IELTS Coaching Fees 2023: Duration, Fees Guide & Benefits

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If you are looking to excel at the English language and make a profession out of it, you may have heard of IELTS. The IELTS preparation course has been a key proponent in helping people get global opportunities for higher studies and professional endeavours.

But like with most other courses, most students would require IELTS coaching to prepare for it, get high band scores, and pave a path towards successful enrolment at the best universities worldwide. If you, too, are interested in appearing for IELTS and pondering whether IELTS coaching fees are worth it, this article will help you.

IELTS Coaching Fees 2023: Duration, Fees Guide & Benefits
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What is IELTS?

Jointly owned by British Council, Cambridge Assessment English, and IDP: IELTS Australia, IELTS or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a course that is a prerequisite for students looking to study, work, or migrate to English-dominant countries, such as the UK, New Zealand, Canada, and the USA, among others.

The IELTS course is divided into four sections, each seeking to test you on specific criteria for understanding different aspects of understanding and communicating English.

How is it different from TOEFL?

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) uses the same four criteria for testing your English language skills and competency, but the structure makes it different from IELTS. Instead of opting for full-fledged exams, it is primarily multiple choice. Also, unlike IELTS, where a candidate is given band scores, you can get anything between 0 and 120 in TOEFL.

Another key difference is that TOEFL doesn’t require human interaction and is entirely computer-based, unlike IELTS, where you will have to give an interview and also take notes from a conversation or a class.

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Want to Score 7+ IELTS Band in 4 Weeks?

5L+ students across India have signed up for Leap’s Masterclass to date.

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IELTS course details

IELTS is a test of your proficiency in the English language. You will have to prepare for four papers– Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking. In addition, there are two different modules: Academic and General Training.

The Academic Module encompasses the Reading and Writing tests. It can be chosen by those who want to go to an English country for their postgraduate or undergraduate higher education. It is also viable for those seeking professional registration to be a lawyer, doctor, or any other profession.

The General Training Module is for those who wish to train or study for a more general reason or lower education than the ones prescribed in the Academic Module.

The Speaking Module spans approximately 15 minutes, where an examiner asks the candidate 25 questions to test their English language speaking abilities.

There are three parts in which it is bifurcated. The first part is personal; the examiner will ask questions about where you live, what you do, and more. The second part is where you get a topic chosen by the IELTS examiner, and you get two minutes to express your views. The last part is where the interviewer will ask questions about Part 2.

Course duration

Given the variegated nature of the course, it is difficult to ascertain a course duration that works for one and all. The IELTS coaching fees varies as per the course duration. So most institutes prefer rolling out batches that suit the requirements of different types of candidates and the interested parties can register for the ones that suit them the best and fit their IELTS coaching fees budget.

ielts coaching fees

Is it compulsory to take IELTS coaching?

Anyone above the age of 16 years can take the IELTS exam. It means there are no bottlenecks regarding who can appear and when they can appear for the test. Therefore, there are no set batches for IELTS coaching in most of the institutes in India. This means the IELTS coaching fees also varies as per the institutes, batches and duration.

While many candidates prefer preparing for the highly coveted exam themselves, some require polishing and prefer enrolling in the best IELTS coaching centres in India.

If you want to win, you must go in fully prepared and know your strengths and weaknesses to tackle whatever comes your way. Although it is not compulsory to take IELTS coaching or pay IELTS coaching fees, given that the IELTS exam can unlock a new path for you, it is always better to take professional help in preparing for the exam.

IELTS Coaching Institutes like LeapScholar has already garnered a lot of experience and have tutored over 50,000 students. Leap’s tailored IELTS courses can help you ace the test and get Band 7+ or higher. These courses are designed to save you a lot on IELTS coaching fees and are taught by India’s top IELTS trainers through live online classes. On booking your seat, you will get access to mock tests, speaking and writing evaluations and comprehensive study materials. You also get access to class recordings and a course completion certificate. Book your demo session today.

