Online MBA In UK–Best 6 Programs To Opt For In 2022

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Master of Business Administration, popularly known as MBA, is a postgraduate study course. It gives students a deeper understanding and knowledge of management skills that are used for careers in the international business world. The course gives students two main skills: business development leadership and organizational leadership. It is available for students after completing their bachelor’s degree. The Online MBA in UK takes one to two years to complete.

Pursue an MBA from a UK College or University

The United Kingdom is one of the most popular study hubs for global MBA programmes. There are more than 100 MBA colleges in the UK to equip students with the knowledge required to pursue great success in their business organizations. Also, the UK is known for its role as a global business centre in the field of finance and technology. So, those who pursue MBA in the UK get great job opportunities.

The colleges in the UK offer MBA in the following specialized programme:

  • MBA in General Management
  • MBA in Marketing
  • MBA in Finance
  • MBA in Healthcare Management
  • MBA in Human Resource
  • MBA in Business
  • MBA in International Business
  • MBA in Supply Chain

MBA in Healthcare Management in the UK

The MBA UK colleges offer world-class teaching and infrastructure. They are now providing online MBA in UK as well. Distance learning MBA from UK colleges will provide you with professional experience and the opportunity to achieve new career heights.

While opting for an online MBA college, look for the accreditations. There are three main business school accreditation- AACSB in the US, AMBA in the UK, and Equis in Europe. When any institute has all three accreditation, then it is called triple-accredited or triple crown business school. Such as Warwick Business School. When you compare the salaries of the different college alumni, you will find that those who passed from colleges with additional accreditation have higher salaries.

Also, the UK government provides scholarships and financial aid to students from different nationalities that cover their tuition fees and additional cost of living.

Online MBA in UK

A full-time MBA course can be expensive for international students. It can cost around 21 lakh for a full MBA course. Also, it requires students to get a good GMAT or GRE exam score and prove proficiency in the English language through IELTS OR TOEFL scores to get into the college. Instead of choosing a full-time MBA program, students can opt for online MBA programs in the UK.

Improve Your IELTS Speaking And Writing score

Distance learning MBA courses give students flexible learning experiences. They can choose to study online entirely or opt for a blended approach with online learning and residential modules held in the college. The program is best suited for applicants with busy job schedules and wishes to take their career to the next level. It is a convenient, flexible, and easy option for them.

The course provides interactive features, an innovative curriculum, and a personalized learning experience to the applicants. The postgraduate course is divided into different study modules by the educational institute. They teach MBA students through coursework webinars, online lectures, case studies, group work, and one-on-one interactions that also improve their communication skills.

Online MBA in UK: Colleges & Universities

The UK is home to the best MBA institutes, even the online and distance programs. Here is the list of the top three world-renowned colleges offering online MBA in UK:

Universities QS World Ranking, 2022 (online MBA) Tuition fees Course Duration Eligibility Requirement
Imperial College Business School, London 2 56,974 GBP Imperial Global Online MBA 24 months Work experience: 3-5 years
English proficiency test IELTS: minimum score 7.0
GMAT: Not required
Warwick Business School 3 47,000 GBP MBA by Distance Learning 24 months Work experience: 4 years
English proficiency test IELTS: minimum score 7.0
GMAT: Not required
Alliance Manchester Business School 5 37,293–34177 GBP Online MBA 24 months (with 18 months of accelerated pathways) Work experience: 3 years
English proficiency test IELTS: minimum score 7.0
GMAT: Required
Durham University Business School 12 21,950 GBP MBA in Finance and Corporate MBA 18-month course Work experience: 3 years
Language proficiency test: IELTS or TOEFL
GMAT or GRE: Not required
Nottingham Business School 55 17000 GBP MBA with Data Analytics 2 years 8 months or 1 year 8 months with an online fast track MBA Work experience: 3 years
Language proficiency test: IELTS or TOEFL
GMAT or GRE: Not required
University of Birmingham  13 31,500 GBP Online MBA 2.5 years or 30 months Work experience: 3 years
Language proficiency test: IELTS or TOEFL
GMAT or GRE: Not required

Other than these colleges, the best online MBA programs are also offered by the following colleges:

  • Oxford Brookes Business School
  • Aston Business School
  • Robert Gorden University (Aberdeen)
  • Open University Business School
  • Bradford School of Management


The online MBA in UK programs are tailored to the individual to achieve their career goals. Through one-to-one teaching, experiential learning, and focusing on leadership skills, an online MBA from the UK can improve your business capabilities.

Not just the wide range of special programs and flexibility that attract students to pursue an online MBA from the UK, but also the job opportunities. So, if you are looking for a senior strategic or management role, then an online MBA is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is GMAT required to pursue an online MBA programme in the UK?

Ans: Not all online MBA courses from UK colleges require GMAT or GRE scores. You can check the eligibility criteria of the respective college or university before applying for the course.

2. What companies hire you after an online MBA programme from UK colleges?

Ans: Whether you pursue MBA full time or part-time, online or on-campus, the top recruiters are Rolls-Royce, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, P&G, Google, Merrill Lynch, Jaguar, AC Neilson, Nissan, BMW, Accenture, and Microsoft.

3. What documents are required to pursue an online MBA programme from a UK college?

Ans: Following documents are required:
  • Academic transcripts
  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant field
  • Minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Statement of purpose
  • References 2 or 3
  • Letter of Recommendations
  • Past experience documents
  • English proficiency test scores

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