IELTS Listening 2024: Video Library Application Form Answers & Expert Tips

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 The Listening section of the IELTS exam tests your ability to understand spoken English in various contexts, including conversations, monologues, and academic lectures. To perform well in this section, you need to be able to comprehend different accents and dialects and follow the flow of the language, even when delivered quickly.

Only regular practice can help you improve your listening skills and build your confidence. It can help you identify areas you need to focus on to improve your score. One useful resource for this purpose is practicing listening tasks you will encounter in the exam. 

This blog will provide answers and explanations for one of the IELTS Listening Recording Video Library application forms, a common topic in the exam. Practising the audio with these answers will enhance your ability to understand and respond to various questions related to application forms. So, let’s dive in!

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What is the Video Library Application Form Listening Recording About?

In the recording, Video Library Application Form Listening Recording you will hear a person filling out an application form and answering various questions about their personal information, academic background, work experience, and other details. The recording includes different accents and styles of delivery that you might encounter in the exam. 

The questions in the recording are designed to test your ability to understand the information, recognize key details, and comprehend different types of questions, such as multiple choice, sentence completion etc.

Video Library Application Form: Audio

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IELTS Listening 2024: Video Library Application Form Answers & Expert Tips

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IELTS Listening 2024: Video Library Application Form Answers & Expert Tips

Video Library Application Form: Question Types

There are different question types for the Video Library Application form recording. Let’s go through each question type and try to understand ways to solve them easily.

Sentence Completion

Sentence completion includes a set of sentences with blanks. You are asked to fill in the blanks with the perfect missing words. This section tests your ability to understand spoken English and fill in the missing information in a sentence with the knowledge of the right grammar and spelling.

How to Answer?

Before listening to the audio, read the sentence that needs to be completed and pay attention to the information already given. This will help you focus on anticipating the missing words.

Then, carefully listen to the audio and pay attention to the context and tone of the conversation. Try to identify the missing information based on what you hear.

 Write the missing word or phrase in the space on the answer sheet, ensuring it is spelt correctly and fits grammatically and semantically in the sentence.

You can practice with various listening materials, such as mock tests and sample questions, to sharpen your skills and score well in sentence completion.

video library application form listening answers

Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple-choice questions in the IELTS listening test assess your ability to comprehend spoken English and select the most appropriate answer from a list of options. Multiple-choice questions evaluate a wide range of listening skills, such as understanding gist, recognizing specific information, identifying opinions, and making inferences.

How to Answer?

Skim the questions and identify the keywords before listening. Listen carefully to the recording, paying attention to the keywords and phrases related to the questions. 

If possible, identify obviously incorrect options and eliminate them from consideration. This can help narrow down your choices. Once you have listened to the recording and read the options, choose the best answer based on the information provided in the recording.

Short Answer Questions

Short answer questions test skills, such as understanding the summary, recognizing key information, identifying details, and maintaining spelling accuracy. The questions may require you to identify specific information mentioned in the recording. Therefore, it is very important for you to listen carefully and write the responses accurately.

How to Answer?

Skim the questions before listening and note down the keywords. Listen carefully to the recording and pay attention to the key details.Identify the specific information required for each question and listen carefully for that information in the recording.

 Write short, accurate responses using the exact words or numbers mentioned in the recording. Pay attention to spelling accuracy and any word limits.

Video Library Application Form: Questions

Questions 1-10:

Write no more than one word to fill in the blanks:

First names: Louise Cynthia

Address: Apartment 1, 72 1……………..Street Highbridge

Postcode: 2………………..

Telephone: 9835 6712 (home) 3……………….(work)

Driver’s licence number: 4…………….

DOB: 25th Month: 5…………. Year: 1977

Questions 6-8:

Choose the correct answer from the letters A-F:

What types of films does Louise like?

A. Action

B. Comedies

C. Musicals

D. Romance

E. Westerns

F. Wildlife


9. How much does it cost to join the library?

10. When will Louise’s card be ready?

Video Library Application Form: Answers & Explanations

We will provide answers and explanations to some common questions you may have about the Video Library Application Form, as well as provide additional information about our video library and services. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us:

1. Answer: Black

Explanation: The owner of the video library enquire to Louise regarding the address. She replied the address like this:  Apart 1, 72 Black Street Highbridge.  So the answer is Black Street.

