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State Wise IELTS Centre Near Me: Test Centres For 2023

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Searching for “IELTS Centre Near Me”? You landed in right! In the article, we discuss in detail the IELTS centre in India according to state, territory & city wise. International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is an English proficiency exam. The exam is taken by non-native English speakers to pursue higher education in countries like Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and New Zealand, where English is the primary language of instruction. 

As per recent updates, IELTS exams in India are being conducted solely by IDP Education from 25th July 2021.

IELTS score is accepted at all universities in Canada, the UK, and Australia. Applicants applying for a visa to countries like the UK and Canada will also need to take the IELTS exams to prove their proficiency in the language. This ensures that the relevant authorities in these countries will have no problem communicating with you in English and you show a strong command of the language as written and verbal comprehension. 

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Types of IELTS exams

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State Wise IELTS Centre Near Me: Test Centres For 2023
  1. IELTS Academic Test: For applicants applying to Universities for higher education
  2. IELTS General Test: For applicants aiming at migrating to countries like the UK, Australia, and Canada

The IELTS exam assesses a candidate’s basic communication abilities in the following areas:   

The Listening, Reading, and Writing sections of the IELTS exam take place on the same day at the same location with no breaks in between. Whereas, the Speaking part is scheduled for another day. The date and time for the same are communicated to the candidate via email at least 48 to 72 hours in advance.

IELTS Exam Centers in India

The IELTS exam is administered across 78 approved test centres in India. The Computer-Based Tests (CBT) and the Paper-Based Tests (PBT) are administered at separate test centres in India by IDP Education. The cost for taking the exam is INR 14,700. 

  • IELTS Paper Based Test (PBT) Centers in India

Following is a list of the IELTS Paper Based Test centres in India.

North region

State / Union TerritoryCities
Chandigarh (or Zirakpur)
Delhi NCTDelhi 
Uttar PradeshLucknow

South region 

State / Union TerritoryCities 
Andhra PradeshVisakhapatnam
Tamil Nadu Chennai

West Region

State / Union TerritoryCities 
Maharashtra Navi Mumbai
Madhya PradeshBhopal
Goa Goa

East Region 

State / Union TerritoryCities 
West Bengal Kolkata
  • IELTS Computer-Based Test (CBT) Centres in India 

If you want to take the IELTS CBT, you can choose the centre nearest to you from the following list of IELTS CBT testing centres in India. Take a look at the IDP CD IELTS test centres in India: 

State Cities
Delhi (NCT)New Delhi (Rajouri Garden)
New Delhi (Nehru Police)
Uttar Pradesh Noida
Andhra PradeshHyderabad (Begumpet)
Hyderabad (Kukatpally)
KarnatakaBengaluru (St. Marks Road)
Bengaluru (Whitefield)
Tamil Nadu Chennai

IELTS Covid-19 Updates & Guidelines 

IELTS exam centres are open for candidates; however, the exam is being conducted in a restricted manner with a reduced number of candidates per session. Rigorous Covid-19 safety precautions are in place to ensure the utmost safety of the candidates and proctors at the exam centre. As a precautionary measure, each candidate will have to go through the following protocols on the day of the exam:

  • Temperature checks
  • Mandatory masks during the exam duration. A candidate will be requested to remove the mask briefly only for identification reasons.
  • Candidates must maintain a distance of 2 meters from each other.
  • Basic hygienic procedures such as the usage of sanitisers and handwashing, among others, are to be followed.
  • Test rooms will be properly disinfected and sanitized before each session.
  • Applicants will have to sign a health declaration confirming that they are healthy and have no symptoms of coronavirus.
  • Each piece of equipment in the exam centre will be sanitized before the commencement of each exam.
  • Candidates who suffer any COVID-19 symptoms are asked not to come to the testing centre on the day of the exam and to notify the authorities prior.

