Part Time Jobs In Canada for Indian Graduates 2023 : Simplified!

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Being a student in a foreign country can often be unnerving. You may find yourself in need of more money than usual to keep up with the necessities. You might feel reluctant to ask your parents or sponsor for more money. You possibly wish to lead a more independent life and provide for yourself. That’s why you need to read this article on Popular Part-time Jobs in Canada with salaries paid to students. 

Part Time Jobs In Canada for Indian Graduates 2023 : Simplified!

Why you Might Require Part-Time Jobs 

As an international student, one must pay their accommodation fees and other expenses. With the help of a part-time job, one can pay these necessary expenses and also learn new skills. 

Underlined below are the benefits of working a part-time job in Canada for recent graduates: 

Learning new skills 

When working part-time jobs for Indian students, one is learning new skills that might not be taught in a university or a college. This can help build the resume and hone skills. 

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Part Time Jobs In Canada for Indian Graduates 2023 : Simplified!

Becoming financially independent

A part-time job in Canada for Indian students will help them become financially independent. One will learn how to manage their finances responsibly. 

Time management skills 

When studying in a country like Canada, one must distribute their time according to their classes, part-time jobs and socialising with others. Indeed, one may also allocate their time for specific tasks according to the set schedule. 

Accessibility to other perks and discounts 

If one can get a job at their favourite brand or stores, one may also get access to other benefits. This may range from getting discounts from one’s favourite brands and saving money on these kinds of expenses.  

Building a professional network 

While working jobs in Canada for Indian students, one is provided to build their professional network. Even if it is a field that is not of your choice, you are still learning to develop networks. 

Gaining work experience 

Working part-time jobs help gain work experience and build one’s CV. This can help one stand out when applying for internships or any other jobs. Employers tend to hire individuals who bring a little bit of work experience with them. 

These individuals know the workplace culture. Besides, work experience shows the employer that one has been able to multitask, in this case, studying and working simultaneously. 

Developing interpersonal skills 

One learns to interact with different individuals due to working part-time jobs. This is a crucial part of any job and must be honed. This will help in communicating effectively. 

Job Regulations for International Students 

International students are required to cater to specific regulations in Canada. First and foremost, international students who have a study permit can work off-campus and do not require any work permit. This indicates that one can work for any employer regardless of location. 

However, one must demonstrate that one has sufficient funds while applying for a study permit. The study permit will highlight the employment terms and conditions, stating that individuals will work for 20 hours per week. In addition, one can also apply for a Social Insurance Number. 

Those who are working on-campus do not require any study permit. Nevertheless, if it’s for an internship that your program designates, one needs to have a co-op permit separately. Besides, one’s spouse will apply for an open work permit if one can prove that their work permit is valid. 

Top Part time Jobs in Canada for Indians

Here is a list of Part-time jobs in Canada that you can do, in order to meet your requirements and earn substantial benefits along the way:

