OSPAP Course In UK: Top Universities & Their Fees For International Students

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  • OSPAP is a bridging program for non-EEA pharmacists who want to work in the UK
  • Some of the top universities that provide OSPAP courses in the UK include Aston University, Kingston University, University of Hertfordshire, University of Brighton, etc
  • The program is usually for a duration of 9 months to 12 months
  • The tuition fee ranges between £11,000 to £18,000 based on the type of degree, the duration of the program, etc

Working as a pharmacist is one of the best job opportunities in the UK. Overseas pharmacists from non-EU countries like Australia, India, etc., have to finish their registration training through the OSPAP Course In UK in order to work in the country’s pharmacies. The OSPAP programme is accredited by the General Pharmaceutical Council and aims to train pharmacists from non-EU countries in various areas of pharmaceutics and allow them to perform pharmacy practice in the UK.

This article will look into some of the best universities that offer OSPAP Courses In UK, the entry requirement, tuition, etc.

Top Colleges & Universities That Offer OSPAP Course In UK

The following are some of the best universities that offer OSPAP courses in the UK:

Aston University – Birmingham

Aston university ranks 485 in the QS World University Ranking 2022 and between 401 to 500 in the Times Higher Education University Ranking. The university has two types of OSPAP programmes for graduates of pharmaceutical sciences: PGDip and MSc programmes. The programs aim to train pharmacists in new developments in the UK in pharmaceutical sciences, clinical pharmacy, pharmacy law, etc.

The postgraduate diploma program is for a period of 9 months, and the MSc program is for a duration of 12 months. The university accepts entries during September each year. The tuition fee for the PGDip programme is £11,700 and for the MSc programme is £17,550.

Kingston University – London, England

Kingston University ranks 601 to 650 in the QS World University Rankings and 801 to 890 in the Times Higher Education University Ranking. It offers a one-year OSPAP course. The program consists of lectures, workshops, and practical learning methods. The university has tie-ups with many hospitals, pharmacies, community pharmacies, etc., including the NHS Foundation Trust.

The university offers a 12-month PGDip and 12 months MSc Top-up programme. Graduates of this program can apply for a pre-registration position and may require different types of visas for international students. Applicants need to check the UK Borders Agency and Home Office for further information on the necessary visa for the Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme.

University of Hertfordshire – Hatfield

The University of Hertfordshire ranks between 801 to 1000 in the QS World University Rankings 2022 and 601 to 800 in the Times Higher Education Ranking 2022. The university’s School of Life and Medical Sciences offers an OSPAP course for one year. The course begins in September and ends in June. International students’ tuition fees are around £13,530 for an academic year.

University of Brighton – Brighton

Brighton University ranks between 801 to 1000 in the QS World University Rankings 2022. The OSPAP course offered by the university is for a period of two semesters in a year. The programme is for any non-EEA (European Economic Area) registered pharmacist. The course consists of 7 diploma modules taught using tutorials, workshops, laboratory, and studio sessions.

The tuition fees are around £16,218 per year. After completion of the PGDip module, the research project occurs from June to September for the MSc award.

University Of Sunderland

The University of Sunderland ranks No. 92 in the Complete University Guide Ranking 2022 and the Guardian University Rankings 2022. It is the only university in the North of England that offers the OSPAP program. The university offers a 9-month postgraduate diploma and a 12 months master’s in Science program.

Eligibility Criteria For Overseas Pharmacists’ Assessment Programme

The following are the eligibility requirements for a qualified pharmacist to take up the Overseas Pharmacist Assessment Programme:

  • Degree in pharmaceuticals, such as a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, master’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences, MS Pharm, MTech Pharm, Pharm D, etc., from a recognized university or institution that is equivalent to a degree from the UK
  • An approval letter from the General Pharmacy Council

Pharmacy Course In UK

English Language Qualification

Applicants who want to pursue Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme need to show proof of proficiency in English to study an OSPAP course in the UK. The following are some of the English Language test scores accepted for pursuing the OSPAP course in the UK:

  • IELTS score: A minimum of 6.0 in reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills
  • TOEFL (paper-based test) score: A minimum overall score of 101
  • PTE score: A minimum overall score of 76

Application Process

The application process for the OSPAP course happens in two ways:

Applying Through The University Website

  • Some universities require the applicants to register themselves on the website portal
  • After the registration is complete, applicants can fill in the application form for the OSPAP course

Applying Through General Pharmaceutical Council

  • Certain universities do not allow applicants to register with them directly
  • Such universities require the applicants to apply for the OSPAP program through the GPhC
  • The council checks the application form and sends the approval directly to your desired university
  • After getting the approval, you can fill in the application form provided by the university
  • Once the application has been processed and reviewed, the faculty may reject or accept your application
  • Accepted applications may call you in for an interview regarding your practical experience in the field and interest in Pharmacy.
  • Once the interview is done, you will receive an email if you are selected for the programme.
  • After you receive an offer, you will be subjected to a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check if you have stayed for more than 3 months in the UK, or you will be asked to submit a letter of good standing from the police of your home country.
  • Once all the procedures are done, you can pay the tuition fee and scholarships.
  • Once the payment has been processed, you will receive your acceptance letter.
  • You can then proceed to apply for a visa using the acceptance letter. The type of visa needed depends on l on the work programme’s necessity.

Become A Registered Pharmacist in Canada


Pursuing an Overseas Pharmacist Assessment Program is a great choice if you want to work as a Pharmacist in the UK after completing your Pharmacy degree in another country. With the advanced training and research projects done during the course training, the course equips the candidates with the right skills to work in different pharmaceutical settings, including a laboratory.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is completion of an OSPAP Course In the UK enough to work as a registered pharmacist?

Ans. After completing the Overseas Pharmacists Assessment Programme, Qualified pharmacists need to take up a foundation training for 52 weeks in England, Scotland, or Wales. Your work must be signed off as satisfactory by a tutor in the registration year. After that, you need to get a pass on the GPhC registration assessment.

2. What steps must applicants take if the pharmacy qualification is not assessed as equal to a UK bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy?

Ans. If your bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy is not equivalent to the Pharmacy degree in the UK, you will need to fill in the form for the international comparative assessment framework on the General Pharmacy Council website.

Use the form to assess the syllabus of the degree you have studied. Submit the form and the assessment to the GPhC. The GPhC will check the information provided in the form and send it to the university where you want to study the OSPAP course. The university will then decide whether to admit you into the programme or may ask for further documents.

3. What is the average salary for graduates of OSPAP courses in the UK?

Ans. According to salary experts, the average salary for pharmacists in the UK is around £71,949 per year. An entry-level pharmacist earns around £28,000. Pharmaceutical consultants, team managers in pharmaceutical services, and advanced pharmacists earn around £99,000. Community pharmacists earn around £21,000 to £35,000. The salary varies depending on the job position, years of experience, location, and condition of employment.

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