The Rhodes Scholarship for India 2022- Eligibility, Application, and Selection

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  • This article provides information on Rhodes Scholarship for India
  • It throws light on the eligibility, application process, selection process, and areas it covers
  • It also details the courses under this scholarship scheme

Rhodes Scholarship is one of the oldest scholarships in the world that started in 1903 and still benefits exemplary young talents worldwide. The Rhodes Scholarship for India is earmarked for students with excellent academic records who aspire to pursue higher studies at Oxford University. A fully-funded scheme that is highly prestigious and is awarded to individuals who use their abilities dynamically for the betterment of society.

Top Highlights of Rhodes Scholarship for Indians

The table below describes the Rhodes scholarship’s key highlights to Indian students.

Particulars Highlights
Scholarship Type Merit-based, College-specific
Offered by Trust
Organisation Rhodes Trust
Number of Scholarships 100
Amount (in INR)  Rs.15,57,923
Application Deadline August 02, 2022
Renewability Renewed yearly
International Students Eligible Yes

What does the Rhodes Scholarship for India cover?

This Rhodes Scholarship is awarded to 100 students of different nationalities. Further, for Indian students, only 5 scholarships are reserved per year, and its benefits are –

  1. It covers college and university fees.
  2. An annual stipend of around Rs.15,10,300 is disbursed, which is equivalent to Rs.1,25,800 per month.
  3. This scheme also covers fares of air tickets to and from the UK.
  4. Further, a settling allowance of around Rs.22,400 is provided on arrival.
  5. It also covers the cost of healthcare and visas.
  6.  After selection, the application fees might also get covered under this scheme.

How to Apply For Rhodes Scholarship in India?

An individual who plans to enrol at Oxford University for higher studies can apply for this scholarship through the official website of Rhodes trust. But beforehand, one needs to be aware of its eligibility criteria and the documents involved in this application process.

Eligibility Criteria for Indian Students

Indian students interested in applying for the Rhodes Scholarship for India should check with the following criteria mentioned below –

  • Candidates should be Indian citizens
  • Should possess proof of Indian citizenship, such as passports and other citizenship cards and documents.
  • Students must have completed formal education from a recognised institution or university for a minimum of 4 years prior to applying.
  • Candidates should have aged between 19 to 26 years at the time of applying for the scholarship.
  • Students must complete their undergraduate degrees with first-class marks.

Documents Required 

Individuals applying for the Rhodes Scholarship should have the following documents in their possession –

  • Birth certificate
  • Valid Indian passport
  • Transcripts of class 10 and 10+2 board exams
  • Scores of English Proficiency test, IELTS and TOEFL
  • An updated resume including academic reports, prizes, scholarships and other co-curricular activities
  • A passport size photograph in jpg format
  • Letter of intent in 1000 words describing why the individual deserves the scholarship
  • 6 letters of recommendation with relevant details and a list of references

Application Process

Students planning to apply for the Rhodes Scholarship for India can follow the below-mentioned steps –

Step 1 – Visit the Rhodes Trust’s official website

Step 2 – Select the country

Step 3 – Click on “Application for Rhodes Scholarship 2022”

Step 4 – Click on “Register” to start the process

Step 5 – Once registered on the website, now log in to your account and complete the application process

Step 6 – Fill out the application form with all necessary details, and upload all the required documents

Step 7 – Submit the application form online

After the application process is complete, the selection process starts for the applicants purely based on their academic excellence. Read on for more details.

Selection Criteria for Rhodes Scholarship

The selection procedure is taken care of based on the underlying criteria-

  1. Literary and scholastic achievements of applicants
  2. Students who excel in activities such as dance, music, sports, debate, theatre, and other artistic pursuits and co-curricular activities
  3. Students with traits of courage, devotion to duty, fellowship and unselfishness
  4. Candidates with excellent leadership skills and a force of moral character

Selection Procedure for International Students

The selection committee finalises the candidates, which are carried on in the following ways –

  • A long selection list is prepared through interview rounds. The interview is done in two sessions which is scheduled in Delhi or through video conferencing –
    • Session 1 – Preliminary Session
    • Session 2 – Personal Interview
  • The shortlisted candidates are then called for a final round of interviews and need to attend a social engagement arranged by the chairman of the selection committee.
  • A mail is sent to the selected candidates regarding the same.
  • The scholarship confirmation is attained on successful admission at Oxford University.

Courses Applicable Under Rhodes Scholarship

Following courses are applicable under the Rhodes scholarship –

  1. Senior status BA program completed in 2 years
  2. Master’s in fields like BCL, MSt. or MSc.
  3. BPhil, MPhil or BCL program for two years progressing to DPhil.
  4. Two year MSc. or MLitt research programs.
  5. DPhil program for three years.

This scholarship program funds an individual’s educational and living costs for the courses mentioned above. Though the application process for the session 2021-2022 is complete, the application process for sessions 2022–2023 will start from June 2022. Individuals aspiring to pursue higher studies at Oxford University should check the organisation’s official website come June 2022. 

The Rhodes Scholarship for India provides an excellent opportunity for Indian students to pursue higher studies in one of the esteemed universities in the world. Further, this scheme provides a platform for exceptionally talented youngsters to showcase their skills, intellects and talent to the world. Moreover, apart from covering the tuition fees, this scholarship also covers travel allowances, settling allowance and application fees for admission at Oxford University.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Indians get Rhodes Scholarship?

Students from 21 different countries along with India qualifies for this Rhodes scholarship. Only 5 Indian students receive this scholarship every year.

2. Who pays for Rhodes Scholarships?

The Rhodes Trust organisation fully funds the Rhodes scholarship. This scholarship covers tuition fees of Oxford University, living expenses, healthcare and travel allowances from to and from the UK.

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