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Commonwealth Scholarship 2022 – Eligibility, Application, and Selection

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The Commonwealth Scholarship 2022 is an initiative between the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission and UK Universities to encourage students from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Belgium etc., to apply for doctorate programs of their choice in universities of the UK. Nonetheless, before applying, one should understand the eligibility criteria and the application process of Commonwealth Scholarships India.

What is Commonwealth Scholarship? 

Commonwealth Scholarship India is offered to students from financially weaker backgrounds who hold an excellent academic record. Two types of studies are covered under the scholarship: Masters and PhD.Ā Moreover, it aims to support future leaders who can impact a global scale. It is offered under six themes that are explained briefly below:Ā 

  1. Science and Technology 
  2. Promoting global prosperity 
  3. Strengthening international peace, security and governance 
  4. Access, inclusion and opportunity 
  5. Response to crises 
  6. Strengthening health systems 

What are the Eligibility Criteria? 

Candidates must meet Commonwealth Shared Scholarship eligibility parameters. It is explained in greater detail below:Ā 

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Commonwealth Scholarship 2022 - Eligibility, Application, and Selection


  1. The applicant must be a permanent citizen of Commonwealth Countries. 
  2. He\she should not be more than 40 years of age. 
  3. Applicants must have completed their Bachelor’s degree and obtained 60% in Humanities and Social Sciences. On the other hand, they must have secured 65% in Engineering, Technology, Science and Agriculture. 
  4. Applicants must have completed tertiary education in English. 
  5. They must demonstrate proof of English proficiency. However, applicants who have already stayed abroad for training, specialisation, or completion of studies either through scholarship or their funds are eligible to apply, although they must have remained in India for two years after returning from abroad. 


  1. The applicant must be a permanent citizen of Commonwealth Countries. 
  2. Applicants are not more than 40 years of age. 
  3. Candidates must have completed their Bachelor’s and Master’s. Moreover, they should have obtained 60% in Humanities and Social Sciences. Furthermore, they must have secured 65% in Engineering, Technology, Science and Agriculture. 
  4. They must have obtained an acceptance letter from a supervisor of his\her university. It must be submitted at the time of the interview. 

What are the Documents Required for Commonwealth Scholarship? 

While applying for a Commonwealth scholarship and fellowship, one must keep the following mentioned documents handy:Ā 

  • Academic transcripts 
  • Two Letters of Recommendation 
  • Supporting statement by the applicant’s supervisor from at least one educational institution on this list
  • A valid passport and its scanned copy 
  • Proof of citizenship 

One must note that the documents must not surpass 5MB.Along with knowing the eligibility and documentation of the commonwealth scholarship and fellowship plan, individuals should also learn about its selection process.

Selection Process of Commonwealth Scholarship 2022 India

To be eligible for this scholarship, individuals need to apply to universities that fall under it. Following their application, students are then interviewed by a panel of the British Council and the final list is prepared. In this regard, a few points to keep in mind are ā€“

  • No reservation for any country
  • Academic advisers review every application and make a decision based on that

Besides, being aware of this selection process, students should learn about the universities that come under this scholarship.

List of UK Universities 

Under Commonwealth Scholarship 2022, one can apply to the following universities: 

  1. Durham University 
  2. Bath Spa University 
  3. Birmingham City University 
  4. Cranfield University
  5. University of Oxford 
  6. Heriot-Watt University 
  7. Imperial College London 
  8. Keele University 
  9. Manchester Metropolitan University 
  10. University of West London 
  11. University of Surrey
  12. Liverpool Hope University 
  13. London South Bank University 
  14. University of Sussex 
  15. University of Warwick 

Benefits of Commonwealth Scholarship 2022 

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship MHRD has a lot of benefits associated with it. Some are explained in greater detail below:Ā 

  1. Tuition and accommodation fees are covered. 
  2. Stipend under Commonwealth and fellowship plan is Ā£1,000 every month. Furthermore, a thesis grant is also provided. 
  3. Airfare falls under the gambit of Commonwealth scholarship for Indian students. Moreover, spouse allowance of Ā£225 per month. Furthermore, a child allowance of Ā£225 per month for the first child and Ā£110 per month for the second child. 

How to Apply for Commonwealth Scholarship? 

One can apply for Commonwealth Scholarshipthrough National nominating agencies, non-Governmental organisations and charitable bodies. However, one cannot apply online to avail of this scholarship. One must start applying for Commonwealth Scholarship 2022 before the deadline. First, however, one must check the eligibility criteria of this scholarship

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Documents Required for UK Government Commonwealth Scholarships?

One must have the following documents while applying for it:Ā 

a. Academic transcriptsĀ 
b. Two Letters of RecommendationĀ 
c. Supporting statement by the applicant’s supervisorĀ 
d. A valid passport and its scanned copy
e. Proof of citizenship

2. What are the Benefits offered by the UK Commonwealth Scholarships?

Students will be offered tuition and accommodation fees, airfare, fieldwork grants, child\spouse and other allowances.Ā 

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