MSc Digital Marketing in the UK: Universities & Course Details

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  • This blog begins with a basic overview of Digital Marketing in the UK
  • It highlights the requirements for opting for a Master’s degree in the top universities in the UK
  • There are also tables depicting other necessary information like tuition fees for each university, ELP scores etc

The Digital Marketing Course In UK is taught in both Masters of Science and Masters of Arts streams. This stream has been one of the most demanding courses in the last few years. If an individual is willing to study Master in Digital Marketing in the UK, this blog will surely help him or her. This degree is not only a good option for higher education, but it also has a wide variety of scope for the students.

Overview of Masters in Digital Marketing Course In UK

The following table shows a basic overview of the course.

Particulars Details
Course Duration • 1 year
• 2 years including placement
Eligibility Bachelor’s Degree (minimum 55% score)
Exams Required for Application IELTS
Course Fees • 19,792.87 – 38,266.22 USD
(15,000- 29,000 GBP)
Professional Scope • FinTech
• Ecommerce
• Software Development, etc
Initial Salary • 92366.75 USD
(70,000 GBP)

Course & Tuition Fees for Master’s in Digital Marketing in the UK

Individuals can find the course details and tuition fees for different UK universities offering Master’s in Digital Marketing in the table below.

Name of the University Course Name Tuition Fees
King’s College London MSc Digital Marketing 38,940.69 USD
Liverpool John Moores University MSc Digital Marketing 20,341.96 USD
University of Southampton MSc Digital Marketing 31,377.99 USD
University of Reading MSc Marketing in Digital Marketing 17,732.75 USD
Heriot-Watt University MSc Digital Marketing 25,006.72 USD
University of Surrey MSc Digital Marketing & Channel Management 26,343.56 USD
Royal Holloway University MSc in Digital Marketing 28,045.53 USD
University of Kent MSc Digital Marketing and Analytics 26,735.00 USD
Northumbria University MSc Digital Marketing 20,266.20 USD
University of Strathclyde MSc in Digital Marketing Management 30,044.86 USD
University of Plymouth MSc Digital & Social Media Marketing 19,802.89 USD
The University of West Scotland MSc Digital Marketing 16,934.61 USD
University of Portsmouth MA in Digital Marketing 21,374.55 USD
Coventry University MSc Digital Marketing Management 21,636.49 USD

Top Universities for Studying Masters in Digital Marketing in the UK

Numerous universities provide Digital Marketing Course In UK. Here’s a list of the top 15 institutions offering Masters in this subject.

  1. King’s College London
  2. Liverpool John Moores University
  3. University of Southampton
  4. University of Reading
  5. Heriot-Watt University
  6. University of Surrey
  7. Royal Holloway University
  8. University of Kent
  9. Northumbria University
  10. University of Strathclyde
  11. University of Plymouth
  12. The University of West of Scotland
  13. University of Portsmouth
  14. Coventry University

Eligibility Criteria

The standard eligibility criteria include a bachelor’s degree with an average 55%-65% score. In addition, applicants also need to appear for exams like IELTS and TOEFL for the English language proficiency test.

This table has detailed information on which university requires how many scores qualify for the cut-off. 

Name of the University Language Proficiency Score
King’s College London IELTS- 7.0
TOEFL- 100
PTE- 69
Liverpool John Moores University IELTS- 6.5
PTE- 50-57
University of Southampton IELTS- 6.0- 6.5
University of Reading IELTS- 6.5
Heriot-Watt University IELTS- 6.5
University of Surrey IELTS- 6.5- 7.0
Royal Holloway University IELTS- 6.5
University of Kent IELTS- 6.5
Northumbria University IELTS- 6.5
University of Strathclyde IELTS- 6.5
University of Plymouth IELTS- 6.5
The University of West Scotland IELTS- 6.0
University of Portsmouth IELTS- 6.5
Coventry University IELTS- 6.5
Lancaster University IELTS- 5.0

Skills Required to Apply for Digital Marketing Course in the UK

To excel in any particular subject, students need to have specific skills. For future Digital Marketers, it is necessary to have the following skills to become successful.

  • Search Engine Optimisation 
  • Search Engine Management
  • Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Data Analysis
  • Ability to think, design and plan
  • Curious to learn new technologies
  • Creativity
  • Quick Learning
  • Communication Skills

Available Scholarships for Masters in Digital Marketing

The United Kingdom is considered an expensive place for higher education. However, if planned properly, students can live a cost-efficient lifestyle in the UK

Those who feel the need for financial aid can apply for scholarships and grants. There are several universities that provide help for those in need.

Name of the Scholarship Awarding Institute
Merit Scholarships for Indians Northumbria University
International Academic Excellence Scholarship Coventry University
Business and Management Scholarships University of Reading
Global Scholarship University of West Scotland
LJMU Achievement Scholarships Liverpool John Moores University
Dean’s International Excellence Award University of Strathclyde
Principal’s Masters Scholarships Royal Holloway University
PG Taught International Scholarship University of Plymouth

Scope After Doing Master’s in Digital Marketing in the UK 

After completing a Master’s in Digital Marketing, students have a varied choice of job opportunities.

These are some of the popular choices for a prospective Digital Marketer.

As more and more companies are entering the game of online outreach to their customers, the requirement for digital marketers has increased significantly. For those looking to pursue a “Master’s in Digital Marketing in the UK”, this blog will help them find all the required information. Further, choosing digital marketing as a subject for higher studies can open doors to newer job prospects in the UK and worldwide. Additionally, it enables an individual to get more in touch with the technological world. They can land jobs at Microsoft, Google, Hootsuite and other renowned MNCs across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average salary of a Digital Marketer?

Ans. The typical salary range for Digital Marketing assistants and entry-level marketing schemes is 23,231 USD to 28,394 USD per year. As a more experienced officer or Digital Marketing coordinator, one can expect to earn in excess of 38,719 USD per annum. However, it is relative and can change depending on other factors.

2. Is Digital Marketing a good choice for a career?

Ans. Digital Marketing is one such arena that will forever bloom and thus always have opportunities for newcomers. It is definitely a well-paid and prestigious job. Furthermore, an individual with a Master’s in digital marketing can expect to be placed in high ranked designation in various top MNCs around the world.

3. Is the UK good for marketing?

Ans. The United Kingdom is a major influencer in the marketing industry, with many educational opportunities and career possibilities. Studying marketing in the UK will enable individuals to capture the attention of their audience with design expertise, a way with words, and innovative thinking.

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