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Everything you need to know about BPP University



BPP University has helped me to get a job right after my graduation, which is something that amazed me. It also provided me with all the financial support so that I could focus on my studies and not worry about money related issues as well.



BPP University is an amazing university with a lot of opportunities. I have been studying here for the past 1 year and so far, it has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my life. They offer everything you need to be successful while being at this university. The campus is beautiful and they also offer many student services such as off-campus housing, on-campus housing, food service centers etc. The faculty members are always available to help you whenever you need them most which makes learning at BPP very stress free!



I am glad that I chose BPP. It is a good place to study and learn, especially because it has a friendly campus.The best part about this university is the placements that they offer to their students. They have some amazing companies in almost every field of work like banking, consulting firms etc., which makes it really easy for you as an intern or student to find a job after graduation with them right out of college without any problem at all!!




















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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about BPP University
Q1. What is BPP University known for?

The university's strong commercial approach trains students to build a good career after graduating. The university is also known for becoming the first publicly owned institution that can award degrees in the UK. Also, it is known to be efficient in helping international students with their visas and work permit.

How to enrol in courses at BPP University?

International students can apply for the courses at BPP through the university’s official admission portal.

How to change course at BPP University?

You can transfer to a different BPP programme during the four weeks before registration for the relevant academic year and 10 weeks following registration in that academic year. However, transfers are subject to the availability of seats in your chosen new programme and meeting the requirements of that programme.

Is BPP University good for international students?

Yes. The business school of BPP University is located in the City of London, and its law school in London makes BPP an attractive option for international students. With branches in most of the UK’s major towns, it caters to students with every budget and lifestyle.

What are the application deadlines for applying to BPP University?

Deadlines are specific to courses at BPP University. However, applications open at the beginning of October every year.

What is the minimum GPA requirement to get into BPP University?

The minimum GPA requirement to get into BPP University is: For undergraduate degrees - High school diploma with a minimum GPA of 3.2 For postgraduate degrees - Bachelor's degree with a general GPA of 2.8

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