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What are the Best IELTS Preparation App to Get a 7+ Band Score?

The introduction of app into the IELTS preparation has made it more fun as we are most of the time on our mobile phones and it’s best to just open an app and learn something new in your free time.

The 9 best apps for preparation of IELTS at your fingertips are:

  1. IELTS Test Pro- It supports offline modes and has a question bank of more than 3000+ questions created by tested professionals, free practice test and is available on both Android devices and IoS. It’s a free app and the feature I liked best is that it gives you daily calendar-based reviews on the time you spent on the app.
  2. IELTS Word Power- This is one of the best apps you could find for improving your vocabulary and practice a few words during the cool-off time. The app provides quick tests to engage you in mental exercise. This one is developed by the British council.
  3. IELTS Vocabulary- This app is a word bank and contains all the relevant words needed for IELTS preparation. This is available on both Android and IoS devices. You can add your most important two words to the favourite list. The feature I like best is the flashcards, they are best for self-quizzing.
  4. IELTS Preparation App – Developed by the British council, it covers all the components of IELTS preparation: reading, listening, speaking and writing. It provides unlimited access to practice tests, grammar tips, exercises and quizzes. It also has videos to prepare for the speaking section as well as a progress tracker.
  5. IELTS Skills- This app is designed with interactive exercises to provide clear understanding with well-explained examples. It was a great range of questions to practice and the app is free to download.

Some vocabulary-specific apps are BBC Learning English, Learn English Podcasts and English Radio IELTS.

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What are the Best Books for IELTS Exam?

Apart from the IELTS preparation app and site, books are the best resource to prepare for any exam. Preparation for IELTS exam can sometimes be overwhelming but with patience, and determination you would also need a good set of preparatory books to score high and set yourself apart from others.

So, the top books to prepare for the IELTS exam are:

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Barron’s IELTS Super Pack

This consists of all the necessary materials that you would need for the preparation of IELTS. It has an academic module for practicing as well as general training practice module as well as comprehensive subject to view and online audio tracks.

This kit has four books in total which comprises practical exams module strategies and tips and also a vocabulary guide book which will help to work on the essential words for IELTS.

The official Cambridge Guide to IELTS

It offers modules for both academic and general training with clear explanations on how to achieve a good score. The module has eight official practice tests and a step-by-step guide for each section. It also has audio and video for the listening exercises and practice.

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Ideas for IELTS

Ideas for IELTS essay topics is one of the great book for preparing essays this is suitable for both academic and GT test and will definitely help to increase your vocabulary for writing task.

Simone Braverman’s Target Band 7

This book is easy to understand with clear tips and strategy and got good reviews from the students.

IELTS Practice Test plus 2 with Key and CD Pack

This book covers all 4 tests and is great resource material for those who want in depth analysis of their test writings. The audio steps helps to improve your strategy and sample answers with annotation explanation make it even easier.

Cambridge IELTS 13 Academic Student’s Book with Answers

This is the most up to date version of this series and contains 4 test with excellent answer section and gives a glimpse of what you should expect in an actual exam.

Most of these books can be easily accessible on E-commerce websites. Remember, right preparation will help you stand out from the crowd and will increase your chances to score high.

How can I get a High Score in the IELTS?

IELTS Exam is the stepping stone for universities abroad. The right preparation and the right mindset will lead you to achieve your goals more realistically and will definitely ensure a good score in the IELTS exam.

Before venturing into the technicalities and preparation of IELTS exam, the very first thing in order to prepare for the exam is to have the right mindset. You should be confident that you will be able to ace the exam and avoid any relevant features that you have in regards to it.

What IELTS is actually about? It is an exam which will test all of your language skills that is reading, writing, speaking and listening as you will be needing all of them during your degree abroad.

The key point to note is that you are not required to be an expert in British accent or spelling. The idea is is that you are able to understand what your professors are teaching and you are able to produce written assignments and presentations in the required manner.

Any score between 7 to 8.5 is considered good. The total duration of the exam is 2 hours 45 minutes hence the very first step in obtaining a high score is that you are able to you sit for that duration and concentrate for the entire period.

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The following steps will help you to achieve a higher score in IELTS:

  1. Be consistent with your preparation. 2-3 months before the exam is a good time to start a preparation though it totally depends on the individual. It is essential that you understand each topic entirely and do not hop from one section to another. Plan out your schedule for each day and stick to it.
  2. Practice all the four sections thoroughly. Do not leave anything for the last moment.
  3. Work on your vocabulary. Dedicate at least half an hour only on learning new words. You should be able to learn 10 to 15 words each day. Please remember that this does not happen over night hence you have to to stick to the pattern.
  4. I would advise to take a sample test time and again to keep your process progress in check and look for any professional help if needed.
  5. To practice listening section, listen to audio clips, videos, interviews and try to make sense of it. There are various online website where you can practice your listening skills, for example BBC council,
  6. There is no one said formula which works for all. Understand what works best for you and stick to that strategy/plan for the preparation.

And at the end of the day, do not fret yourself for any failure. Take one step at a time and seek help, wherever needed.

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How Long Does it Take to Prepare for the IELTS?

This is one question that each aspirant ponders over. To be frank, there is no set answer to this. Some take 1 month, some maybe few weeks more than a month and some maybe 3–4 months. It all depends on your learning ability, how fast you grasp things and how well you stick to your preparation schedule.

To truly understand how many weeks it will going to take for you to be confident about the exam is what really matters. Few things to keep in mind are:

  • Understand your existing level of English – Not everyone is on the same platform, therefore the time taken to get through the language will vary. You do not have to be expert in English (writing or speaking), you just have to take enough bites that you can chew.

In order to master vocabulary, practice 10–15 words each say, with their meanings and usage. Revise them by the weekend and by the end of your preparation, you’ll be ready with your own set of new learnings. You’ll easy be familiar with 1000+ words in a period of 45–60 days.

Please understand that the idea is not to mug the words but to understand them and once you do it, you’ll be naturally using them in your sentences.

  • Devote set hours for your study – It is crucial that you spend dedicated hours for your preparation. The ideal number of hours depends on how well you perform in your practice tests. If you feel that 6 hours daily is enough to get me 8 band score, then that should be your ideal hours.

Understand your learning pattern and then formulate a schedule which makes you most productive. You don’t have to sit for straight 7–8 hours, divide your time and work accordingly.

  • Form study groups- Peer groups definitely is an added advantage. It become easy to practice, learn and improve. When you are surrounded by the like minded, whose goal is not different than yours, you’ll be able to see yourself working towards it more often than ever.
  • Track your progress – Work off on your weak points and keep a track on how you are performing. Analyze your tests and learn from your mistakes. If you are facing any difficulty, take professional help. There are various websites/apps which offers numerous materials to study for IELTS.
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It is usually recommended that you spend 5–7 weeks for the preparation but it varies accordingly. With these IELTS preparation app and online sites you can give a boost to your preparation. Though one kept point which applies to everyone is that if you are honestly and dedicatedly preparing for the exam, then you will definitely ace it.

So, these were some Best IELTS preparation App, online sites and books to score 7+ band score. I hope you found it useful 🙂

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