TOEFL Scholarship Program In 2022: Ultimate Guide On How To Apply & Types

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  • This blog contains all the information about the TOEFL scholarship, its type, eligibility and application process. 
  • Individuals can also find which scholarship will be perfect for them according to their field of work. 

TOEFL is a widely accepted English proficiency exam that allows students to get admission to any university worldwide. Also, it is one of the easiest exam opening pathways to study abroad. So, if one decides to clear it, they can find 14 different TOEFL Scholarships for support. The TOEFL Board and ETS offer it to individuals working in a second language or other foreign language research, assessment and teaching segment. 

One can find details about the types of TOEFL Scholarships, how much score in TOEFL is required for a scholarship and the application process below.

toefl scholarship 2022


Overview of the Different Types of Scholarships

Candidates looking to complete their higher secondary education in English-speaking countries like Canada, the USA, New Zealand, Australia, etc., can avail scholarships in two ways, i.e., from ETS and non-ETS sources. 

1. Scholarships From ETS 

ETS is a company that makes scholarship programs under TOEFL to sponsor exams for students aspiring to study abroad. It is applicable for graduate-level researchers completing their education in the English language field:

  • TOEFL Awards

This is a special type of scholarship in which candidates receive an award for carrying out research work on behalf of ETS. These scholarships are provided to support research work for the success of the TOEFL. By seizing these types of research opportunities, individuals can improve their CVs. Besides, it will also help gain valuable work references for research work and education. 

  • TOEFL Awards by Nomination

It is a TOEFL iBT scholarship program where candidates are eligible for a Samuel J Messick Lecture Award. However, who gets this award will depend on the nomination process. Candidates can avail of this scholarship if they present a principal address at the International Language Testing Association and Language Testing Research Colloquium. Under this award, candidates can earn a TOEFL Scholarship amount of 1000 dollars. 

  • TOEFL Grants 

For students who like to research ESL education differently, ETS also offers them a scholarship program. Under TOEFL grants, students receive money and prestigious recognition. In fact, doctoral students get ten grants of up to 2000 dollars each year to research foreign language assessments like TOEFL. 

  • TESOL Award

TESOL stands for Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages and is a global education body. Candidates can avail this TESOL Award based on their TESOL application review. By gaining this scholarship, students feel motivated to participate in the International TESOL Convention. Here one can get 2500 dollars as a scholarship for the TOEFL exam

2. Scholarships from Non-ETS Sources

There are also some non-ETS methods through which candidates can get financial support to complete the TOEFL exam. These are enough when a graduate-level researcher finds scholarships to cover their tuition. 

  • TOEFL Scholarship Offered by Specific School

Everybody knows that a TOEFL score can help them gain admission to a foreign university situated in any part of the world. However, only a few know it can also serve as one’s chequebook to support their study abroad. Many universities offer TOEFL Scholarships like:

Top Universities For MS In Data Science USA

  • TOEFL Scholarship Offered by Government Office & Non-Profit Organisations

Both government offices and Non-profit organisations work very closely to support the administration of TOEFL Scholarships. So, candidates can treat them as two effective helpers to gain maximum TOEFL scores. The following are a few opportunities an individual can grab:

  • Fullbright
  • Amideast
  • Questbridge
  • The organisation of American States 

Application Procedure to Avail a TOEFL Scholarship

To avail of TOEFL Grants and Awards, candidates must complete the following application process:

Step 1: Prepare an abstract of the proposal containing 200 to 250 words.

Step 2: Submit a letter that states the relevance of a candidate’s dissertation and the purposes for which he or she will use this grant amount.

Step 3: Attach a copy of the approved dissertation proposal. 

Step 4: Provide a letter of recommendation and budget in detail, mentioning how much money the candidate requires. 

Step 5: Complete the process by converting the application into PDF format. 

Universities Accepting TOEFL Score

General Eligibility Criteria to Apply for TOEFL Scholarship

One can either apply for a TOEFL exam scholarship programme in India from ETS directly or from other institutions after completing 10+2 education courses at a recognised institute. The applicant must have a valid passport for this purpose. 

Apart from that, the eligibility criteria to get the TOEFL Scholarship for Indian students is:

  • He or she must reside in India.
  • Candidates should have a valid TOEFL score report.
  • Students hold a GPA of 80/100 of 3.0.
  • Candidates have sent an application to a university that falls under the TOEFL destination search.

These are only the general eligibility criteria for the TOEFL Scholarship.

There are others depending on the programme an individual chooses. For example-

Eligibility Criteria for TOEFL Research Grant

This scholarship grants a limited amount of grants to candidates pursuing foreign language doctoral research or those who have secured dissertation proposals. The eligibility is:

  • Students must have attended 60 classes at the time of the data collection period
  • Candidates have received English language teaching for 5 years using TOEFL
  • Each class contains at least 15 students

Eligibility Criteria for Young Students Services (YSS) Research Grants

Candidates must be mindful of the following eligibility to secure a YSS research grant scholarship by ETS:

  • Candidates must know all about YSS topic research work
  • Individuals can prove their English language proficiency

toefl scholarship 2022


TOEFL exam is a popular English proficiency exam accepted by many universities around the globe. So, students can take it to secure an education abroad. However, in many cases, candidates need financial support for this purpose. Thankfully, TOEFL Scholarships are available from ETS and non-ETS sources that help individuals meet that financial shortage. This blog covers all the information one needs to know about these scholarships. So, interested candidates must read it carefully before applying for one. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the top universities that accept TOEFL scores?

Ans. There are more than 10,000 universities that require and accept TOEFL scores. However, some of the top universities that do it include Yale University, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, Harvard University, Duke University, London School of Economics, etc. 

2. How much score in TOEFL is required for a scholarship?

Ans. Candidates must score a minimum of 84 marks in the TOEFL exam to get scholarships in the face of grants and awards. However, one must remember the higher the score, the more is their chance of obtaining a TOEFL scholarship. So, one must try to achieve the best. 

3. Can a Grantee decide how to use TOEFL Scholarship money?

Ans. If an individual is a successful applicant for a TOEFL scholarship, he or she has some control over how to use the money. However, for this purpose, one needs to complete specific research successfully. Also, individuals must overcome all complications that are specifically related to the country they reside in. 

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