Study Masters in Aerospace Engineering in Canada – Eligibility, Fees & Process For Indian Students

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For Indian students who are interested in pursuing aerospace studies, there aren’t many good graduate study options in India. So, most students look for study abroad graduate programs to expand their knowledge in the field of space engineering. For such students, the first and perhaps, also one of the most feasible options is Canada.

The country has a strong job sector coupled with a developed Research and Development infrastructure that makes taking up scientific courses all the more lucrative there. With various options available for studying a particular specialization at the master’s level, students get to learn in detail about their preferred areas of study.

Continue reading this blog post to get to know about the best Canadian universities offering a master’s degree in aerospace engineering.

List of Top Universities and Courses

Following is the list of top Canadian universities offering a master’s degree in aerospace engineering:

Carleton University

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Study Masters in Aerospace Engineering in Canada - Eligibility, Fees & Process For Indian Students

The university offers two programs at the master’s level, Masters of Engineering (MEng) in Aerospace and Master of Applied Science in Aerospace. Both the programs are offered in joint collaboration with the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. The university has bagged the world ranking of 601.

The various fields of specialization and faculty research interests include aerodynamics and fluid mechanics, space and satellite technologies, aero-structures, space and aeronautical engineering, and combustion and heat transfer.

The minimum program requirements include a 4 years bachelor’s degree with a B+ or better in all major subjects and a B- or better overall, or a first-class division. Furthermore, an IELTS score of overall 6.5 with no band less than 6 is also required.

The way to apply to these courses is only through the official program website available on the university’s website. The course fee can vary from CAD$38,000 to approximately CAD$56,700. There are also various international funding opportunities that can help international students in financing their studies abroad at Carleton.

Concordia University

The Masters of Engineering (MEng) in Aerospace Engineering at Concordia University is focused on imparting knowledge to students through a more hands-on and multidisciplinary approach. Additionally, this program is offered in collaboration with many industry partners and other educational institutions that offer students many career opportunities through internships.

There are four specializations offered, aeronautics and propulsion, avionics and control, space engineering, and structures and materials.

The eligibility requirements state that the student should hold at least a bachelor’s degree in engineering or equivalent with high standing. An IELTS score of a minimum 6.5 band overall is also needed.

The application process will be completely online through the official university website. The process will ask the student to submit a CV, transcripts, application form and a minimum fee, three letters of reference along with an assessment form, and a statement of purpose. The average tuition fee amounts to close to CAD 38,000 for international students.

McGill University

McGill University holds a global rank of 44 in the list of top global universities. The Masters in Aerospace Engineering Program at the university is thus a must-include on the list of prospective aerospace engineering colleges for all interested Indian students. The program is offered with the cooperation of the Centre for Aerospace Manpower Activities in Quebec (CAMAQ), which helps students bag the best industrial internships.

The main focus areas of the program are space technology and aeronautics. The course is designed to incorporate many case studies that help to equip students with all the tools and techniques required to gain hands-on training and practical experiences.

At the time of applying, students must hold an undergraduate engineering degree or its equivalent. Along with this, the student must also have a minimum score of 3.3 out of 4.0 GPA (or its international equivalent). The students at the time of applying to the program must also be fluent in French to be able to take up their industrial stage training.

The average tuition cost of the course comes out to be around CAD 20,000 for international students. The university also offers various Teacher Assistant jobs and other fellowships that can help in funding the tuition costs of international students.

Ryerson University

Ryerson University has made significant contributions to the provincial, national as well international space programs. As a result, its Masters of Applied Science and Master of Engineering in Aerospace is well-reputed and a hot choice among many students of the discipline. In addition to having a well experienced in-house faculty, the university also enjoys various close tie-ups with leading laboratories and research facilities.

This MS in Aerospace Engineering in Canada offers three fields of study to choose from, Aerodynamics and Propulsion, Aerospace Structures and Aerospace Manufacturing, and Avionics and Aerospace Systems.

To become eligible to apply for the MASc program, the applicant should have completed a four year’s bachelor’s degree in a related field of study with a minimum grade of B+ in the last two years. Whereas, for the Master in Engineering, the applicant should have a minimum of grade B in the last two years of their four year’s bachelor’s in engineering.

Students can only apply to the program online on the official website by following the thorough tutorial videos uploaded there. The tuition fees for pursuing either of the two courses for full-time international students come out to be around CAD 26,709. The university also provides various funding packages internally and externally to help students finance their higher education abroad.

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto is one of the best avenues for pursuing a masters in aerospace engineering in Canada. Currently, the university offers a Master of Applied Sciences as well as a Master in Engineering for studying in the aerospace discipline.

The specializations of the faculty members include topics like computational fluid dynamics, flight simulation, experimental fluid dynamics, space mechatronics, multifunctional systems, combustion and propulsion, etc.

The eligibility requirements state that the student must have secured a minimum Mid-B grade in their final year of bachelor’s studies. 

The university’s official website is the only way of applying to the program. After filling out the details, the students also have to upload all the necessary supporting documents that will be asked by the admissions committee on the basis of the particular program’s requirements.


There are various study abroad options available for pursuing MS in aerospace engineering in Canada. The universities have different course structures and specializations that should form the basis of selecting a particular course from a specific university.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is aerospace engineering in demand in Canada?

Yes, the job opportunities are projected to grow and reach around 14,200 by 2028. While at the same time, the number of students who will be filling these jobs is around 10,700 at present. Therefore, in the coming years, there will be a labour shortage in the aerospace industry, and thus, the career opportunities for workers will also rise for all domestic and international students.

Is there anything else I need to know before applying to a masters program in aerospace engineering?

Every university has a different set of requirements for their Master in Engineering as well as Master in Applied Science for the Aerospace discipline. Make sure to go through all the supportive documents requirements as well as deadlines before you apply to the program.

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