Facilities for Differently-Abled Candidates in Test Centers

IELTS ensures that differently-abled candidates are not discriminated against and are assessed objectively. Officials at IELTS test centres would assist applicants with visual, hearing, speaking, or listening impairments. If an applicant needs assistance at the test centre, they must notify the authorities at least six weeks before the exam. Special arrangements, such as grace time to answer the questions, are also available for candidates who provide appropriate medical records as evidence. However, the candidate’s English language ability will be evaluated objectively, independent of any impairments or special accommodations requested.Visually impaired candidates will be given Braille papers to help them take the exam. Such candidates may also ask for speaking task cards and a lip-reading version of the listening test. Candidates with learning disabilities like ADHD or dyslexia can also ask for special arrangements.

IELTS Test Centre Rules & Instructions

All IELTS applicants must be familiar with the exam norms and regulations. There are strict rules in place and all candidates must comply with all rules to avoid being disqualified. 


  • Provide valid identification proof during the registration before the speaking exam. 
  • Passport number, signature, date of birth, and photograph must be in sync with your passport and national ID.
  • Carry your identity proof and passport or national ID (Voter ID, Aadhaar card, Driving license). 
  • Make sure all electronic devices belonging to you are turned off and placed outside the test room along with other personal belongings. Any applicant who does not turn off their phone, or keeps one in their possession, will be disqualified.
  • Notify the invigilator or test supervisor promptly on test day if any conditions interfere with your performance in any manner.


  • Do not impersonate someone else or have someone else copy you.
  • Do not attempt to cheat or replicate another candidate’s work. 
  • During the test, do not use a dictionary, spell-checker, electronic recorder, Bluetooth devices, or mobile phones. Any applicant who violates this rule will be disqualified and asked to leave.
  • Once the test has begun, do not speak to other applicants.
  • Avoid smoking or eating in the exam hall during test hours.
  • Do not attempt to recreate any portion of the test in any format or medium. The test scores of candidates found engaging in such activities will be rendered invalid. 
  • Do not take away any items used during the examination like exam papers, speaking task cards, response papers, and working papers. 

Things to Bring to the IELTS Test Center

Along with identity credentials, there are a few other items that all those taking the IELTS test must bring to their allotted testing centre: 

  • All applicants must bring their passport or national ID, whatever they used to register for the IELTS.
  • Candidates may bring pens, pencils, and erasers to the paper-based exam. However, during the computer-delivered test, all applicants will be given paper and pencils.
  • It is OK to carry a cell phone, but it must be turned off and placed alongside other personal belongings in the provided locker facility at the exam centre.
  • It is strongly advised that students don’t bring any precious possessions to the test.
  • Candidates are not required to bring passport photographs. As part of the registration procedure, the test centre personnel will capture each candidate’s photo.
ielts centre near me


As you are now aware of the various IELTS test centres located in India. Head on to the LeapScholar blog on IELTS exam day tips. Where we discuss a list of things you can carry to the exam centre and useful strategies to follow a week before the exam. Want one on one guidance for IETLS? Leap Scholar IELTS courses are powered by India’s top educators. Get lifetime access to materials, 90% of the students secure a 7+band score, and PAN India community.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How long is the IELTS score valid?

Ans: Your IELTS score will be valid for a period of two years from the date of the test taken.

2. Can I take the IELTS test more than once?

Ans: The number of times you are allowed to take the IELTS test is unlimited.

3. Which IELTS scores may I use if I take the exam twice or more?

Ans: You can use the highest score as long as the results are legitimate with two-year validity

4. How do I cancel or reschedule my IELTS exam?

Ans: Candidates may cancel or reschedule the exam in person or by email. Cancellation via phone is not accepted. If a candidate cancels or reschedules the exam five weeks before the test date, they will receive a refund of less than 25% of the administrative cost. You will not receive a refund if you cancel the exam less than five weeks before the test date. Furthermore, if you do not take the exam, you will not be refunded.

5. Can I take the IELTS exam at home?

Ans: Yes, IELTS has developed an IELTS Indicator for students who wish to take the test home to finish their admission process at colleges overseas. Any applicant who cannot take the exam at test centers, particularly during COVID-19 lockdowns, may take the test at home. 

6. What if IELTS isn’t offered in my city?

Ans: IELTS is given in all major Indian cities, and you may arrange a test at any convenient place for you. It is advised that you schedule the test as soon as possible to avoid missing out on your desired test center and date.

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