PhD Scholarships In Canada For Indian Students: Top 10 Scholarships

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Applying for a PhD in Canada with a scholarship is a dream for many international students who want to level up their career and gain quality education from the well-renowned research-oriented educational institutions in Canada.

While the quality of education that students can get by going for a PhD in Canada is second to none, the cost of pursuing doctoral studies in Canadian universities can be very heavy on the pocket. Therefore, many Indian doctoral students look for postdoctoral fellowships and grants that can help them in covering their higher education expenses in Canada.

Criteria for Applying

Although all institutions have their own set of rules and parameters for assessing candidates before rewarding them a PhD scholarship in Canada, there are still some common parameters that are always assessed. They are:

  • Academic Excellence – Postdoctoral students aiming for grants and scholarships should maintain top tier grades throughout their bachelor and master’s degree.
  • Extra-Academic Activities – Scholarships are usually granted to international students who showcase promising signs of the overall development that is not just confined to their academics. Thus, students should have a stellar co-curricular track record as well on top of their academic excellence.
  • Proficiency in Foreign Language – International students who are prospective postdoctoral full-time students are always asked to show proof of their proficiency in the English language through their IELTS (or any other exam of the kind) scorecard. Some regions are French-speaking in Canada, and having proof of proficiency in French can also give you an edge over other students.

However, your IELTS scores need to be high bands to make you eligible for these grants. So, it is important to prepare well for the exam. Leap Scholar has collected the most common themes for the writing section of the IELTS exam, which is usually considered the toughest. Make sure to check them out to ensure a high band score.

List of PhD Scholarships in Canada

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

This fellowship is for doctoral international and Canadian students (PhD) who are contributing to Canada’s growth in economics, social sciences, natural sciences, and healthcare sectors through their research.

Under this fellowship, about 70 students get provided with funds worth CA $70,000, which is taxable for two years. After being selected for the fellowship, students have to specify the particular university or college in Canada with which they will become international doctoral students pursuing their PhD to get the scholarship endorsed.

The application deadline for this grant is usually around September every year, and the results are declared by sometime around mid-January or February.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded by the government of Canada to International students pursuing a doctoral degree in any of the Canadian educational institutes. The number of funds awarded every year is about CA $50,000.

In total, the funds are provided for three years and are non-renewable in nature. There are certain application eligibility criteria like not being enrolled in certain scholarships before, etc., that the institution providing the scholarship considers. So, check them all out and ensure that you meet them.

IDRC Research Awards

This research award is for international students from developing countries who already have a full-time work permit (37.5 hours a week) in Canada, PhD students in Canadian universities, or students who have completed their master’s program from a recognised university within the last three years from the date of applying for the award.

The students should be actively involved in research for Climate-resilient food systems, inclusive and democratic governance, science and education, ethics of development research, policymaking and evaluation, global health, as well as sustainable and inclusive economics. Students are given a yearly stipend of CA $42,000 to CA $48,000 for taking up research in any of the mentioned fields of development. The application deadline is usually around February of every year.

Quebec Provincial Government Scholarship

The Quebec Provincial Government scholarship is for students studying at master’s degree level or higher in the province of Quebec. Even a graduate student enrolled in a master’s program can apply for financial aid under this scholarship. Furthermore, doctoral students can get grants up to CA $25,000 per year (up to 3 years) whereas postdoctoral applicants can get up to CA $35,000 for one year (and this cannot be renewed).

Short term research and professional development scholarships are also available under the scope of this grant. Students should showcase an excellent academic track record to be able to get the scholarship.

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan

This scholarship is exclusively for international students from commonwealth countries who apply to master’s programs or PhD in Canadian universities. Students with high intellect are recognised and awarded with financial aid.

This award covers all travelling and living expenses along with the compulsory tuition fees of the awarded applicant. The amount of funds depends on the programme in which the awardee is enrolled.

Partnership Grants by Social Science and Humanities Research Council in Canada

Under these grants, only the PhD applicants are selected and awarded with enough funds to complete their research at a Canadian university. The students could either be supporting existing research or could be entirely engaged in a new study.

Up to CAD 20,000 are provided for up to 4 to 7 years, depending on case-by-case. These scholarships or grants are only provided to international students who are pursuing research in the areas of social sciences and humanities.

Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships

These fellowships and scholarships are awarded to international students at the doctorate level who are studying only in some specific institutions. The amount of funds given every year in the form of research allowance as well as expense for travelling. They could be anywhere from CA $20,000 to CA $40,000 each year for the total time duration of three years.

The application deadline for the Trudeau scholarships and fellowships is usually during the mid-fall academic session.

Anne Vallee Ecological Fund

This fund is only available to international applicants who are studying either in the province of Quebec or British Columbia and are undertaking animal research at a master’s program or in a doctoral degree. There are only scholarships offered for about $1,500 to each of the selected candidates.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

This scholarship was introduced back in November 20210 and has since then been offered to doctoral students from all across the globe who come to study in the province of Ontario. The selecting committee is within the Ontario universities themselves who select international PhD students based on their academic merit.

Each year 75 students are selected under this scholarship and are rewarded with funds worth $40,000 each year for up to four years.

Ontario Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is for international students with valid study permits on the date of application for the scholarship. The students must be enrolled in public universities in Ontario to be eligible for this grant. It is awarded at the master’s and doctoral levels of study.

The application deadline is usually in June of every year. The funds awarded to each child are about $1,500 each year and can be tenable for the years determined by the particular awarding committee.

There are many PhD programs in Canada with scholarships and grants options that can make your study as an international student less difficult and easier to complete. So, now that you have an entire list of the top 10 PhD scholarships in Canada, you should make sure to check them all out and select the best fit for yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the benefits of studying for a PhD in Canada with a scholarship?

Canada PhD scholarships can provide you with sufficient funds to get through your research easily without having to worry about your expenses incurred when moving abroad. Additionally, being awarded research scholarships also looks good on your CV when going for jobs after completing your research.

2. Is PhD in Canada fully funded?

Many PhDs in Canada can be fully funded with scholarships like the ones listed above. However, not all PhDs can be fully funded and may require the student to allocate some funds for themselves.

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