse 62,500
Nursing Coordinator 65,800
Nursing Supervisor 83,500
Acute Care Nurse 67,800

After completing a BSc in Nursing in UK, one can work for two years in the UK. Moreover, one can pursue higher education, which will increase one’s employability. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How long is BSc Nursing in the UK?

Ans. This program is for three years. On completion of this vocational course, you can land jobs with starting salaries of 24,000 to 30,112 GBP. Further, someone with experience of 2 to 5 years can even earn 36% more than their initial designated salaries.

2. What is the salary of a BSc Nurse in the UK?

Ans. The average salary of a BSc nurse in the UK is approximately £ 45,400 per year. The salary gradually increases with experience, qualifications and skills. Furthermore, it also depends on the location of the individual’s workplace.

3. Is nursing good in the UK?

Ans. There is a high prospect of employment for nursing graduates in the UK. The stats reflect that 94% of nursing graduates are more likely to get employed within 6 months of completing their graduation course.

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