  • Translator – Most occupants of Canada are bilingual. French and Hindi are some of the most popular languages besides regional English. You can apply for jobs as a translator for oral or written material. You can help the locals understand their newcomer neighbors or help the migrants in understanding local norms. You can assist in conversation or translate documents. The need for a translator in Canada is abundant. The payment may vary from CAD 14 – CAD 50 per hour depending on the client but it helps make decent money in your free time to meet your needs.
  • Dog Walker – One of the most pleasant part-time jobs in Canada is that of a Dog walker. You can do this job after your school or college hours and still have enough time to finish your credits. It pays between CAD 16 – CAD 25 per hour which can help with basic costs of living. It’ll also help you build a sense of trust with your neighbours and employers which can further help you during your stay.
  • Tutor – If you are good at subjects taught at school, you can tutor students of lower classes or your comrades. Many students face challenges in school because they can’t keep up. You can help them and earn some extra money while doing so. This is also an ideal choice to revise all your lessons. Additionally, it gives you a hands-on experience if you wish to build your career in teaching. The earning potential is abundant as you can earn CAD 30 – CAD 60 per hour per student. So if you choose to tutor a class of multiple students, you can earn quite a good amount of money.
  • Writer or content editor – Have you always been passionate about writing? Do you express yourself better in writing than you do vocally? Well, this job is perfect for you. You can look for content creation, content editing and proof-reading jobs for your free time. This job will enhance your skills as a writer. It will also help you connect with more people in the publishing industry for future job opportunities. You can earn anywhere between CAD 40 – CAD 60 an hour for doing something you love in your free time.
  • Charity Fund Raisers (Profit and Non-Profit)Canada is always looking for people who contribute to social causes. Find a cause you are passionate about from animals to economic stability, arts and crafts to culture. You can work as a fundraiser for different charities. This helps you get some perspective into social dynamics. It also helps build connections and expand your network. Often you may get to work with charities conducted by elite societies where you can forge professional relations with leading organisations. You can earn up to CAD 30 per hour but you also get the added advantage of real-world experience. You can use your connections later in life as a public agent, social worker, public relations officer, working in a company’s CSR program, etc.
  • Waiter, Cafeteria worker or Bartender – This job seems a little hectic after hours of education but it is far more beneficial to earn a sufficient amount of extra cash. Not only do you get paid around CAD 15 – CAD 30 for waiting and working the cafeteria, you also earn in tips. For skilled Bartenders, you have the best pay structure of earning CAD 1000 for working three nights a week. You can practice your skills at your work and apply for a full-time position if you find it to your liking.
  • Researcher – If you wish to one day work with esteemed research institutes, this is the perfect job for you to practice. You can hone your skills by researching materials for other companies and get paid around CAD 30 – CAD 40 an hour. You can also add this to your experience in your resume. Based on your qualifications and experience, you can apply in various research institutes for permanent placements after you have completed your education.
  • Driver – If you like driving, get a license in Canada and you can work as a ride-share driver, uber-driver, etc. You can choose your working hours as per your classes and assignments. You can get paid anywhere between CAD 15 – CAD 30 per hour and work as many hours as your schedule permits.

Apart from the above mentioned, these are some other popular Canada jobs for Indian students which are high-paying.

Part-time Jobs in CanadaExpected Salary (in CAD/hour)  
Customer service representative14
Sales associate12
Web designer20

How Can you Find Part-Time Jobs in Canada?

In order to get an edge, it it advisable that you start with the right strategy and frame of mind.

  1. Do your research – Survey the market I know the potential employers, what compensation they are often and most importantly what skills they are looking for.
  2. Networking– Effective network will allow you to to gain important contacts both professionally and socially. Get the word out that you are looking for a suitable opportunity and build you contacts around it. Linkedin is a supreme example of it. You can contact your faculty and networks for suggesting a good opportunity for you. These are the best people to suggest as they are already living there from a long-time.
  3. Strong endorsements– It is advisable that you have at least two strong references from your previous employers. These employment references will play a huge part in the job interview.
  4. Stellar CV- Work on your CV clearly state your strong points. Please note that your resume is your first impression and hence the impact it will make will directly influence your chances of getting the part time job. Prepare your CV according to the job specification and understand the objective of why you want to apply for the particular position.
  5. Bridging programs– Look for courses and assessments which will help you to upscale you’re so that you are readily available for or the kind of job you are looking for. Identify the areas which you might need training for and get a certification or a license in the same.
  6. Be enthusiastic– Ensure that you do regular follow up with the company, as it shows your interest and your eagerness to join them. Thank you email after interview will definitely set you apart from the crowd and also add marginal games in getting the job.
part time jobs in canada


In order to search and apply for part-time jobs take the help of numerous ways and not one. Do extensive research on the company that you want to work for, check the websites and the pages where they post their jobs, and contact their employers directly if they are hiring. Browse through job search websites and go to job fairs so that you can meet employers and discuss jobs.

It might take a while for you to land a good and comfortable job but it is worth the wait. Do not lose hope and continue to learn about your profession or industry while looking for a suitable part-time job in Canada.

So, these were some highest paying part-time jobs in Canada for students to enhance their lives and build successful careers. Working when studying is a good way to earn some hands-on experience and build self-confidence. Let us take a step towards building our careers independently.

Also, if you want to read about all the expenses of studying in Canada, then read- Cost of Studying in Canada for Indian Students. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much do part-time jobs pay in Canada? 

    Ans. The starting salary for part-time jobs is CAD $133 150 per year. Individuals can also get $ 17 per hour as well. 

  • How much is the Canadian Work Permit? 

    Ans. The Canadian work permit costs CAD $ 155. 

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