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Why You Should Get Overseas Education Consultants?

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While planning to study abroad, many questions pop up in your mind about eligibility, application procedure, expenses, etc. You may also be worried about accepting an overseas degree in your country or globally. To resolve all such ambiguities, overseas education consultants play an important role. Let us see how they can help fulfil your aim of studying abroad.

Why Should You Get an Overseas Education Consultant? 

When students try to complete the whole process of applying to universities abroad without consulting any overseas education consultancy, they could face some hurdles, such as the inability to compile a good SOP or get through the visa process.

You should know that a counsellor won’t get through the whole process in lesser duration, but they will ensure that it is completed smoothly.

Education consultancies help students to choose the best universities for themselves according to their profile. Besides this, there are other reasons why you should go to overseas education consultants, as explained below:

1. Experience in delivering the right advice

Since there are several available options for choosing the courses in various universities, there are chances that you may get confused. In such scenarios, they make the process better through a thorough analysis of your previous qualifications and professional experiences, your strengths and weaknesses and what you aim to pursue.

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Why You Should Get Overseas Education Consultants?

While consulting a counsellor, you should be frank with them and let them know about your expectations so that they can gauge your mindset and present a plan accordingly.

2. Make informed decisions:

From choosing the universities and obtaining scholarships to assisting you through the visa procedure, counsellors help you in making sound decisions during the whole process.

3. Cost-effectiveness:

When reputed educational institutions take the help of such consultancies, the process is accomplished in a cost-efficient manner because their markets and services are spread globally. You can have a safe ride with them as they are already tied up with various renowned universities and are also aware of the scholarships offered by them.

4. Expect a faster response from the universities:

Just like you, there are many other applicants to universities abroad. In such a scenario, you can take the help of the consultancies to get a prompt response from the universities as they give priority to those profiles sent by consultants. 

5. Avail financial aid:

Many universities offer scholarships when students apply through consultancies; the counsellor will have all the details and help you with the scholarships and educational loans too. This offer varies from one consultancy to another. Besides this, you will also be provided with a cost-effective mentorship for different standardized examinations such as IELTS, TOEFL, and others.

6. Get a unique SOP created:

Candidates with a tremendous academic record also need an excellent SOP (statement of purpose) while applying to foreign universities. Your overseas education consultants will help you create a unique SOP by incorporating all the key elements that colleges/universities often look for.

7. Assistance in getting visa:

The process of obtaining a visa is not the same for all the countries, and the counsellors are well-aware of the different norms related to VISA and admission. For this, the study abroad counsellors provide candidates mock visa interview sessions to be fully prepared. The tips and tricks delivered to the students help them remain confident during the actual visa interview.

Besides this, whenever the visa requirements change, the counsellor will keep you updated with the latest application forms by ensuring your access to the official website. In short, they will provide you with all the right tools that enable you to put your visa application on time.

8. Services for pre-departure:

Issues like booking tickets at discounted rates, currency exchange, and affordable accommodation bother students before leaving abroad for studies. You can have all these pre-departure issues sorted out with the help of consultancies. Students are also assisted with forex so that they do not face any trouble after reaching their destination.

9. A mentor throughout your journey:

The relationship between a student and a good counsellor doesn’t end with his/her admission to the desired university.  The student can also freely seek assistance whenever there is some issue while pursuing the course abroad.

10. Qualifications needed and choice of subjects:

Counsellors also make sure that you have the required qualifications for getting into your aimed university and also see if the subjects which interest you are offered by it.

Some Important Questions You Must Ask Your Counsellor

An ideal counsellor will clarify all your doubts and ambiguities so that you are fully determined to pursue your further studies abroad. Here are some of the questions which you must ask before making your final decision:

1. What is the amount of funds needed for studying abroad? 

For studying abroad, you will need accommodation, travel, and food funds. To lessen your financial burden, your counsellor will inform you about the scholarships available. All this will ensure that you do not fall short of funds. They will even help you get contacts of locals or students who have already studied in the same universities so they can accurately share their experiences with you.

2. Packing for living abroad: 

Since you will be visiting the place for the first time, the counsellor will advise you to pack suitable clothing to avoid discomfort. Besides this, he will ask you to take all your prescription medicines and toiletries to ensure that you don’t run out of stock immediately, as it will take some time for you to settle in.

Also, he will tell you to keep extra copies of all your necessary documents physically as well as on Google drive, mainly your visa and passport. With all these valuable guidance, you can pack your bags accordingly if you are going to stay in an unfurnished or semi/fully-furnished home. It will save your time, efforts, and luggage size too.

3. Impact of studying abroad on slowing down your graduation:

You need to ask the counsellor if studying abroad will slow you down in your path to graduation. It is a fact that this will enhance your resume. Still, it is better to double-confirm to avoid any ambiguity. Even if it slows down, that should happen significantly and make you skilful enough to get the best job for yourself. It will make the time spent worth it.

4. The study abroad and exchange program -difference:

Universities offer an exchange program too. So it is better to learn from the counsellor how this differs from studying abroad and the pros and cons of each. Generally, an exchange program involves two universities entering into a partnership for directly swap their students for one or two semesters. This results in transferring credits without changing the cost to the students being transferred.

Final words

Opting for overseas education consultants is the safest way to get into your desired college in a hassle-free manner so that you can focus on planning your career without getting into the intricacies involved in the process. Starting your study abroad is not easy, but if you choose the right education consultancy, it will be the smoothest process for you and save a lot of your time, effort, and money. Leap Scholar will help you with the best counsellors for managing and fulfilling your study abroad dream seamlessly. Explore the website to learn about the services and features. 

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