2. Answer: 2085

Explanation: The owner of the video library also enquired for the postal code. It is then Louise replied with her postal code as 2085.

3. Answer: 94561309

Explanation: During the registration process, the owner also asked two phone numbers of both work and home. Hence Louise’s work number is 94561309.

4. Answer: 2020BD

Explanation: The owner also asked her to produce driving license as proof. From the recording we can find out that her driving license number is 2020BD.

5. Answer: July

Explanation: Louise had to provide her date of birth which was on 25th July, 1977

6-8 . Answer: B, D, F 
Explanation: Louise was asked by the owner about the types of videos she likes. She replied that she mostly likes funny videos, romance and wildlife documentaries.

9. Answer: $25

Explanation: The overall cost of joining the library is $25 . This amount is refundable in case the member decides to leave.

10. Answer: In a week

Explanation: Louise enquires about the access card. The owner told that once the membership process is completed, the card will be ready in a week.

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Video Library Application Form: Answers & Explanations

Are you preparing for the IELTS exam and want guidance to improve your listening abilities? We have certain tricks that can help you successfully complete the video library application form and record your responses in a clear and confident manner.

 Make a note!

Enhance note-taking skills

Develop note-taking  stratergies. This will help you understand key information and important details. This will help you organize the structure, information and remember important details.

Improve your vocabulary

Listen attentively to spoken English and make a note of words that are unfamiliar or complicated. Take note of the word’s definition, pronunciation, context, frequent synonyms, antonyms, and collocations. Keep a vocabulary journal to keep track of everything.

IELTS Listening 2024: Video Library Application Form Answers & Expert Tips

Use your time wisely

 Before every section, take some time to read through the questions and familiarize yourself with the format. Then, during the test, use the time given to review and check your answers. Don’t spend too much time on a single question, give equal importance to all questions.

Use paraphrasing skills

Improve your ability to use synonyms and paraphrase. The narrator might not use the same term as the keywords you found. You will be able to get the answer fast if you paraphrase.

Predict possible answers

Anticipate the kind of answers you might need to give. Based on the keywords or cues in the questions, try to predict what kind of information you might hear in the recording. This can help you to narrow down your focus and pay closer attention to the relevant parts of the recording.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to give your best and increase your chances of being accepted into the video library of your choice. So if  you’re a IELTS aspirant and  looking for IELTS materials, download our most accessible IELTS app!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What type of questions can I expect on the IELTS Listening test?

    You can expect a variety of question types in the listening test, such as not completion, sentence completion, multiple choice, matching, completion, and labeling diagrams or maps. The questions are designed to test your ability to understand the main ideas in English.

  • How to solve the Sentence Completion questions successfully?

    To solve these questions, read the instructions and the incomplete sentences carefully, predict the type of word that could fit in the blank based on the context, listen attentively for clues and synonyms, and also ve careful about grammar and spelling errors when filling in the blank.

  • What is the objective of Multiple Choice questions in IELTS Listening?

    The multiple choice questions in IELTS Listening aim to evaluate the candidate’s skills in understanding the key ideas, supporting details,  specific information. These skills are essential for effective communication in the professional settings.

  • How to prepare effectively for the IELTS Listening test?

    Prepare for the IELTS Listening test by listening  to different dialects of  English in a variety of situations, such as movies, TV shows and podcasts. Also take practice tests to familiarize yourself with the format and types of questions.

  • How to solve the Short answer questions successfully?

    To successfully solve Short answer questions, read the instructions carefully and identify the keywords or important phrases. Then, listen to the recording attentively  for specific information, check the spelling and word limit, and transfer the answer to the answer sheet.

  • How many answers need to be right in order to score a band 7 in the IELTS Listening section?

    You need to answer a minimum of  30 questions correctly to get a band 7 in the IELTS Listening section. And, if you answer 35 questions correctly, you will reach band 8.

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