Government And Society IELTS Essay: Writing Task 2 Samples

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The IELTS Writing Task 2 can have a large variety of questions, so it can never be predicted which question you will get in the IELTS exam. However, there still are some common IELTS essay topics that many students have reported as repeated in the IELTS exam. Thus, the general theme or the essay topics can be determined. In this blog, we discuss Government And Society IELTS Essay.

As an IELTS exam aspirant, it is important you go through as many common topics for Writing Task 2 as possible. One such common IELTS test theme is ‘government and society’. This theme can form a multitude of questions for the second writing task. Therefore, students should go through some sample answers for Government And Society IELTS Essays.

government and society ielts essay

Types of Questions

There are several types of questions that can be framed from the theme of ‘government and society’ for Writing Task 2 in IELTS. Let’s take a look at the two primary kinds of possible questions that you may be presented within the exam:


These questions will describe two sides of an argument to you. You will be required to either discuss both and then give your opinion, or pick one side and give your opinion on why that is logical and more sound than the other side of the argument.

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Government And Society IELTS Essay: Writing Task 2 Samples


This type of question usually asks the aspirant to either enlist some advantages and disadvantages or mention some effects and possible solutions to a particular social problem. These questions can also ask you to share your opinion with the examiner in writing the essay.

Whatever the type of question you get in the exam, to get a good band score, there are some general tips that you should apply:

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Government And Society IELTS Essay: Writing Task 2 Samples

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  • Using excellent vocabulary and grammar is important to get a high band score in writing (as well as in speaking).
  • Providing relevant examples is the secret to scoring well.
  • Taking help from a mentor whenever you get stuck throughout your preparation can be very helpful to ensure you get a good band score. For this purpose, you can explore online platforms like LeapScholar that offer outstanding mentorship and preparation courses for IELTS.

Sample Answers for Government And Society IELTS Essay

Sample Answer 1

Q: Some people believe that only the government can bring about significant changes in society, while others think that even an individual can have a lot of influence on society. What is your opinion on the above statement? You should take about 40 minutes for this answer and write a minimum of 250 words.

Ans: It is often advocated that the leadership of a country holds the supreme power in its hands to be able to change society for the better and get rid of all its cons. However, this view is flawed in my opinion as I believe that without the cooperation of every individual, there is only so much the government can do for society’s betterment. The government can make strong policies and can mobilise resources for their execution, but the policy only yields the desired results when it is acted upon by all members of society. If the policy has been set in place, but no one acts in accordance with it, then it will never be able to achieve its stated primary objective. For instance, of late, many countries have come up with policies aligned with the goal of achieving lower carbon emissions by 2025. However, the individuals living in those countries assume a reckless attitude and hardly abide by the policy for curbing climate change. Hence, without individuals’ cooperation, the government cannot achieve any positive results. Moreover, the government’s efforts are often focused on driving results on a macro scale (nationwide). In contrast, an individual’s efforts will show results on a micro-level and can immediately lead to the betterment of society. The ruling party cannot become aware of all the problems their society faces in many regions. However, the people of the region will be well aware of the problems existing in their region. Thus, the individual holds more power to bring about immediate change in their locality with the help of the resources mobilised by the government on a large scale. For instance, if there is a flood in an Indian state, and the government comes up with an immediate disaster relief response, these efforts will bear more fruit when the individuals of the region cooperate in the rescue operations rather than leaving it all up to the politicians and their forces. In conclusion, I believe that individuals can bring about a more immediate impact on society when they work in tandem with the government.

Sample Answer 2

Q: The government should come up with policies to control the internet for reducing cybercrime and ensuring the safety of users. Do you agree or disagree?

Ans: The frequency of cybercrimes has rapidly surged in recent times and has become a cause of concern globally. With the aim of curbing the rate of cybercrime, some experts argue governments should regulate and control the various internet activities that users of a specific country engage in. I agree with this statement only partially because I believe the ambit of these policies should not be in violation of the fundamental rights of citizens. With the ever-increasing number of internet users, the incidence of cybercrimes is also on an upward trajectory. This can be controlled with government policies that protect users’ data. By protecting users’ private data online, the government can get ahead of online predators looking to commit crimes (especially financial and bureaucratic ones) by making use of that data. For instance, by installing a strong technological architecture in place, the government can protect its country’s users’ data. This will have a significant impact on curbing the rate of cybercrimes committed by stealing personal data. Moreover, by mandating the nation’s organisations increase transparency, the leadership can ensure that online crimes are controlled and eliminated. By asking organisations to clearly state the kind of data they will be extracted from their online users and to educate users about netiquette (‘net etiquette’), the government can significantly reduce the nation’s cybercrime rate. For instance, Instagram informs its users about the kind of content that will be viewed as offensive or inappropriate and can lead to legal action. This has resulted in bringing down the incidents of hate speech online and reduced the incidence of fraud through phishing schemes on the platform.

government and society ielts essay


In summary, governments should definitely put in place policies with the aim of reducing cybercrime. However, these steps should not undermine their citizens’ rights. A primary way forward to tackle this issue would entail raising awareness and establishing a strong online infrastructure. To gain a good band score, Government And Society IELTS Essay should be tackled with a clear thought process and excellent writing skills. Don’t forget to read more sample answers and keep practising!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I prepare for writing an essay for IELTS Task 2?

Ans: You should start your preparation by first strengthening your vocabulary and grammar. Thereon, you should start by reading through some of the high band scoring model answers online, and then try to write answers for some common questions yourself.

2. What mistakes should I avoid in the IELTS writing task?

Ans: Certain pitfalls to avoid during writing the IELTS essay for task 2 are:
a. Not taking time in the beginning to map out your main ideas for every paragraph
b. Not proofreading your essay as it can lead to spelling and grammatical errors
c. Not providing relevant examples

3. How can I get a band score of 8 in the IELTS writing exam?

Ans: The key tips of writing a high band scoring essay for IELTS task 2 are- Wide showcase of vocabulary, great sentence structuring, giving good examples and ensuring coherence between paragraphs.

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