Cardiologist Salary in US 2022: Latest Annual Salaries in America Explained

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The Cardiologist job is in rising demand. Cardiology is the 7th most earning specialization and one of the most in-demand medical professions. The average Cardiologist salary in US rose by 3.8% in 2021 alone. They receive a bonus amounting to 14% of their annual gross salary. Broadly, there are three types of cardiologists; invasive, non-invasive and interventional. But how much is the average cardiologist salary in the US? That’s what this article is all about! Let’s see what the average income earned by Cardiologists in the United States

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Cardiologist Salary in USA

Overview of Average Cardiologist’s Salary in the USA

As per the Doximity Physician Compensation Report 2021, the average salary of doctors increased by 3.8% in 2021, after an increase of 1.5% during the previous year. The national average salary increased from 438,000 USD in 2019 to 459,000 USD in 2021.

Cardiologist salaries depend on several factors such as specialization, geographic area, years of experience, gender, among other factors. The average bonus is based on the performance of the cardiologists, the satisfaction of the patients, and the medical process. 

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Cardiologist Salary in US 2022: Latest Annual Salaries in America Explained

The Medscape salary survey data shows that the average bonus earned by full-time cardiologists is about 14% of the annual salary. 

Factors Affecting the Average Cardiologist Salary in US

Cardiologists are specialized in specific functions of the heart earn more than general practitioners. The types of Cardiologists in America include Invasive cardiologists, Non-invasive Cardiologists, and Interventional cardiologists.

Cardiologist Salary in US Based on Specialization

  • Invasive Cardiologist

Invasive cardiologists are in charge of diagnosing abnormalities of the heart structure and performing open surgeries for heart conditions such as angioplasty, heart failure (using ERI), etc. The gross cardiologist salary in the US for doctors specializing in invasive cardiology is 447,063 USD per annum which translates to an equivalent hourly rate of 215 USD. 

  • Non-invasive Cardiologist 

The non-invasive cardiologist is responsible for identifying any heart disease or problem using needles, fluids, or instruments inserted into the patient’s body. The gross average non-invasive cardiologist salary in the USA is 388,087 USD per annum. The equivalent hourly rate is 187 USD. Non-invasive cardiologists earn an average bonus of around 29,145 USD per annum.

  • Interventional Cardiologist 

Interventional cardiology deals in using non-surgical options to treat any damaged blood vessels or parts of the heart. The salary range of interventional cardiologists starts from 187,199 USD per annum and can increase up to 750,000 USD per annum. The median salary of an interventional cardiologist is 425,000 USD per annum.

Cardiologist Salary in US Based on Years of Experience

A certificate of fellowship in MD from a respected medical school is not enough to earn a high income. The number of years of experience a Cardiologist has a significant impact on the amount of salary they can earn. The following are the average salaries of the three different types of cardiologists based on their experience:

Nursing Courses in USA

The average salary of entry-level invasive cardiologists with around 1 to 3 years of experience is around 289,711 USD per annum. The average salary of a senior-level invasive cardiologist with over 8 years of experience is 622,629 USD per annum.

The entry-level non-invasive cardiologist can earn around 256,231 USD per annum during the first 3 years of the internship. Non-invasive cardiologists with over 8 years of experience can earn an average salary of around 522,332 USD per annum.

An interventional cardiologist can be employed in the USA starting at 187,199 USD and going upwards of even 750,000 USD for highly skilled and experienced professionals.

Cardiologist Salary in US Based on Place of Residency

The place of residency and practice of the cardiologist greatly affects their salary. The salary of cardiologists working around different land borders greatly differs.

A cardiologist in Nebraska will not have the same salary as that a cardiologist with the same specialization and experience in North Dakota.

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The difference in the compensation from the highest salary to the lowest city had significantly increased in 2022.  Some of the cities with the highest cardiologist salary in the US include Los Angeles in California, Dallas in Texas, and the cities with the lowest cardiologist salary in the USA include Boston, Denver, and Detroit.

Cardiologist Salary in USA


Cardiologists are experts who can earn a lot of money for the kind of importance their work holds. It is one profession that is in great demand in the USA and promises to pay its worth!

If you’re wondering if the US is your best option for working as a cardiologist, you don’t have to give it much thought because, it truly is!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cardiologists earn more in the USA than in other countries?

Salary surveys of cardiologists show the median salary of full-time cardiologists in different countries as the following:

A. Canada – The median annual salary of a physician, is around 600,000 USD per year, according to the Canadian Medical Association
B. The USA – The average cardiologist salary in the US is around 438,000 USD per annum
C. Australia – The median annual salary of a cardiologist, according to the Australian Taxation Office, is around 330,000 USD per annum as of June 2021
D. The United Kingdom – The average salary of a cardiologist is about 141,500 USD per annum. The starting salary of junior hospital trainees in residency is around. £27,150. The salary range of cardiologists who are beginning their specialisation training is from £37,000 to £47,000. The salary range for a senior-level cardiologist is from £39,000 to £72,850 per year.
E. India – According to SalaryExpert’s Assessor Series survey conducted on employers and anonymous employees, the average salary of a Cardiologist in India is ₹30,96,398 per year, which translates to an equivalent hourly rate of ₹1489. 

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the salaries of cardiologists in the US are higher than in most countries. This can be attributed to the United State’s significantly high cost of healthcare and a higher cost of living when compared to countries like India.

Is the Cardiologist’s Salary in the US higher than a Cardiac Surgeon’s?

The median salary of cardiac surgeons in the USA is 447,063 USD per annum. The equivalent hourly rate is 215 USD. Cardiac surgeons earn an average bonus of around 44,662 USD per year. A newly trained cardiac surgeon earns around 289,711 USD per annum, and a senior surgeon with long hours of experience earns around 622,629 USD per year. 

The median salary of a cardiologist, on the other hand, is around 400,000 USD per annum.

Based on the above data, it is clear that the salary of a cardiac surgeon is much higher than that of a cardiologist.

How much is the Paediatric Cardiologist’s Salary in the USA?

A paediatric cardiologist earns an average of around 388,087 USD per year. The hourly rate is 187 USD, and they earn an average bonus of around 29,145 USD. A senior-level paediatric cardiologist earns around 522,322 USD, while a new trainee earns an average of 256,231 USD per annum.

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