A high band score can give you an edge over others and help you secure an IELTS score of Band 6 or higher (a must for enrolling in prestigious universities in the UK, USA, Canada, or New Zealand).

What is the approximate IELTS coaching fees?

Institutes teaching IELTS in India find it difficult to set up batches as the English language proficiency differs from one candidate to another. It also means that the IELTS coaching fees varies depending on your existing comfort with the language. 

The scale of the IELTS coaching fees also varies depending on the institute you choose. You can generally expect to spend up to INR 15,000 on IELTS coaching fees. 

With Leap Scholar, you can connect with India’s best foreign education experts. In addition to paying minimal IELYS coaching fees, you get lifetime access to class recordings and a thriving Pan-India community of learners like you to discuss.

Reasons to take the top IELTS coaching

We take coaching classes to hone our skills. With IELTS, it is no different. Here are the key reasons you should consider taking online IELTS coaching classes by paying the IELTS coaching fees: 

1. It helps assess your English Language skill levels-

English is often not the first language for most Indians. It is often the third language. So while your friends may be great with it, it is always advised to know where you stand. With a good IELTS tutor, you can get yourself measured across all four aspects and continually check your improvement. In addition, you solve many mock tests, enabling you to assess and work on your English language skills.

2. IELTS classes help improve your accuracy and speed-

IELTS exams take around 2 hours and 45 minutes for four different sections. Given the strenuous nature, it would be great to go in prepared and be devoid of nerves. If you have enrolled with a professional coaching centre, chances are higher that you have already completed hundreds of mock tests and know the drill by the back of your hand. It would allow you to be more accurate and agile while giving the exam.

3. Coaching classes help save time-

When you prepare yourself, you often take time to figure out the nuances. However, even when you do, you wonder if you have planned well enough and completed the syllabus. Given that IELTS is a time-bound exercise, you must know the minutest tweaks to help you save time. Saving those milliseconds can make a lot of difference in your final score. Hence, paying IELTS coaching fees to study at good institutes is a good option.

4. Polish your written and spoken English proficiency-

In our experience, IELTS aspirants struggle the most in the Writing and Speaking modules. But if you want a good score, you must prove your capability across the four modules. Especially in the Writing section, you will need more time to frame and reframe your essay. Also, spoken English requires a lot of practice. So you must enrol yourself in good IELTS coaching as it can help make a difference.

ielts coaching fees


Like any other course, IELTS demands hard work and dedication to make an impact. Now that you know the IELTS coaching fees and its duration, you can decide if you want to enrol in a professional institute or prepare for it yourself. Visit the Leap Scholar website for updates on the latest IELTS batch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who manages the IELTS tests?

Ans: IELTS is jointly owned and managed by the British Council, Cambridge Assessment English, and IDP: IELTS Australia.

2. What is the purpose of the IELTS test?

Ans: IELTS focuses on assessing the candidate’s skills regarding their reading, writing, listening, and speaking ability of the English language. It is an entry point for those who wish to go abroad for higher education or professional needs.

3. How many times is the IELTS conducted in a year?

Ans: IELTS has four test dates in a month. It roughly translates to around 48 dates in a year. Tests are held on Thursdays and Saturdays unless otherwise mentioned.

4. What is the minimum required score for IELTS?

Ans: Unlike most tests, there are no passing or failing criteria in the IELTS scenario. A candidate can score anything between Band 0 and 9, but the higher the score, the better. Often, candidates are required to score a minimum band score depending on the university or professional requirements.

5. Can I take the IELTS coaching twice?

Ans: While there is no bar on the number of times you can take up the IELTS coaching, most coaching institutes provide lifetime access to their classes, meaning that you may not need to register with the same institute twice for the same reason.

Is handwriting important in the IELTS exam?

IELTS includes a writing module where examiners will look at the handwriting.

Can I reschedule my IELTS exam?

You can change the date of your IELTS Exam and request a transfer up to five weeks from the originally scheduled test date.
However, the test centre availability will determine the next IELTS test date.

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Know more about IELTS

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