UK Universities Without IELTS 2022: Possibility, How-To & More

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Going abroad for higher education is an aspiration for most, but fulfilling it includes going through various exams that prove a student‚Äôs eligibility. Therefore, if an individual plans to study in the¬†UK, they must appear for¬†IELTS, TOEFL or GMAT. Even though it is essential to clear the IELTS exam, it is not mandatory to qualify in these exams to board the plane to the UK for education. Many universities are forgoing IELTS due to applicants’ stronghold over the English language. Therefore, students planning to apply to UK Universities Without IELTS, keep¬†reading¬†this blog.

UK universities without IELTS

Overview of IELTS 

Furthermore, countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand accept this and are a prerequisite for admission. However, one can study in the UK without IELTS as well. 

UK Universities that Offer Admission Without IELTS

Some prominent universities in the UK offer admission to their students without IELTS. Underlined below are some of the names: 

University of Essex 

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UK Universities Without IELTS 2022: Possibility, How-To & More

The University of Essex is one of the leading universities in the UK. Moreover, it was endowed with the title ‚ÄėUniversity of the Year‚Äô by the Times Higher Education Awards in 2018. It has a seamless application process and offers several undergraduate and postgraduate programs.¬†

University of Bristol 

It was founded in 1595 and is one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. Furthermore, it offers short-term courses as well for its students. Some of the well-known courses offered by this University are BSC in Accounting and Finance, BEng in Aerospace, BA in Anthropology, BA in History and B.SC in Biochemistry. 

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UK Universities Without IELTS 2022: Possibility, How-To & More

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Sheffield Hallam University 

This University is located in North Yorkshire. It offers various short-time and full-time courses. In addition, one can choose from the several specialisations provided, such as Applied Social Sciences, Animation, Accounting and Finance, Business Analytics and Accounting and Economics.

University of Warwick 

The University of Warwick was established in 1965. The faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine are well known. In addition, it offers courses in other disciplines such as Literary Studies, Education, Health, Chemistry, Engineering and Economics and many more. 

Robert Gordon University 

Robert Gordon University was founded in 1992 and offered courses such as Technology, Architecture and Engineering. In addition, candidates can opt for an eight-week pre-sessional English program to help boost English proficiency skills. Life Sciences, Engineering, Pharmacy, Accountancy, Social Work, Social Sciences, Nursing and Business Administration are notable courses available at this university. Furthermore, the University also conducts its language proficiency test known as the RGU English Proficiency. One can appear for this before the commencement of their programs. 

Apply to Universities Without IELTS

An individual might be curious to know, ‚ÄėIs IELTS required for the UK?‚Äô Well, this might not be the scenario always.¬†

Class 10 and 12 Marks 

Instead of this exam, many universities assess one’s class 10 and 12 marks to determine his/her proficiency in the language. However, to secure a seat in the desired University, applicants should be able to score a minimum of 70% in their secondary and higher secondary examinations. 

For instance, St. Mary‚Äôs University evaluates the marks one has received and considers its equivalent score. It is underlined below: 

CBSC or ISC Class 12 Exam Marks IELTS Equivalent 
60% 6.0 
70% 6.5 
80% 7.0 


Furthermore, universities also conduct interviews which are a pivotal part of the admission process. This conveys the passion and determination one has for the degree that he/she wants to pursue and the fluency one has in the language. Hence, this interview must be regarded with utter importance by the candidates. Moreover, this will help students to work around the IELTS exam. 

English as the Primary Medium of Communication 

Individuals must have attended an English medium school. This will substantiate proof of their English proficiency. However, one must score well in this subject in classes 10, 11 and 12 to make this claim. With this, one can attend UK Universities Without IELTS as their primary language of communication is English.

Opting for Alternative English Proficiency Tests

IELTS is not the only English proficiency exam one can opt for. An individual also can appear for TOEFEL, PTE, Duolingo English Test, Cambridge English Proficiency Test and others. However, the acceptance of these tests varies from one University to another. Therefore, it is best to find out from a university’s website which test is accepted and then plan accordingly.

Appear for a Pre-Sessional English Course

The primary reason why individuals opt for an IELTS is to demonstrate that they possess the necessary English language skills. If one cannot meet the set eligibility criteria, one may not be able to secure admission.

Nevertheless, one must not be disheartened if he/she cannot get the desired score. One can still get a study visa for the UK without IELTS. For that, an individual can opt for pre-sessional courses to help Indian students adapt to this educational system. This is beneficial because it improves one’s English language skills and acts as a transition.

Eligibility Requirements

One must meet specific eligibility criteria to study in the UK without IELTS. These are outlined below: 

  1. Secure more than 70% in Class 10 and 12 exams. 
  2. Must show proof of English as the primary language of communication. 

Admission Process without IELTS

International students must research diligently before applying to their desired University. Underlined are some generic steps to offer an outline:

Step 1: Select courses and universities 

Step 2: Check the deadlines for providing the essential documents like SOP, academic transcripts, passport 

Step 3: Appear for the Entrance Tests such as GMAT and GRE

Step 4: Get the documents ready

Step 5: Begin with your application either through UCAS or indirectly. Then, pay the said application fees 

Get Visa without IELTS 

As stated above, English Language proficiency is one of the requirements for a visa. Therefore, the Immigration Office would ask one to submit his/her scores to evaluate the English language skills. To waive this, one must choose to study at a university that does not have this requirement.

Instead of submitting the IELTS scores, an individual must procure the necessary documents from the university to apply for a student visa without this score. In addition, one must possess an unconditional offer letter from the University.

UK universities without IELTS

Listed above were the UK Universities Without IELTS and their eligibility criteria. Candidates must remember the pointers while applying for the University and keep the essential documents handy to avoid any delays in their admission. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I get a student visa without IELTS? 

Ans. To get a UK study visa without IELTS requirements in 2021, one must find a suitable university that will allow individuals to apply without this score. Then, once an individual receives the acceptance letter, he/she can start with the visa procedure. 

2. Is it possible to study in the UK without IELTS? 

Ans. It is possible to study in UK Universities Without IELTS as there are many universities where one can apply without opting for a language proficiency exam.

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